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Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Debbie Myerscough fronts the Wesham Trail Running team at the Curley’s 5k Trail

Perhaps the big event in the North West last weekend was the Manchester Marathon, where John MacDougall finished 312th and 27th M45 in 2:44:07 having run steadily at 6:15 pace to pass halfway in 1:22:23, an excellent performance. Chris Hastwell ran 3:05:50 to place 1603rd and 320th M35, slowing over the closing 12km having reached the half in 1:29:37. Stuart Mulrooney came in 4616th in 3:40:42. He completed his first half in 1:41:56 and slowed steadily in the second. Tanya Shaw finished 1560th woman in 4:10:25 and 8037th overall, reaching the 13.1 miles in 2:00:01 and placing 241st W45. Emma Wright ran 4:57:41 3058th woman and 540th W40. Her halfway time was 2:21:51.

In the Curley’s 5k Trail Series on Wednesday evening Tom Crabtree finished 4th in 20:04, with Paul Lancashire 14th in 22:10. Steve Myerscough was 20th in 23:31, 4th M45, with Ian Nichols Hogg 49th in 30:51. Jo McCaffery finished 52nd in 31:42; Kirsty Holland 63rd in 34:17; Sally Denton 65th in 35:08; and Debbie Myerscough 67th in 41:22. Martin Bates (pictured) does not feature in the results.

David Taylor ran the Fleetwood Spring 10k on Sunday and finished 3rd in 35:53 behind Jamie Shingler of Ludlow, 30 seconds ahead, and Lytham’s Mike Toft (34:08) on a good morning for running along the Promenade and through the town. David was first M35. Finlay McCalman was 83rd in 55:24 placing 5th M55.

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