Treasurer’s Role Description

Enter all the payments and receipts on to excel spread sheet ensuring that there is a double entry for each transaction

Reconcile the bank account each month highlighting payments or receipts when included on the bank statement including notes of cheques not included on the statement but paid and any receipts not yet banked.

Also reconcile paypal, stripe and sum-up each month for subs paid, Wesham 10k receipts and kit and dinner dance receipts respectively.

Make transfer from paypal account to bank account when over £200 and check that the transfers from sum-up and stripe are correct.

Record payments and receipts for Wesham 10k

Update the pivot table for expenses and income each time a batch of transactions are made.

Update the books throughout the year each month, paying attention around busy times such as Membership subscription period Race entry periods Financial year end (December)

Make monthly reports for the committee meetings and send to Secretary. Includes the following:

  • stock balance
  • surplus/deficit
  • bank, stripe, sum-up and paypal summaries
  • expenditure and receipts summary
  • analysis of subs and Wesham 10k/Summer 10k

Produce final accounts (January) ready for passing to the auditor. Prepare a budget if considered necessary