Road Race Championship

Collated by Alan Hudson and Helen Lawrenson

The following races make up the Championship for 2020.

Please be aware, some dates may be subject to change

Longridge 7 Mile8th December 2019ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Garstang 10K12th January 2020ResultsMediumPoints Scored
St. Anne's 10 Mile26th January 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored
Blackburn Winter Warmer2nd February 2020ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Lostock 6 Mile23rd February 2020ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Coniston 14 Mile21st March 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored
Salford 10K10th April 2020ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Lytham Interclub7th May 2020ResultsShortPoints Scored
Horwich Jubilee 5 Mile20th May 2020 - DTBCResultsShortPoints Scored
Catforth 5K30th May 2020ResultsShortPoints Scored
Hawkshead 10K
17th June 2020ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Freckleton 1/2 Marathon21st June 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored
Scorton Supper Run16th July 2020ResultsShortPoints Scored
Caldervale 10 Mile26th July 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored
City of Preston 10 Mile9th August 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored
Chorley InterclubAugust - DTBCResultsShortPoints Scored
Garstang 1/2 Marathon6th September 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored
Pilling 10KSeptember - DTBCResultsMediumPoints Scored
Green Drive 5 Mile18th October 2020ResultsShortPoints Scored
Fairclough 5 Mile25th October 2020ResultsShortPoints Scored
Derwentwater 10 Mile1st November 2020ResultsLongPoints Scored

Road Race Championship 2019

Myerscough 10 Mile2nd December 2018ResultsLongPoints scored
Longridge 7 Mile9th December 2018ResultsMediumPoints scored
Garstang 10k13th January 2019ResultsMediumPoints scored
St Annes 10 Mile27th January 2019
ResultsLongPoints scored
Blackburn 10k3rd February 2019ResultsMediumPoints scored
Lostock 6 Mile24th February 2019ResultsMediumPoints scored
Blackpool Interclub3rd April 2019
ResultsShortPoints scored
Salford 10k19th April 2019ResultsMediumPoints scored
Lytham Interclub2nd May 2019ResultsShortPoints scored
Horwich Jubillee 5 Mile15th May 2019ResultsShortPoints scored
Freckleton 1/2 Marathon16th June 2019ResultsLongPoints scored
Hawkshead 10K19th June 2019ResultsMediumPoints scored
Catforth 5K6th July 2019ResultsShortPoints scored
Scorton Supper Run 4.75 Mile18th July 2019ResultsShortPoints scored
Prudent Riverside 10 Mile4th August 2019ResultsLongPoints scored
Garstang 1/2 Marathon1st September 2019ResultsLongPoints scored
Pilling 10k28th September 2019ResultsMediumPoints scored
Green Drive 520th October 2019ResultsShortPoints scored
Fairclough 527th October 2019ResultsShortPoints scored
Derwent 10 Mile3rd November 2019ResultsLongPoints scored
Preston 10 Mile17th November 2019
ResultsLongPoints scored

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Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Maureen Danson strides out in the Curleys 5km Trail run at Horwich.

The final three days of March brought much colder and windier weather and saw out Wesham’s final virtual Challenge of the West Highland Way with the final miles bringing the total for the month on this endeavour to a staggering 4985.36 miles between 49 members. The basic challenge was the 96 miles from Milngavie in north-east Glasgow to Fort William across moderate moorland largely snaking between the big peaks, but three of these completed the return leg and all or most of a third lap back to the finish. Steve Myerscough completed 311.96 miles in total, taking him through Fort William for a second time and back to Kingshouse at the start of Stage 6. Nigel Shepherd was most of the way to Fort William for his second visit having just passed Steve Myerscough who had just descended from the Devil’s Staircase into Altnafeadh having run 270.79 miles. Michelle Tickle had just left Inveroran on Stage 5 and had ascended onto Rannoch Moor the most desolate section of the whole route. Finishing on the last day of the month Emma Wright, Helen Lawrenson, Sharlan Butcher,  Emma Davies, Tony Leach and Phil Leaver were resting up in Fort William while Sue Hopcroft, Sue Coulthurst, Anne Berry, They joined Martin Allison, Helen Greenhalgh, James Green, Kerry Eccles, John Burns, Peter Rooney, Tanya Shaw, Paul Eccles, Karen Cook, Stephen Twist, Liz Beth, Emma Louise, Dave Young, Troy Watson, Neil Tate, Pauline Eccleston, Chris Moss, Robert Danson and Peter Cooke who had all completed between the 19th and 30th of March at the hallowed finish line beside Loch Eil in the shadow of Ben Nevis and the encircling mountains with a dusting of snow still visible. Tom Crabtree, Stuart Clayton, Martin Bates and James Green had all gone on to run some extra miles and were spread across the return stages having made a significant dent on the route back to Mingavie.

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