Road Race Championship

The following races make up the Championship for 2022.

Your best 4 positions only count towards the championship. – Prizes are determined by number of individuals qualified.

Please be aware, some dates may be subject to change

Garstang 10k9th January 2022Results
MediumPoints Scored
St. Anne's 10 Mile30th January 2022Results
LongPoints Scored
Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k6th February 2022Results

MediumPoints Scored
Pilling 10k19th March 2022ResultsMedium Points Scored
Blackpool Interclub 6th April 2022ResultsShortPoints Scored
Salford 10k15th April 2022ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Lytham Interclub12th May 2022ResultsShortPoints Scored
Catforth 5k28th May 2022ResultsShortPoints Scored
Freckleton Half Marathon19th June 2022ResultsLongPoints Scored
Golden Ball 10 Mile21st August 2022ResultsLongPoints Scored
Garstang Half Marathon4th September 2022ResultsLongPoints Scored
Green Drive23rd October 2022ResultsShort Points Scored