Road Race Championship

Collated by Alan Hudson and Helen Lawrenson

The following races will make up the Championship for 2017:
Please be aware, some dates may be subject to change.

Myerscough 103rd December 2017ResultsLong Points scored
Longridge 710th December 2017ResultsMediumPoints scored
Garstang 10k14th January 2018ResultsMediumPoints scored
St Annes 1028th January 2018ResultsLongPoints scored
Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k4th February 2018ResultsMediumPoints scored
Trafford 10k4th March 2018Race cancelled. Has been rescheduled, but now not on Championship MediumCancelled
Sweatshop 1018th March 2018ResultsLongPoints scored
Caldervale 1030th March 2018Long
Lytham Interclub3rd May 2018Short
Horwich 5 mile16th May 2018Short
Pilling 10k16th June 2018Medium
St Annes Carnival 5k8th July 2018Short
Endmoor 10k11th July 2018Medium
Prudent Riverside 105th August 2018Long
Catforth 5k11th AugustShort
Great Ecc fast 426th August 2018Short
Cheshire Arley Hall Half7th October 2018Long
Green Drive 521st October 2018Short
Fairclough 528th October 2018Short
Preston 1018th November 2018Long

How the winner is decided!
1st Wesham finisher in each race receives 1 point, 2nd 2 points and so on.
Lowest points score wins the Championship.
Qualification: 6 best scores to count, which must include 1 short, 1 medium, 1 long, plus any other 3.
In the event of a tie on points, places will be decided on a head to head count.

If still tied, the number of first places will determine the winner.

Prizes are awarded to overall Female and Male Champions and in all veteran categories where there is a qualifier.

Road Race Championship 2017

Longridge 7 mile 11th December 2016 ResultsMedium Points Scored
Rudolph Red Nose 5 mile24th December 2016ResultsShort Points Scored
Garstang 10k 8th January 2017ResultsMediumPoints Scored
St Annes 10 mile29th January 2017ResultsLongPoints Scored
Blackburn Winter Warmer 10k5th February 2017ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Lytham Parkrun 5k18th February 2017ResultsShort Points Scored
Sweatshop 10 mile 12th March 2017ResultsLongPoints Scored
Caldervale 10 mile14th April 2017ResultsLongPoints Scored
Catforth 5k27th May 2017 Provisional Results
Short Points Scored
Fishwick 5 mile29th May 2017ResultsShortPoints Scored
Badger 10k Trail Race 1st June 2017ResultsMedium  Points Scored
Catforth 10k11th June 2017ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Freckleton Half Marathon18th June 2017Results LongPoints Scored
Elswick Express 10 mile15th July 2017ResultsLongPoints Scored
Blackpool Airshow 10k13th August 2017ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Gt Eccleston 4 mile27th August 2017Results ShortPoints Scored
Garstang 1/2 Marathon3rd September 2017ResultsLongPoints Scored
Yarrow River 10k Trail Race17th September 2017ResultsMediumPoints Scored
Blackpool Parkrun30th September 2017 ResultsShortPoints Scored
Green Drive 5 mile 22th October 2017 ResultsShort  Points Scored
Fairclough 5 mile29th October 2017ResultsShort  Points Scored
Preston 10 mile 19th November 2017 ResultsLong Points Scored