Predictor Race

Gordon Durber Memorial Trophy

The Predictor Race is an annual event for our own Club Members. Guests are welcome to participate but are not eligible to win the Trophy.

Similar to the monthly Handicap Races you will register on the night and, as you do, you will write down the time you think it will take you to complete the course. You will then set off, en masse, without any timing, distance or pacing devices – no watch, garmin, pedometer, fitbit, MP3, phone, sundial or anything else that fits the description. The person closest to their predicted time will be declared the winner.

You can set yourself whatever pace you wish, flat out racing or gentle recovery jog.

Just one other thing, you will only be told the route and distance on the night.

Predictor Results

23rd May 2022Predicted Time PositionsFinish Time Positions

Predictor race past results