Predictor Race


Gordon Durber Memorial Trophy

The Predictor Race is an annual event for our own Club Members. Guests are welcome to participate but are not eligible to win the Trophy.

Similar to the monthly Handicap Races you will register on the night and, as you do, you will write down the time you think it will take you to complete the course. You will then set off, en masse, without any timing, distance or pacing devices – no watch, garmin, pedometer, fitbit, MP3, phone, sundial or anything else that fits the description. The person closest to their predicted time will be declared the winner.

You can set yourself whatever pace you wish, flat out racing or gentle recovery jog.

Just one other thing, you will only be told the route and distance on the night.

 NamePredicted TimeActual Time±Difference
1Nigel Shepherd39:5039:42-0:08
2Joshua Butcher39:0038:38-0:22
3John Collier35:0834:45-0:23
4Elliot Costello37:0036:36-0:24
5Alan Hudson40:1740:42+0:25
6Martin Bates35:1535:41+0:26
7Phil Leaver39:3539:04-0:31
8John Sharples40:3041:01+0:31
9Neil Whip35:1034:32-0:38
10James Birchall55:1054:31-0:39
11Mark Renshall37:0036:14-0:46
12Diane Blagden42:0841:17-0:51
13Peter Bartlett38:4039:36+0:56
14Steve Browne36:0035:02-0:58
15Kerry Eccles45:3244:26-1:06
16Lucy Neighbour45:0043:39-1:21
17Chris Moss42:3544:00+1:25
18Sharon Cooper39:0240:28+1:26
19Jenny Salt38:5040:28+1:38
20Rob Wallace38:4537:01-1:44
21Martin Allison40:3038:45-1:45
22Joe Bamber39:3041:18+1:48
23Tom Crabtree37:0335:13-1:50
24Ben Wrigley36:5034:59-1:51
25Carl Groome34:1032:15-1:55
26Jason Blagden38:4036:41-1:59
27Helen Lawrenson34:2532:20-2:05
28Lee Doughty34:0031:54-2:06
29Stephen Twist44:1542:04-2:11
30Julie Rooney49:2547:00-2:25
31Chris Wilson40:0037:30-2:30
32Garry Barnett33:2530:51-2:34
33Steve Gore34:2531:14-3:11
34Lee Nixon38:4735:29-3:18
35Alan Taylor37:4041:39+3:59
36Robert Danson Snr.43:0047:00+4:00
37Jason Barlow34:5030:20-4:30
38Lee Barlow34:0228:59-5:03
39Maureen Danson47:0041:44-5:16
40Tess Robinson35:0029:32-5:28
41Matty Chamberlin38:4532:11-6:34
42Ann Knowles63:0054:25-8:35

Predictor race past results