Off Road Championship

The following races make up the Championship for 2022. **Please be aware, some dates may be subject to change

The 2022 Off Road championship consists of :

  • 10 Trail Races.
  • 10 Fell Races – advice on kit needed for fell races can be found here.

Prizes are determined by using the following criteria.

  • Complete a minimum of 5 races, which includes 2 fell races and 2 trail races
  • An individuals result will be their finish position against number of competitors (* example at bottom of page)

The Current Overall Standings can be found here, with the individual race results found below

RaceType of RaceFell Race CategoryDateResultsPoints
Muddy ShoesTrailSaturday 5th February ResultsPoints
Silverdale CircuitTrailSaturday 12th February ResultsPoints
Moorhouse's Stan Bradshaw Pendle RoundFellBMSaturday 5th MarchResultsPoints
CurleysTrailWednesday 30th MarchResultsPoints
RivingtonTrailSaturday 10th AprilResultsPoints
Wray Caton MoorFellBMTuesday 26th ApriResultsPoints
Great Hameldon FellBSSunday 1st MayResultsPoints
Pinhaw Trail TrailFriday 6th MayResultsPoints
Yarrow Valley BluebellTrailSunday 8th MayResultsPoints
Mearley Clough FellASTuesday 10th MayResultsPoints
Hutton RoofFellBMSaturday 28h MayResultsPoints
Austwick AmbleFellBMThursday 2nd JuneResultsPoints
Paddys PoleFellASTuesday 7th JuneResultsPoints
Walsh Two LadsFellBSThursday 9th JuneResultsPoints
Trawden 7 TrailSunday 26th JuneResultsPoints
20 BarriersTrailCSTuesday 5th JulyResultsPoints
Hepworth TrailTrailWednesday 20th JulyResultsPoints
Beetham SportsFellBSSaturday 30th JulyResultsPoints
Lowther LakelandTrailCLSunday 14th AugustResultsPoints
Chipping ShowFellBMSaturday 27th AugustResultsPoints

A downloadable PDF with more information about the races can be found here

*For Example

Runner A
Race 1 33rd out of 56 runners (33/56) 0.59
Race 2 80th out of 140 runners (80/140) 0.57
Race 3 48/87 0.43
Race 4 110/254 0.43
Race 5 41/90 0.46
Total 2.48

Runner B
Race 1 89/120 0.74
Race 2 5/43 0.12
Race 3 13/34 0.38
Race 4 54/211 0.26
Race 5 20/120 0.17
Total 1.66
Runner B has lower score, runner B wins