Off Road Championship

Bored of tarmac? Why not go off road?

The following races make up the championship for 2023.

Silverdale Circuit11/02/23Trail20 miles
Bleasdale Circle18/02/23Fell5 miles
Trotters Trail Race05/03/23Trail4.5 miles
Wardle Skyline08/04/23Fell7 miles
Rivington 10m16/04/23Trail10 miles
Wray Caton Moor25/04/23Fell6 miles
Astley Park Trail Race03/05/23Trail5 miles
Pinhaw Moor Trail Race05/05/23Trail5 miles
Yarrow Valley Bluebell 10k14/05/23Trail6 miles
Hutton Roof Fell Race27/05/23Fell7 miles
Leo Pollard Memorial Race01/06/23Fell7.5 miles
Paddy’s Pole06/06/23Fell4 miles
Race the Train18/06/23Trail11 miles
Aggies Staircase22/06/23Fell4 miles
20 Barriers04/07/23Trail5 miles
Harrock Hill TBC26/07/23Trail5 miles
Beetham Sports29/07/23Fell6 miles
Golf Ball23/08/23Fell5.5 miles
Hodder Valley Show09/09/23Fell6 miles
Worsley Woods24/09/23Trail5 miles

Full details of all the races can be found here.

The current standings can be found here.

In total there are 10 trail races and 10 fell races – advice on kit for fell races can be found here. Final kit requirements are made by the race organisers but always be prepared with full kit.

Prizes are determined by using the following criteria.

  • Complete a minimum of 3 fell races and 3 trail races.
    • Lowest score wins – scores are made up by dividing your finish position by the number of competitors in the race – the higher up the results you are, the lower your score.

For Example

Runner A

Race 1 33rd out of 56 runners (33/56) score 0.59

Race 2 80th out of 140 runners (80/140) score 0.57

Race 3 48th/87. Score 0.43

Race 4 110th/254. Score 0.43

Race 5 41st/90. Score 0.46

Total 0.59+0.57+0.43+0.43+0.46 = 2.48

Runner B

Race 1 89th out of 120 runners (89/120) score 0.74

Race 2 5th/43. Score 0.12

Race 3 13th/34. Score 0.38

Race 4 54th/211. Score 0.26

Race 5 20th/120. Score 0.17

Total 0.74+0.12+0.38+0.26+0.17 = 1.66

Runner B has lower score, runner B wins.

2022 – Off Road Final Standings
2021 – No standings due to Covid
2020 – No Standings due to Covid
2019 – Trail Championship & Fell Championship
2018 – Trail Championship only