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The Championship includes 10 trail races and 10 fell races. To qualify participants must do:

  • Any 3 trail races
  • At least 1 Interclub fell race
  • Any other 2 fell races

As there are a lot of races, and just 6 required to qualify, The qualification rules are as follows:

  • Lowest point score wins (1 point for first, 2 points second etc)

Obviously, with so many races, competitors may never race head to head. So if points are equal positions will be decided based on runners position in field:

  • Lowest position relative to rest of field ( P-ROF). So you finish 33rd out of 89 runners, your P-ROF would be 33/89 = 0.37. The closer to the winner, the lower the score. And if you are last, your score would be 1. Then the 6 lowest P-ROFs, would be added, with the lowest score winning. This way, the more races you do, the better the chance of getting a lower P-ROF.

Hope that makes sense!

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Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Dawn and Sharlan collect medals in the Preston 10-Mile,
Open race, Northern and Lancashire team medals

The Preston 10-Mile on Sunday was the event of the area, with a fine open race incorporating the Lancashire and the Northern Athletics Championships. Wesham had a small but effective team present, with Ugis Datavs taking 30th place in 59:04 for 7th M40. Alek Walker finished 41st in 63:05, 8th M35. John Collier placed 2nd M65 in 75:54, 87th overall with a great run. The Men were third Northern Team behind Salford and Preston, but 4th Lancashire with Ribble Valley placing third. Peter Rooney was 117th and 7th M60 in 1:23:25. For the women, Sharlan Butcher and Antoinette Holton finished together in 24th and 25th places in 1:31:13, 8th W45 and 5th W35, and 146th and 147th overall. Dawn Biggs was 27th scorching round to take 4 minutesoff her personal best in 1:32:37, 6th W50 and 150th. The three ladies won the 2nd women’s team silver medals. The women were also the only Northern Athletics and Lancashire ladies’ team and so won both of those categories, gold medals apiece! Emma Wright placed 39th in 1:45:29, 173rd overall and 3rd W40.

On Sunday morning Louise Lord ran the Stanley Park 10k in 55:28 to finish in 46th place, and Finlay McCalman 55:51 for 48th. No Wesham members ran the Saturday version of the race.

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