Off Road Championship

Bored of tarmac? Why not go off road?

The following races make up the championship for 2023.

Silverdale Circuit11/02/23Trail20 miles
Bleasdale Circle18/02/23Fell5 miles
Trotters Trail Race05/03/23Trail4.5 miles
Wardle Skyline08/04/23Fell7 miles
Rivington 10m16/04/23Trail10 miles
Wray Caton Moor25/04/23Fell6 miles
Astley Park Trail Race03/05/23Trail3.7 miles
Pinhaw Moor Trail Race05/05/23Trail5 miles
Yarrow Valley Bluebell 10k14/05/23Trail6 miles
Hutton Roof Fell Race27/05/23Fell7 miles
Leo Pollard Memorial Race01/06/23Fell7.5 miles
Paddy’s Pole06/06/23Fell4 miles
Race the Train18/06/23Trail11 miles
Aggies Staircase22/06/23Fell4 miles
20 Barriers04/07/23Trail5 miles
Harrock Hill26/07/23Trail5 miles
Beetham Sports29/07/23Fell6 miles
Golf Ball23/08/23Fell5.5 miles
Hodder Valley Show09/09/23Fell6 miles
Worsley Woods24/09/23Trail5 miles

Full details of all the races can be found here.

Current Standings

Ian is still leading….

In total there are 10 trail races and 10 fell races – advice on kit for fell races can be found here. Final kit requirements are made by the race organisers but always be prepared with full kit (waterproof top & leggings, map, compass, whistle, hat and gloves).

Prizes are determined by using the following criteria.

To qualify, you must complete a minimum of 3 fell races and 3 trail races.

Lowest score wins – scores are made up by dividing your finish position by the number of competitors in the race – the higher up the results you are, the lower your score.

Results 2023

Race 9 Yarrow Valley Bluebell Trail Race

Pauline, Anne and Jo
Hels Bells
Tom and Alek

Race 8 Pinhaw Moor Trail Race

Ian is still winning

Wesham’s finest

Race 7 Astley Park Trail Race

Congratulations to Ian Hogg our first qualifier!

Our biggest turnout to date!

Race 6 Wray Caton Moor

Feddie Mercu-Wray
Carmels shrunk
Enjoying the fells
Stuart chasing John
The saint
Help – I’ve no grip on these shoes!
Pretending I love it
Ginger Spice
I have no control over my feet
Don’t stop me now, I’m having a good time

Race 5 Rivington 10

Race 4 Wardle Skyline

Wardle police have advised that this group of dangerous criminals should not be approached

Race 3 Trotter Trail Race

Martin isn’t really here

Race 2 Bleasdale Circuit

The boys are back in town

Race 1 Silverdale Circuit

Lee and Anne showing how it’s done

2022 – Off Road Final Standings
2021 – No standings due to Covid
2020 – No Standings due to Covid
2019 – Trail Championship & Fell Championship
2018 – Trail Championship only