Off Road Championship

2020 fell and trail races Championship Fixtures

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The Championship includes 10 trail races and 10 fell races. To qualify participants must do:

  • Any 3 trail races
  • At least 1 Interclub fell race
  • Any other 2 fell races

As there are a lot of races, and just 6 required to qualify, The qualification rules are as follows:

  • Lowest point score wins (1 point for first, 2 points second etc)

Obviously, with so many races, competitors may never race head to head. So if points are equal positions will be decided based on runners position in field:

  • Lowest position relative to rest of field ( P-ROF). So you finish 33rd out of 89 runners, your P-ROF would be 33/89 = 0.37. The closer to the winner, the lower the score. And if you are last, your score would be 1. Then the 6 lowest P-ROFs, would be added, with the lowest score winning. This way, the more races you do, the better the chance of getting a lower P-ROF.

Hope that makes sense!

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Alex’s Newspaper Report.

This is what we’re all missing

These are very difficult times but the world of athletics in common with all other sports has been brought to its knees by the current health crisis. And yet it is almost busier behind the scenes than when it is in full swing. It is vital at present to keep club members engaged, while there are no events and no outdoor activity there is plenty of virtual community using social media and video conference technology.

Top of the list of activities is a growing league of virtual races and grand prix using online tools such as Strava, an application and hardware that allows tracking for runners and cyclists to record performance and routes using GPS data. Anyone can create a virtual event and individuals can record their performances against it. In these times of social distancing it is bob on to follow the government advice and stay safe while allowing athletic involvement. Wesham have run a 5-10k virtual event this week ending on Wednesday evening, the results will be available for next week.

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