London Marathon Club Places (update 19.05.2021)

Each year the organisers of the London Marathon allocate places to AA Clubs, dependent on the number of Members each club has at the time they apply for the places.

We have received confirmation that the club has been allocated 1 place for October 2021, and 1 place for April 2022. This takes into account the previous places offered in 2020 and any deferred applicants.

Given the Covid 19 pandemic, and lack of club activity and races, we have once again had to amend the qualifying criteria. The criteria below will apply to the 1 place for this October 2021.

In order to qualify for a Wesham Club place Members must be able to fulfill the following:-

1. Have been a fully paid up, first claim, Member of Wesham Road Runners for at least 2 years prior to the opening date for the application for Club place(s) .

2. Have entered the current London Marathon ballot and received a rejection, proof will be required.

3. Not received a Club place for the last London Marathon.

If in any given year there are insufficient numbers of persons wishing to enter the Marathon who meet the full criteria then other Members will be considered.

If you are interested in obtaining a club place for the event on Sunday 3rd October 2021, and you meet the above criteria, then please contact –