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Thinking of becoming a Wesham Road Runner?

EA Club

We are a club of around 160 runners, plus a number of social, life and honorary members. The club offers members the opportunity to run with others of similar standards.

We consider ourselves to be an adult, (18+), running club as we do not have appropriate changing and safeguarding facilities for younger persons. Membership from persons under 18 will only be considered if their parent(s)/guardian(s) accept total and direct responsibility for such persons whilst at the Club or attending related events.

We meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings in time to start running for 6.45pm. Monday evenings usually consists of a brief meeting followed by groups of a similar standard going out for an appropriate run. Wednesdays are used for structured training sessions, hill training, social runs and our beginners group.

You can join online here.

NB: If you are applying to join Wesham Road Runners as a new member, but have been registered with England Athletics/ EA as a member of another running club, then please take a look at the below link, and follow the instructions provided:

Reduced Membership Subs for New Members Only

1st January 2024 to 31st March 2024

Good News! New members joining WRR as 1st Claim from 1st January and have never been registered with EA as a member of another club, will be registered to 31st March 2025.

WRREA*Northern Athletics*AdminTotal Subs
1st Claim£1£17X£1£19
2nd Claim£1XX£1£2
Social 18yrs+£1XX£1£2
Social <18yrs£1XX£1£2
Comp 11yrs+£1£17X£1£19
Comp <11yrs£1XX£1£2

*are fixed Costs

Membership Subs for Expired Members

1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

WRR EA*Northern
Admin*Total Subs
1st Claim£6£17£2£1£26
2nd Claim£8XX£1£9
Social 18+£4XX£1£5
Social 17-£1XX£1£2
Comp 11+£1£17X£1£19
Comp 11-£1XX£1£2

* are fixed costs

Reasons to Join Wesham Road Runners

Run with us

We offer any prospective new member the chance to come and join us for free to see if we are the right club for you.

Support us

Wesham Road Runners relies on its members to take an active role in the organisation of club activities. We can only continue to offer the range of activities we currently do thanks to current members who regularly volunteer. It is hoped that all members take these volunteering opportunities in return for the support given to them by the club. When joining our running club you will be asked if you are interested in marshalling at our races, timekeeping, coaching or first aid.


To enquire about membership please contact us.