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 Video InterviewDate
1.Alex Rowe4th April 2020
2.Sharon Cooper11th April 2020
3.Rob Danson
24th April 2020
4.Russell Mabbett1st May 2020
5.Carmel Sullivan8th May 2020
6.David Taylor15th May 2020
7.Stuart Topping & Kerry Eccles22nd May 2020
8.Hayley Carruthers29th May 2020
9.Liz McColgan-Nuttall5th June 2020
10.Helen Lawrenson12th June 2020
11.Dave Young19th June 2020
12.Peter Cooke26th June 2020
13.Nigel Shepherd10th July 2020
14.Garry Barnett24th July 2020
15.Mark Renshall & Stuart ClaytonChristmas Social 2020
16.Steve GoreChristmas Social 2020

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Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Paul Carter shows his medals for the Virtual Winter Race Series

Despite the traditionally expected January blues after the festive period and the varied weather Wesham members have been fired up by the Move Every Day virtual challenge to do some activity of 30 minutes each day of the month. Over 60 members are now taking part in the Challenge which is intended to promote physical and mental good health in the depths of winter at a time that is usually dismal and exacerbated this year by the pandemic. Generally, the weather has been benign with some beautiful bright and clear days, but this has brought cold temperatures and slippery conditions with frost and occasional sleet and snow. With no wind though the cold has been kept at bay and with the sun out it has been very pleasant to be out and about.

Seventeen Wesham members completed the January Wesham Virtual Handicap over a 4.9-mile course of choice to approximate the course now used for the physical event through Treales. The result times are now being collated and the full results will be published next week.

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