Handicap Race

The Joyce Smith Memorial Rose Bowl & John Hearn Memorial Shield

The Handicap races are held on the Second Monday of every month (except for the Trophy Race which will be the First Monday in September) and two courses are used.

Registration for the Handicaps is at Kirkham & Wesham Cricket Club from 6-45 pm to 7-00 pm , with the Handicaps starting at approximately 7-15 pm.

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The Winter Handicap route

The Winter Handicap starts outside the Stable Bar on Preston Street, Kirkham and is over a distance of 4.0 miles through the streets of Kirkham. (2 laps)
Please all wear a Hi-viz top/bib for safety for the Winter Handicaps.

Winter Handicap Net Times after 3 Races

Winter Handicap results and starting times

Date   Handicap
9th  October 2017Mass StartFinish PositionsDiane Blagden
Ryan Azzopardi
13th November 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet PositionsDave Young
Liz Johnson
11th December 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet PositionsMark Renshall
Sue Rigby
8th January 2018Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
12th February 2018Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
12th March 2018Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions

The Summer Handicap route

The Summer Handicap starts at the Windmill on the top of Dowbridge, Kirkham and the distance is 4.9 miles.  The route is out into the countryside around Treales.
All Summer Handicaps are fully marshalled at every junction.
The last race of the Summer Handicaps is the Trophy Race.
Reflective safety wear is compulsory for this race.

Summer Handicap results and starting times

10 th April 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
8 th  May 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
12 th June 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
10 th July 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
14 th August 2017Start TimesFinish PositionsNet Positions
28th August 2017Start TimesFinish Positions

Net Positions



The first race of the series is a “mass start”. All the runners start off together and their times are recorded when they finish. The following 11 races in the series are “staggered starts”. Start times are determined from previous handicap results.
Anyone wishing to qualify for the end of year Handicap Champions Race will need to have completed at least two winter and two summer races.

The first qualifying Man and Lady to cross the line will be declared the winners and will be presented with a Trophy and Prize. If everything goes to plan in the final race all the runners should finish together!!!!!!