Handicap Race. Monday 12th march

Monday 12th March is our last Handicap Race on the winter route. If you are wishing to qualify for the Trophy Race in September this is your last chance on the winter route. Please refer here for full details.

Registration will be at the Club from 6.40 pm, with the start being as soon as possible after 7.00 pm, on Preston Street.

High Viz/Reflective tops/belts/sashes etc MUST be worn. The bright yellow/orange technical T shirts alone are not acceptable. Also please do not wear all dark clothing with small flashes of reflective material/arm bands/lights.

As we use a left-hand, anti-clockwise course, all traffic will be approaching from behind you, therefore it is essential that you stay on the footpath and, as always, in-ear/over ear headphones are not permitted.