Fell Race Championship

The following races will make up the Fell Championship for 2017. All 4 races also incorporate the Inter-club Fell competition for 2017.

Final Interclub Fell Standings 2017

29th April 2017Interclub Fell No. 1The Cake RaceResultsSummary
8th June 2017Interclub Fell No. 2Walsh Two LadsResultsSummary
6th July 2017Interclub Fell No. 3Bull HillResultsSummary
13th August 2017Interclub Fell No. 4Boulsworth FellResultsSummary

Trophies will be awarded to the Male and Female Champion, and to the runners up.

All 4 Fell races incorporate the Inter-club Fell competition.


The best four races will count for qualification.
Points will be awarded based on your finishing position and gender, the first male and female to finish will receive 1 point, second place receives 2 points and so on.
The lowest overall score will be named Male/Female Fell Champion 2017
In the event of a tie, the champion will be based on the result of the next best race result.
Should no-one automatically qualify then the championship will be awarded to the person(s) who have taken part in the most events and has the least points