Beginners Programme

Wesham roadrunners organises a popular beginners programme. Our 2018 couch to 5k course is beginning with a registration night on 10th January at 6.30pm. Please come along between 6:30pm and 7pm to register for the course, which will then begin on 17th January, meeting at 6:20pm for a 6:30pm start.


The group is aimed at complete novices and open to anybody aged 18 or over.
To join, you just have to turn up in suitable clothing and a pair of trainers / running shoes.

Information Pack

We’ve created an information pack that you can download, containing the weekly plan, stretches and advice.

Main Session

We’ll be meeting at Kirkham & Wesham Cricket Club every Wednesday at 6.30pm for an immediate start.
There will be a UKA level 1 coach in charge of the session with other members of the running club assisting and providing encouragement.

Other Sessions

We recommend going out for 2 extra sessions as well as the main Wednesday evening session, this will help improve your fitness and stamina. It’s always easier to run with a group and for that reason, we recommend you use our Facebook page to contact each other, give and receive encouragement to others taking part on the course and arrange with others where and when to do the extra sessions.  Other member of the club often go out in smaller groups throughout the week and you’re also welcome to join them as and when you feel confident / able to do so.

Warm Up

Before you begin a session, you need to warm up. The warm up includes skipping, high knees, heel flicks, swinging arms side to side and lasts for approx 5 minutes. This increases the heart rate, warms up the muscles and surrounding tissues and prepares your body for the coming session.

Cool Down

A cool down is important after each session.
It contains static stretches which allows your heart rate to slowly come down and your muscles relax. It also aids the dissipation of waste products including Lactic Acid. Each static stretch should last approx 10-15 seconds.

Weekly Plan

WeekMain Session2nd Session3rd Session
15 x 1 min run
90 secs recovery
5 x 1 min run
90 sec recovery
23 x 2 min run
2 min recovery
2 x 3 min run
2 min recovery
32 x 4 min run
3 min recovery
1 x 5 min run1 x 5 min run
42 x 5 min run
3 min recovery
1 x 7 min run2 x 5 min run
3 min recovery
52 x 2 min run
90 sec recovery
1 x 10 min run
1 x 8 min run1 x 12 min run
62 x 3 min run
2 min recovery
1 x 12 min run
1 x 10 min run1 x 14 min run
72 x 2 min run
2 min recovery
1 x 15 min run
1 x 15 min run1 x 18 min run
85 x 1 min run
1 min recovery
1 x 20 min run
1 x 15 min run1 x 22 min run
91 x 25 min run2 x 10 min run
3 min recovery
1 x 20 min run
101 x 30 min run2 x 12 min run
3 min recovery
1 x 25 min run
111 x 35 min run1 x 15 min run1 x 15 min run 
121 x 30 min runRest5k Race ~ Parkrun