Predictor Race 23rd April 2018

On Monday 23 April we will be holding our annual Predictor Race.

Similar to the monthly Handicap Races you will register on the night and as you do you will write down the time you think it will take you to complete the course. You will then set off, en masse, without any timing or distance devices – no watch, garmin, pedometer, fitbit, MP3, sundial or anything else that fits the description. The person closest to their predicted time will be declared the winner. Last year we had joint winners, Martin Bates and Peter Bartlett, both were just 10 secs out, but 5 mins 30 secs apart with their finishing times.

You can set yourself whatever pace you wish, flat out racing pace or gentle recovery jog.

The race will be over 4 miles but under the Summer Handicap distance of 4.9.

There is a Trophy up for grabs, and maybe more than one prize!!

Finally, yes I know it is the day after the London Marathon, it is on the same day as last year when 43 Members completed the race with approx. 10 others volunteering as Marshalls. For this year I will need a similar number.

If anyone would like some more information please get in touch.

Handicap Trophy Race 28th August 2017

This year the final race in the 2016 – 2017 series, for the John Hearn Memorial Trophy and Joyce Smith Memorial Rose Bowl will take place on Monday 28th August. This is because the last Inter Club race is due to take place on Wednesday 6 September, two days after the original Handicap Race day and obviously we would like as many people as possible to take part in both events.
I know that 28th August is a Bank Holiday and also in the last week of the summer holidays but it is not possible to transfer the race to 11th September as by then it will be too dark to be running on the country lanes.
The above link also gives you the start times for the race and indicates who is eligible to race for the Trophies. This does not mean that only these people can run on the night, everyone is very welcome to join in. Please note that in order to run on the night you MUST be wearing high viz and/or reflective clothing. This does not include the bright yellow, orange technical T shirts, these do not show up in poor light.
We also need to get the race underway at 7.00 pm, so please can everyone be at the Club early in order to complete registration by 6.45 and get down to the start by 7.00.
Marian Rhead
Wesham Road Runners –  Secretary