Endure 24

Another fantastic and successful weekend was witnessed as Wesham Road Runners along with family and friends turned out in force for this years Leeds Endure24 running event held in the beautiful grounds of Bramham Park. Such a good time was had by all at last years event that this year our runners more than doubled in numbers as we had 3 large mixed teams consisting of 8 runners in each, 1 XL mixed team of 9, Ugis running solo and Kirsty Holland and Laura Lawler in the ladies pairs.  Blessed once again with tropical weather it made perfect camping conditions. The race got under way at 12 noon Saturday in temperatures around 30 degrees which made running extremely hard but despite this all our runners battled round and got themselves in great positions early doors.

As evening feel relief came as although still quite humid conditions began to cool. The head torches went on, the tree lights lite and the tranquility of night running began. Dawn finally broke and by now everyone was starting to resemble something out of the walking dead but Kerry and Julie T were there on hand just as they had been the whole weekend and made sure everyone was fed and watered giving us the strength to get through the final few hours. As the finish time approached we once again was treated to a grandstand performance this year by Kay Twist who created a surge of emotions and an electric atmosphere as she sprinted home with seconds to spare to get another team member out before the cut off time.  All our runners preform exceptionally, each pushing themselves to their limits.

Ugis as a Solo competitor was magnificent clocking up 135 miles 27 laps of the undulating 5 mile trail course to secure 2nd place and received the loudest cheers by far at the presentation. 

In the large mixed category out of 100 teams The Whippets also Secured 2nd place which they’d held onto from the very start with 215 miles 43 laps. The Wildcats were 10th with 36 laps 180 miles and the wolverines 29th with 32 laps 160 mile. The Wasps were 2nd XL team with 27 laps 135  Kirsty and Laura finished 5th in the ladies pairs running 100 miles 50 each. 

Our Club continues to compete in such events, always showing a real desire to perform but also creating an unrivalled team spirit. 
A mammoth amount of effort was also made by so many to ensure our participation ran smoothly, beginning with Myself & Kerry sorting team entries. Then came the catering operation & a great deal of preparation from Kerry, supported at the event by Julie the two of them worked from morning till night catering for over 50 people and making sure the runners had food as and when the individual needed. Transportation of so much camping equipment etc was looked after by Tom & Emma & many others also made themselves available for loading/unloading & camp preparation. 

This type of event always brings lots of laughs, new friendships, a chance to meet other members who we don’t already necessarily know & also a chance to meet some of our partners, many of whom offered continual & very welcome support on the course. 

In summary, once again Wesham Road Runners went to Leeds as a team, continually supportive of each other & performed admirably. 

So fancy joining us for Leeds 2020?!