Alex’s News Report

Rob Danson placed 2nd in the prestigious Salford 10k on Good Friday in a close race just 12 seconds behind first place and heading a group of chasers. Rob ran a neSteve Gore toils uphill in the Curlys 5kw personal best time of 31:01 around the largely flat 2-lap course around Lower Kersal. David Taylor finished 63rd with 35:35, a great run, with Lee Barlow 90th in 37:00, a chip time of 36:57. Helen Lawrenson was 29th woman with a good run recording 42:00 (41:51 chip time) for 193rd place overall.

Paul Gregory was the first Wesham finisher in the Good Friday Caldervale 10 Mile race over its hilly single lap course clocking a time of 1:04:43 for 6th place. Steve Myerscough was 11th and 4th M40 in 1:08:19. Jason Blagden was 28th in 1:13:27; Jenn Salt was 18th woman and 77th in 1:23:40; Chris Moss 110th in 1:32:08; Diane Blagden 44th woman and 129th in 1:38:38; John Howorth 133rd in 1:39:15

Easter Sunday saw the Valiants Half Marathon run Over Wyre on the quiet country lanes through Rawcliffe, Stalmine, and Out Rawcliffe in very wet conditions. There was a good spirit though and good performances. David Taylor finished 3rd in 1:19:51 in a well paced run with Steve Myerscough 9th in 1:25:06. Paul Gregory came through the field to 11th place with 1:25:52 and together the Wesham men won the team prize. Alan Hudson was 1st M65 and 27th overall in 1:35:09 with Michael Rawcliffe 43rd in 1:43:38. Sean Murray was 47th with 1:44:35; Debbie Myerscough was 22nd woman and 5th W50 in 76th place with 1:56:15. Paul Carter fell foul of cramp and he finished 94th in 2:11:57.


Kath Hoyer ran the Air Products 10k in Crewe on Sunday finishing 3rd W55 27th woman and 155th overall in 46:55. Dave Waywell was 5th M70 in a competitive field finishing 257th overall in 55:14.


In the third Curlys Trail 5k concluding this yearโ€™s series on Wednesday evening Steve Myerscough finished 10th in 20:51 on the undulating route. Steven Gore was 13th with 21:19; Martin Bates 36th in 24:18; Paul Eccles 57th in 27:25; Graham Brook 61st in 28:02; Vicky Gore 22nd woman and 75th (29:26); Pauline Eccleston (30:16); Debbie Myerscough (30:42); Caz Wadsworth (31:45); Nicola Ball (32:49); Clive Berry (33:57).


There was a big Wesham group at the Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday morning with the culmination of a Couch to 5k scheme incorporated in the clubโ€™s Wednesday evening training session. Carl Groome headed the regular runners with 19:38 for an M45 age graded performance of 73.94%; Phil Leaver 25:00 for M60 65.87%; Fran Hodskinson 25:26 with W45 64.35%; Ryan Azzopardi 25:29 with M35 52.39%; Sharon Cooper 25:30 (W40 61.24%); David Taylor pacing Sharon with 25:31; George Helme 26:26 with JM11 57.88%; Mark Dobson 26:51 (M50 56.30%); James Danson 27:20 (M50 54.82%); Graham Cunliffe 27:45 (M60 57.78%); Kay Twist 28:38 (W45 56.58%); Stephen Twist 28:51 (M50 51.42%); Sophie Battersby 28:50 (51.33%); Jayne Hurst 28:59 (W40 54.28%); Julie Rooney 28:59 (W40 53.48%); Claire Jones 29:00 (W40 53.85%); Emma Davies 29:38 (49.94%); Kerry Eccles 31;12 (W55 57.26%); Kellie Helme 31:36 (W45 50.26%); Grace Hall 33:00 (45.35%); Colleen Wright 33:04 (W50 53.33%); Debbie Bell 33:05 (W40 47.20%); Abi Stones 33:29 (44.30%); Stuart Topping pace-making with 33:30; Sally Sevens 33:46 (W40 46.59%); Sue Rigby 35:50 (W40 43.58%); Heidi Hall 38:17 (W40 40.79%); Lauren Butters 43.10 (JW15 35.91%); Caz Wadsworth 43.13; Donna Alexander 43.14 (W55 42.44%); Sarah Hobson 43.14 (W40 36.12%); Helen Leach 48.25 (W45 33.80%). ย In the Preston parkrun Nigel Shepherd ran 20:38 for M55 76.41% with John Bertenshaw gaining 21:42 for M60 73.89%. Tracey Hulme clocked 23:42 for W50 73.88% and Robert Brown 25:05 with M55 63.39%. The parkrun tourists were at the South Shields run with Vicky Gore running 26:46 for W40 57.47%; Megan Gore 34:00 for JW10 50.20% with Steven Gore 34:01. In the Blackpool run in Stanley Park Weshamโ€™s James Mulvany ran the fastest time of the day with a fine 17:01 for M35 79.63%; Steve Waterhouse was 3rd fastest with 17:53 and M45 81.17%, an excellent performance; Mark Renshall 20:49 with M40 67.09%; Nicola Unsworth 2nd fastest woman with 21:41 for W45 73.94%; George Kennedy 22:27 with M55 70.82%; Stephen Browne 23:53 and M50 62.25%; Ben Wrigley 24:35 for M35 53.97%; Chris Pike 24:58 (M40 55.47%); dave Young 25:07 with M65 69.41%; Rob Wallace 25:52 (49.84%; and Peter Cooke 27:43 (M55 56.40%).