Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Chris Hastwell in full flight in the Garstang 10k.

Saturday afternoon witnessed the fourth fixture in the current season on the Mid-Lancs Cross Country League in Towneley Park in Burnley.  Very low cloud and set-in heavy drizzle greeted early arrivals but by the time of the senior races this has abated and was left with the characteristic cold wind gusting across the parkland and playing fields now used for the course. Kath Hoyer was the only Wesham woman running in the 6km course over 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large lap, finishing 4th W55 and 75th in 26:01.

Dave Young placed 5th in the Over-70s race over the same course clocking 29:02. Dave Waywell was 6th in 30:07, and Peter Bartlett 7th with 30:48 to win the M70 team from Chorley AC. In the Senior Men’s 10k over 1 small lap and three large ones David Taylor lead the way for Wesham to come in 49th in 35:15. Andrew Harling put in a good run to finish 67th in 36:08. Phil Quibell finished 3rd M60 and 104th in the race overall in a time of 37:39. Nigel Shepherd ran a canny race slipping through on the final lap to take 8th M60 and 202nd overall with 41:49 overtaking John Collier who was fighting off the last of a cold who came in 11th M60 after a battle with Lytham’s Terry Hellings in the closing metres to clock 42:02 for 206th place. Ben Wrigley had a great run to finish 251st in 45:04 with Martin Bates 20th M60 and 258th in 45:26. The Wesham men were 21st team overall; 18th Masters 40+; faring better in the Over-50s with 8th place; and 2nd M60 by 2 points behind Kendal who put out a crack squad.

The Garstang was the big draw of the week always popular as a kick start to the new running year, and there was a big Wesham contingent with the race being in the club championship. Simon Denye was the first finisher for Wesham coming in 8th with a time of 37:22, 2nd M45. Lee Barlow was 15th in 39:17 and 3rd M45 with Garry Barnett coming back to action with 39:31 in 17th place and 2nd M50, just losing out by half a minute to David Parkinson of Red Rose. Chris Hastwell finished 25th and 4th M35 in 40:04. The Wesham men easily won the team from Red Rose and Todmorden. Stuart Clayton finished 85th in 45:34, 5th M50. Helen Lawrenson was 9th woman and 86th in 45:35 placing 3rd W45, and Thomas Farquhar 98th with 46:12. Ben Wrigley came in 123rd in 47:25; Alan Hudson 2nd M65 and 126th with 47:56; Martin Bates 130th and 8th M60 in 48:21; Mark Dobson 165th with 50:47 and Martyn Allison 161st in 50:33; James Danson was 200th in 52:41; Peter Rooney 202nd with 52:47; Maureen Danson was 43rd and 225th in 53:41 and Finlay McCalman 222nd with 53:34. Louisa Denye finished 48th and 231st in 53:47 and Vicky Gore 49th and 236th in 53:57. Kerry Eccles came in 50th and 237th in 54:04; Tanya Shaw 53rd and 243rd in 54:21; Paul Carter 271st with 56:05; Jo McCaffery 68th and 282nd in 57:08; Tanya Barlow was 84th and 311th in 58:18; James Birchall was 352nd in 60:59 and Emma Wright 106th and 353rd in 61:09; Sharlan Butcher 127th and 382nd with 63:26; Dawn Biggs 137th and 395th in 65:09; and Keith and Heather Wilding 430th and 433rd (160th) in 68:18 and 68:23. F

Paul Carter ran the Rivington Nightrunner 10k from the Rivington and Blackrod High School coming in 350th in 1:34:04 over the hills and fells of the West Lancashire moors. Kath Hoyer ran the East Lancashire Hospice 10k at Great Harwood finishing 2nd W55 and 18th woman in 50:23 with 427 runners.

There was a good turnout from Wesham at the Lytham Hall Parkrun on Saturday morning. Jonathan Lawson ran 21:55 for an M50 age graded performance of 67.83%. Stuart Topping ran well with a time of 23:19 for an M45 grade 62.26%. Suzanne Leonard was in fine fettle to clock 2347 for a new personal best and a W45 grade of 68.82% with George Kennedy pacing her and coming in with 23:48 for an M60 68.00%. Sharon Cooper ran 24:18 after organising the marshals with 24:18 and a W45 65.36%. Stephen Twist clocked 25:28 for M50 58.84% with Graham Cunliffe running well after New Year in Scotland with a great 26:17 and an M60 grade of 62.08%. Phil Leaver ran 27:24 for M65 61.19% while Nicola Carter clocked 34:08 with a W35 grade 44.09%. Julie Topping ran 34:24 for W45 47.58%. In the Preston run Steve Myerscough ran 20:26 his best run since his comeback for M45 69.41%. Robert Brown stopped the clock at 26:10 for an M60 graded 61.8%% and Lynne Brown had 42:41 W55 43.58%. In St Helen’s Victoria Park Chris Pike ran 26:24 for M40 52:90 and Antoinette Holton was out at Six Hills Way in Stevenage for her 5km in 28:19 and 52:62% for a Senior Woman. The Parkrun Tourists plumped for Horton Park in Bradford; Vicky Gore ran 27:51 for a W40 performance of 56:07 with Steven in supporting role 1 second behind in 27:52 both as First Timers, In Blackpool’s Stanley Park Helen Lawrenson was the fastest woman with her time of 22:00 for W45 73.30%; Dave Marsland recorded 24:09 and M60 68.18% while Andrew Moore clocked 26:09 with M55 59.78%. John Sharples made a comeback with a First Timer performance of 36:11 for M60 45.51%. At Fleetwood Promenade Peter Cruse put in the second fastest time of the day with 21:04 for an M55 grade 73.58; Carl Groome ran 23:40 for M50 62.32%; Sue Rigby ran 31:55 and W45 49.77%; and Brian Jones 32:01 for M55 48.83%.

Corrected and full Wesham results from Garstang 10k

8 SIMON DENYE 00:37:23 00:37:18 2 M M45
15 LEE BARLOW 00:39:18 00:39:07 3 M M45
17 GARRY BARNETT 00:39:31 00:39:29 2 M M50
25 CHRIS HASTWELL 00:40:05 00:39:53 4 M M35
85 STUART CLAYTON 00:45:34 00:45:18 5 M M50
95 THOMAS FARQUHAR 00:46:12 00:46:07 M
123 BEN WRIGLEY 00:47:45 00:47:31 21 M M35
126 ALAN HUDSON 00:47:57 00:47:48 2 M M65
130 MARTIN BATES 00:48:21 00:48:07 8 M M60
161 MARTIN ALLISON 00:50:33 00:50:17 29 M M35
169 MARK DOBSON 00:50:47 00:50:15 16 M M50
200 JAMES ROBERT DANSON 00:52:42 00:52:26 19 M M50
202 PETER ROONEY 00:52:47 00:52:31 11 M M60
222 FINLAY MCCALMAN 00:53:34 00:53:19 21 M M50
271 PAUL CARTER 00:56:05 00:55:41 34 M M45
352 JAMES BIRCHALL 01:00:59 01:00:34 M
430 KEITH WILDING 01:08:19 01:07:24 17 M M60
86 HELEN LAWRENSON 00:45:35 00:45:21 9 3 F W45
225 MAUREEN DANSON 00:53:42 00:53:18 43 6 F W50
231 LOUISA DENYE 00:53:48 00:53:28 48 10 F W40
236 VICKY GORE 00:53:57 00:53:30 49 11 F W40
237 KERRY ECCLES 00:54:05 00:53:39 50 7 F W50
243 TANYA SHAW 00:54:22 00:54:02 53 12 F W40
282 JO MCCAFFERY 00:57:08 00:56:49 68 18 F W40
311 TANYA BARLOW 00:58:18 00:57:54 84 21 F W45
353 EMMA WRIGHT 01:01:09 01:00:33 106 24 F W40
382 SHARLAN BUTCHER 01:03:26 01:02:46 127 30 F W45
395 DAWN BIGGS 01:05:09 01:04:29 137 16 F W50
431 HEATHER WILDING 01:08:24 01:07:29 160 F