Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Tanya Shaw and Jo Mcaffery with light refreshment at the Chester Marathon

There were three Wesham runners in the Chester Marathon on Sunday which also included the England Athletics vs Celtic Nations Masters International and the British Masters Championships on a fresh but fine day with a cold frosty start but that was warmer and windier by lunchtime. With a 9-am start Lee Mangan was away and he finished 1924th overall; 1509th male and 309th M40 in a time of 4:22:59 (chip time 4:19:30) having passed through 20k (12.4 miles) in 1:58:32 and keeping to a fairly even pace. Tanya Shaw and Jo McCaffery finished together as 551st and 552nd women in 4:41:00, and 2245th and 2246th overall. They placed 114th and 115th W40s in a great shared experience.

Carmel Sullivan finished 9th woman and 1st W50 in the Rochdale Half Marathon on Sunday in 1:37:06 placing 76th overall on an undulating route but good conditions for running with 403 competitors. Daniel Shaw ran in the Rivington Half Marathon, off-road alongside Anglesarke, finishing 6th in 1:33:33, an excellent result.

Paul Lancashire ran the Congleton Half Marathon coming across the line in 111th place with a time of 1:38:24. There were 404 finishes in this popular race on an undulating route featuring an out-and back stretch and a single large loop along quiet country roads. Steve Abbott had finished 2nd in the 315 Cancer Care 5k in Lancaster last week running 18:45.

In the West Coast Half Marathon finishing in Lytham Mark Renshall finished 18th in 1:34:09 and 5th M45. Helen Lawrenson was 4th woman and 2nd W45 in 1:38:42 running with ex-Wesham member Nicola Unsworth with the pair neck-and neck for the finish.

Steve Littler ran the fastest time of the day at the Fleetwood Promenade run, his second parkrun and second time as fastest runner, clocking 17:09 and an M45 grade of 82.70%. David Taylor had the third fastest time of the day with his debut run here and 181 parkruns with 18:22 for senior 70.60%. Peter Cruse ran 20:43 for M55 74.82% and Dave Young ran an M70 68.30% with his time of 25:49. Brian Jones ran 31:53 for M55 49.03%. John Burns was the first Wesham finisher in the Lytham Hall parkrun clocking 22:00 for an M60 age graded percentage of 74.85%. Martin Allison ran 22:24 for M35 58.85% and Graham Cunliffe scored a new personal best with a cracking time of 23:47 for an M60 grade of 68.61%. Phil Leaver was close behind with M65 69.86% with a time of 24:00. Stephen Twist ran 25:12 for M50 58.99% with Antoinette Holton running 29:27 for a senior woman grade of 50.59%. Sharlan Butcher ran 30:55 for W45 grade 51.37%. Steve Abbott ran 20:47 at the Preston parkrun in M40 66.16%; Robert Brown clocked 25:59 for M60 62.28% and Paul Carter had a time of 27:43 for M45 grade 52.38%. Chris Pike was back at the St Helens run to clock 25:00 for M40 55.87% his 118th run here and 144th overall. George Kennedy was still in Glasgow and took in the Victoria Park run where he came in with a great 21:01 for an M60 grade of 77.00%. James Mulvany had the fastest time of the day at the Fell Foot run, completing the lap course in 17:52 for M40 76.40%. Wesham had a good turnout at the Haigh Woodland run as it was featured in the club’s trail running championships. Paul Gregory was the fastest with a swift 19:04 over the hilly course to grab an M40 age grade of 71.59%. Steven Gore ran 19:54 for an M35 grade of 67.09% and Nigel Shepherd dashed 20:32 for M60 78.08%. James Danson ran 25:03 for M50 60.36% and Vicky Gore 26:19 for W40 58.90%. Kerry Eccles had a good run with 28:32 for W55 63.43% and Megan Gore ran 25:09 for JW11 47.32%. In the Blackpool run in Stanley Park Lee Barlow ran the 5th fastest time of the morning in a breezy 19:03 before heading off to Palma with the club and friends, scoring an M45 grade 74.98%. Elliot Costello ran 22:12 for a senior 58.11%; Jonathan Sanderson 22:39 for 56.95%; and Dave Marsland an M60 grade of 71.36% with a time of 22:52. Stephen Browne ran 22:59 for M50 65.19% with Martin Bates recording M60 65.61% timing 24:40. Suzanne Leonard ran 24:49 for W45 65.95% and Finlay McCalman 27:41 with M50 55.03%.