Alex’s Newspaper report.






Cath O’Reilly, Joy Hetherington and Emma Wright in the Wesham Inter Club



The Wesham Open Team finished 2nd behind Preston, with Rob Danson 1st in 22:52; Steve Waterhouse 16th 26:13; Ugis Datavs 17th in 26:16; David Taylor 23rd with 26:23; Tessa Robinson 32nd and 2nd woman in 27:06; Paul Hetherington 33rd with 27:09; Lee Barlow 35th in 27:24;  Steve Abbott was 40th in 27:59; Carl Groome 48th in 28:31; and Jason Barlow 49th with 28:33. The Women came in 3rd team behind Lytham and Blackpool, with Tessa Robinson 2nd; Helen Lawrenson 7th (94th in 31:24); Sue Coulthurst 11th (119th 32:35); Tracey Hulme 19th (146th 33:58); and Bernadette Dickinson 34th (189th 37:37). The women masters (W40+) were also 3rd with Helen Lawrenson 4th, Sue Coulthurst 6th, Tracey Hulme 9th, Bernadette Dickinson 18th and Maureen Danson 27th (214th 38:51) behind Blackpool and Lytham. The Open Masters (M40+ and W35+ combined) finished 2nd behind Preston with Steve Waterhouse 4th, Tessa Robinson 13th, Paul Hetherington 14th, Lee Barlow 15th, Steve Abbott 18th and Carl Groome 22nd. The M50+ team Phil Quibell 8th (55th in 28:57); Nigel Shepherd 13th (74th in 30:09); Peter Cruse 23rd (90th 31:19); and Richard Davies 27th (101st 31:48) placed 4th with Preston, Red Rose and Blackpool in the first three positions. The M60+ team went one better with Phil Quibell 2nd, Nigel Shepherd 6th, and Phil Leaver 22nd (176th in 36:13) taking 3rd spot behind Red Rose and Preston. Matty Chamberlain finished 59th (29:16); Mark Renshall 60th (29:19); Christopher Hastwell 67th (29:49); Thomas Crabtree 69th (29:56); Lee Nixon 85th (31:04); Elliot Costello 88th (31:14); Paul Lancashire 112th (32:19); Jonathon Evans 118th (32:32); Stuart Clayton 120th (32:38); Stephen Browne 123rd (32:49); Sean Murray 130th (33:18); Neil Gregson 134th (33:28); Ben Wrigley 143rd (33:50); Martin Allison 148th (34:00); Russell Mabbett 177th (36:17); James Danson and George Kennedy 184th and 185th (both 37:01); Stephen Twist 190th (37:37); Dave Young 191st (37:38); Graham Brook 206th (38:15); Michael Hall 212th (38:40); Catherine Nicholls 45th woman; 219th (39:08); Paul Carter 229th (39:54); Pauline Eccleston 53rd/230th (40:03); Peter Bartlett 231st (40:07); Tanya Shaw 60th/329th (40:46); Diane Blagden 61st/242nd (40:58); Jo McCaffery 65th/249th (41:32); Nicola Ball 69th/253rd (41:54); Heather Buckel 71st/255th (41:55); Emma Wright 73rd/261st (42:29); Cath O’Reilly 75th/263rd (42:48); Joy Hetherington 81st/271st (43:52); Nicola Carter 107th/302nd (48:27); James Birchall 303rd (48:47); Angela Clark 115th/313rd (52:13). There were 334 runners in total, a good evening’s turnout. There was a plentiful outdoor buffet back at the Wesham HQ at the Kirkham and Wesham Cricket Club which was very well attended on a warm evening.

Simon Eaton traversed the Lakeland 50-mile ultra at the weekend in appalling weather conditions, finishing 208th overall in 12:23:15 on the course from Dalemain near Pooley Bridge to Coniston, taking in 3100m of ascent (10170ft) through Howton; Mardale Head (4:25:28); Kentmere; Ambleside (8:08:36); Langdale; Wrynose Pass (10:38:40); and Tilberthwaite (11:17:40). His highest position was at the finish, so he had a strong final effort in him. Having started at 11:30 AM on Saturday he finished at 23:50 just before midnight.

The Beetham Show Fell Race took place on Saturday afternoon over 6 miles of running and 928ft of ascent. Nigel Shepherd finished 50th in 51:53, 2nd M60 just 48 seconds behind category winner Peter Singleton. Kath Hoyer was 71st and 13th woman, 2nd W55 in 58:13. Dave Waywell finished 85th overall and 2nd M70, just 38 seconds behind category winner Bob Massey of Blackpool.

There was just Paul Carter running the Caldervale Summer 10-Mile race on Sunday in a small field of 59 runners. Paul finished 36th in 1:33:44, a good run for the hilly circuit running through delph Lane hill and Oakenclough in rainy and windy conditions.

The Lancaster 10k took place on Wednesday evening and David Taylor finished10th in 37:34 on the undulating course with a good run. It was a popular race with 192 finishers; it is the descendant of the Vale of Lune 10 which was based at the nearby Rugby Club. The race was won by Stuart Robinson (33:10) and Tessa Robinson (37:56) who placed 13th overall.

Carl Groome ran the Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday morning and dodged the rains showers, running the double-loop 5km in 19:12 for an M45 age graded performance of 76.22%. Jonathan Lawson ran an M55 grade of 67.87% with a time of 21:44, with Jason Blagden running 21:50 for M45 65.42%, and John Burns clocking 22:00 for an M60 grade of 74.85%. Dave Marsland had 22:31 for M60 72.46% and Stephen Twist M50 60.80% with a time of 24:27. Phil Leaver ran his debut M65 67.43% with 24:52 and Martin Allison 25:07 for M35 52.49%. Graham Cunliffe clocked 26:14 with an M60 grade of 62.20% and Andrew Moore M55 56.99% with 27:12. Tanya Shaw ran 27:19 for W40 56.74%; Jo McCaffery 27:40 and W40 55.30%; Emma Wright 28:24 for W40 53.87% and Peter Rooney had 29:12 for M55 54.45%. In the Preston run in Avenham Park Rob Danson took the fastest time of the day with 16:16 and a performance grade of 79.30% and Robert Brown ran 25:55 for M60 62.44%. In St Helens Steve Pike ran 26:20 for M40 53.04%, his best for 5 weeks. At the Crichton run in Dumfries the travelling Gores Vicky and Steven ran 27:24 (W40 56.57%) and 27:25 between them. David Taylor was in the North Yorkshire Moors for the Dalby Forest run near Pickering and he clocked the 2nd fastest time of the day with 18:00 on an undulating course for 72.04%. In the Blackpool run Neil Gregson ran 21:17 for 61.63%; Peter Cruse 21:22 for M55 72.54%; Rob Wallace 24:24 and 52.87%; and Dave Young 26:42 with M70 66.04%.