Alex’s Newspaper Report.

David Taylor ran in the first Horwich Jubilee 5 race of this year’s series, finishing 8th in 29:40 for the undulating 5 mile lap. Andrew Harling was 20th in 32:52. Helen Lawrenson was 1st W45 and 3rd woman in 34:41, finishing 28th overall. Rob Wallace was 47th in 37:25, just ahead of Martin Bates who finished 4th M60 and 48th overall in 37:30. Kay Twist came in 5th W45 and 19th woman with a time of 40:58, 64th overall. Vicky Gore finished 3rd W40 and 21st woman in 43:03 for 69th place with Steven Gore the same time in 70th. Kerry Eccles was 4th W55 and 28th woman in 45:35. The Wesham men’s and women’s teams both placed 3rd in a good evening out for the club.

The European Masters Non-Stadia championships took place in Alicante Spain over the weekend (road walks and road running) and there were two Fylde athletes present. The running championships comprised of 10km on Friday and half marathon on Sunday, sandwiching a cross country relay on Saturday. In the 10k on Friday Phil Leybourne clinched the M50 team bronze medals for GBR with 34:48 to finish 6th M50 in the race, and Trevor Rayner closed in the M55 team also to claim bronze in 39:56. In the cross country relays Phil Leybourne took the GBR M50 team to 4th place with a cumulative time of 42:00 for three laps of 4km (12km total), while Trevor Rayner in the M55 team finished 3rd with bronze medals in 21:28 for three laps of 2km (6km total). Leybourne finished 4th in the half marathon on Sunday in 1:17:30 just 37 seconds off bronze while Rayner clocked 1:33:35 after suffering a troublesome hamstring. Both GBR M50 and M55 teams finished 4th.

Kath Hoyer ran in the Worden Park 10k on Sunday, finishing 7th woman and 1st W55 in 50:43, 68th overall. Dave Waywell was 144th and 3rd M70 in 58:55. Paul Carter ran the Windermere Marathon finishing 531st in 5:33:02 over the undulating course from Brathay Hall right round the Lake.

Three Wesham members ran the Great Manchester run behind Mo Farah. Ben Wrigley finished 1343rd in 48:24; Sharon Cooper 1568th in 49:15; and Rob Wallace clocked 50:06 for 1842nd place, 141st woman and 16th W40.

In parkrun action Carl Groome was the first Wesham finisher at Lytham Hall on Saturday morning, covering the 5km 2-lap course in 20:18 for an M45 age graded performance of 72.09%. Helen Lawrenson ran 20:43 for 5th fastest woman of the morning with a W45 grade 79.00%. Jonathan Lawson ran 21:36 for M50 68.29%; Graham Cunliffe 25:02 for M60 64.65%; Stephen Twist 25:12 for M50 58.99% with Jason Blagden 25:13 for M45 56.64%. Antoinette Holton ran 27:15 for 54.56%; Sharlan Butcher 29:22 with W45 54.09%; Julie Rooney 29:52 and W40 52.68%; and Sue Rigby 30:17 with W40 51.95%. In the Preston parkrun Nigel Shepherd was getting back to shape with 21:30 for M60 74.57% and Robert Brown clocked 25:36 for M60 62.63%. The Wesham Tourists travelled to Southport for the run in Hesketh Park, where David Taylor had the fastest time of the day with a swift 17:15 for a 75.17% grade. Vicky Gore held the reins with 25:01 for a W40 61.96%, with Megan Gore JW11 50.76% and Steven Gore also a time of 32:46. In the Blackpool parkrun in Stanley Park Mark Belfield set a good 18:56 for an M35 grade of 70.07%, while Dave Marsland had an M60 grade 73.89 for a time of 22:05. George Kennedy ran 22:28 for M60 71.36%; Stephen Browne 23:10 with M50 64.68%; Martin Bates 23:16 with M60 69.56%; Dave Young ran 25:43 for M70 68.57%; and Andrew Harling 26:10 for M35 51.02%.