Alex’s Newspaper Report.

The most talked about athletics event last week was the London Marathon with 40,000 runners and a stellar cast at the sharp end. David Taylor may have found the warm conditions a little too challenging as his 5km splits slowed by up to 2 minutes in the second half but he finished well under the 3 hour mark with 2:58:38 for 951st place, with halfway in 1:26:38.  Dave Young forged a steady path as he finished 22184th and 51st M70 in 4:56:30 with a halfway mark of 2:09:57. Ryan Azzopardi finished 25109th with 5:09:35 having gone through halfway in 2:14:18. Sisters Heather Buckel and Stephanie Blakeley finished 11267th and 11268th women in 5:41:48. with a swift start under their belts they settled down admirably to a steady pace, passing halfway in 2:37:52. Sally Deacon was 12008th woman in 5:50:27, halfway in 2:39:59. Paul Carter was a little way back with a finish time of 5:50:28 for 32911th place (20902nd male) with a faster first half of 2:27:19. Troy Watson, Peter Cruse and Michael Goode were non-starters due to circumstances.

The Bolton 10k offers a traditional alternative to the London Marathon but this year despite the heat in the capital it was fresh and breezy in the northern town. There were three Wesham members in action, with Peter Cruse finishing 34th overall and 3rd M55 in 43:25. Martin Bates was 111th and 4th M60 in 48:18 and Phil Leaver 172nd and 7th M60 with 52:18.

In the Lytham Hall parkrun Andrew Harling ran 19:34 to record an M35 age graded performance of 68.23%. Jonathan Lawson clocked 21:33 for an M50 grade of 68.45% while Stephen Twist had 26:13 for M50 56.71%. Jason Blagden ran 26:14 for M45 54.45% with Pauline Eccleston 26:22 for W45 61.44%. Anne Berry ran 27:19 and a W55 grade of 66.26%; Sharlan Butcher 28:31 with W40 55.17% and Debbie Bell 30:42 for W40 51.25%. Martin Bates ran the Heaton Park run in Manchester and he clocked 24:11 for M60 66.92%. At the Preston parkrun Robert Brown ran 25:25 for M60 63.08% and Diane Blagden 28:33 for W50 59.43%. Alex Rowe took on the Hyndburn run and came away with a new personal worst performance with 22:24 for M60 72.25% although scoring the best M60 time for the challenging course. Graham Cunliffe ran a good performance of 28:44 for M60 56.32%. Chris Pike was at St Helens parkrun with a time of 26:52 for an M40 51.99%. In Southwark the London Marathon support team were out with 240 others, with Carl Groome leading the way with 20:17 for an M45 grade of 72.14%. Elliot Costello ran 22:51 for 56.46%. Tracey Hulme clocked 23:53 for W55 74.81%; Maureen Danson had 25:56 for W50 65.42%; and Kerry Eccles ran 26:01 and W55 69.57%. Rob Danson (Snr) clocked 27:26 for M50 55.10%. Dave Young ran a great pre-marathon 5km with 28:44 for M70 61.37%. Debbie Myerscough ran 30:27 for W50 57.91% with Sue Rigby clocking 30:32 for W40 51.53%. Steven Gore was pace-making with 33:03 with Megan Gore 33:06 and JW11 50.25% and Vicky Gore 33:07. Julie Topping ran 33:47 for W45 47.95%. Mark Dobson ran the Lancaster parkrun in 26:32 for M50 57.41% and in the Blackpool parkrun Wesham members ran the first 3 fastest times of the day with James Mulvany clocking 17:28 for M40 78.15%; Lee Barlow an excellent 17:50 for M45 80.09% and a new personal best performance; and Steve Waterhouse 17:54 for M45 81.75%. Mark Renshall ran 20:49 for M40 67.57%; Dave Marsland 22:18 for M60 73.17%; Stephen Browne 22:31 and M50 66.54%; Ben Wrigley 22:42 for M35 58.81%; George Kennedy 23:10 and an M60 mark of 69.21%; and Andrew Moore 28:03 for M55 55.26%.