Alex’s Newspaper Report.


Maureen Danson takes it cool in the Curlys 5k Trail run


With a mixed bag of weather last week it was quiet for athletics with perhaps action holding off in preparation for this weekend’s London Marathon.


In the third and final race of the Curlys 5km Trail series on Wednesday evening Lee Barlow finished 5th overall in 20:16 placing 2nd M45. Steven Gore was 9th in 20:54 and Paul Gregory 10th with 21:03.  Gemma Owen finished 8th woman and 42nd overall in 24:20 in 2nd W35 place. Martin Bates was 61st in 26:20 finishing 4th M60. Sharon Cooper came straight off her train home from Manchester at Horwich Parkway and just made it to the start to run 27:48 for 6th F40.  Mark Dobson finished 77th in 28:50; Vicky Gore finished 80th and 7th W40 in 29:13, 50 secs faster this week; Maureen Danson was 87th in 29:37; Rob Danson Snr came in 91st with 30:01; and Kerry Eccles finished 101st in 31:49 for 4th W55. In the overall series results from all three races Steven Gore placed 6th with a combined time of 1:04:16 Vicky Gore finished 16th woman and 2nd W45 with 1:29:01 for 56th place overall.

There were three Wesham members running the Radcliffe Multi Terrain 10k from Cams Lane on Sunday in inclement conditions after the warm sun of the day before. Martin Bates finished 116th and 12th M60 in 51:49. Kath Hoyer was 1st W55 and 21st woman in 53:17, 129th overall. Dave Waywell finished 1st M70 and 226th overall in 63:28.

Elizabeth Johnson ran the Lancaster Three Bridges 10k on Sunday and she finished 182nd and 10th W35 in 53:55.

Paul Gregory finished 3rd in the Ultra Lakeland Trails 17km Challenge race on Saturday in Hawkshead with 1:20:14. Finlay McCalman was 320th in 2:07:27. Simon Eaton finished 110th in the Trail Race with a time of 1:42:50. Russell Mabbett came in 133rd with 1:46:44 with a good run having not been so good. It was good conditions for running.

It was good conditions for parkrunning on Saturday morning and there were good turnouts all round. At Lytham Hall parkrun Andrew Harling ran 20:03 for an M35 age graded score of 66.58%. Jonathan Lawson ran 21:59 for M50 67.10%. Phil Leaver returned an M60 69.92% with a time of 23:46. Andrew Moore ran 26:03 for M55 59.50% and Ben Wrigley 27:41 for M35 48.22%. Kerry Eccles clocked 28:26 for W55 63.29% with Clare Belfield W35 49.50% with a time of 30:18. Graham Cunliffe ran easy for 32:14 and M60 50:21, and Linda Williamson had 38:36 for W45 4e1.15%. Rob Danson ran the fastest time of the morning at the Preston parkrun with 16:04 for 80.29%. Steve Myerscough ran 22:30 still struggling with a sore ankle for M40 62.52%. Robert Brown ran 25:20 for M60 62.47%. Anne Knowles ran the Long Eaton parkrun and she finished with 34:29 for W45 for 46.98%. Martin Bates returned to the Worsley Woods parkrun and he clocked 23:34 for M60 68.67%. In Blackpool’s Stanley Park parkrun David Taylor had the fastest time of the day with 17:45 for a grade of 73.05%. Lee Barlow ran 20:47 for M40 68.72% and Peter Cruse ran 21:02 for M55 73.06%. Dave Marsland clocked an M60 grade of 72.20% with his time 22:36 while Rob Wallace had 52.87% with 24:24. Kay Twist ran 24:40 for W45 66.35% and George Kennedy clocked 24:54 for M60 64.39%. Dave Young produced 25:53 for M70 68.13% and Stephen Twist 27:00 for M50 55.06%. The travelling Gores found the Northwich parkrun; Vicky ran 26:23 for W40 58.75% with Steven also 28:23 for M35 50.28, leaving Megan behind to run 34:49 for JW11 47.77% with fellow junior Grace Robinson.