Alex’s Newspaper Report.



Rob Danson gets a head start in the St Annes 10-Miler on Sunday



Rob Danson was a clear winner in the 2nd St Annes 10-Miler road race on Sunday in blustery conditions along the seafront to the end of Lytham Green. He covered the out-and-back course in an excellent time of 52:59. Second in for Weshan was Lee Barlow, 29th in 1:05:31, 7th M40, with Steve Myerscough 33rd in 1:06:18, 9th M40. Carl Groome was 41st in 1:08:18, 11th M40. Helen Lawrenson was 11th woman and 3rd W40 in 1:12:43, 73rd overall, Gemma Owen was 20th and 114th overall in 1:19:18, and Kerry Eccles finished 32nd and 153rd in 1:24:44, 7th W50. Troy Watson was 82nd in 1:14:04; Simon Denye 100th with 1:17:18; Rob Wallace 120th in 1:20:28; Stephen Browne 128th with 1:21:21; Ryan Azzopardi 141st in 1:23:20; Dave Young won the M70 category in 1:27:24 in 174th place overall; Rob Danson Snr came in 187th in 1:28:50 with Ben Wrigley 198th in 1:29:42. Anne Berry was 54th woman and 204th in 1:30:25; Pauline Eccleston 66th and 226th with 1:33:24; Kay Twist 69th and 232nd in 1:34:07; and Sue Rigby 108th in 1:44:27, 305th overall.

There was a new event on the block in the shape of the Hunters 10k on Sunday replacing the former Welcome Tavern race in Lostock Hall. David Taylor having run the Northern Cross Country Championships the previous day took to the streets and he finished 8th with a very creditable time of 37:13. Paul Hetherington was 26th in 39:11, finishing 8th M40. Chris Moss was 82nd in 44:39 8th M50 with Elliott Costello 86th with 45:00. Tracey Hulme was 13th woman and 1st W50 in 96th place overall in 45:39, Phil Leaver was 3rd M60 and 114th overall in 47:56, and Alan Taylor 118th with 48:14. Michaela Dempsey was back in action with 48:48 for 2nd W50, 23rd woman and 127th position and Gemma Owen finished 4th W35, 26th woman and 156th overall in 51:59.

There were just three Wesham members running in the Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships, held at a new venue in Harwood House, a royal estate with rolling acres of fabulous grounds with red kites circling overhead. In the senior women’s race of 1 medium and 1 large lap Jenn Thompson finished 332nd in 47:39 for the 8km. In the senior men’s 12km of two large laps David Taylor was 261st with a time of 50:03. John Collier worked is way through the field making good progress to place 563rd in 58:39. There were 761 runners in the senior men’s ranks.

It was damp and fresh on Saturday morning for the parkruns at 9am. At Lytham Hall Alex Rowe was back and ran 20:37 for an M60 age graded performance of 77.77%. Ben Wrigley clocked 23:51 for M35 55.97%, with Sharon Cooper a W40 65.19% with her time of 24:08. Phil Leaver achieved an M60 68.43% with 24:17 and Andrew Moore M55 56.67% with 27:21. Finlay McCalman ran 27:26 for M50 55.10%; Stephen Twist 27:27 for M50 54.16%; Debbie Bell 30:17 for W40 51.96%; and Julie Rooney 36:07 for W40 43.24%. Rob Danson had the fastest time at the Preston parkrun with a swift 16:48 for an age graded rating of 76.79%. Steve Myerscough ran 19:58 for M40 70.45%; Gemma Owen clocked 21:53 for the second fastest women’s time and W35 68.77%. Elizabeth Johnson ran 26:45 for W35 56.57%; Paul Carter recorded 27:59 for M45 51.88%. In the Hyndburn run at Wilsons Fields Graham Cunliffe ran 31:39 for M60 51.13%. Chris Pike ran the St Helens run in 27:50 for M40 49.76%; Emma Lund ran at Lancaster Williamson Park with a time of 24:02 for 62.00%. In the Blackpool run 4 Wesham men occupied the first four fastest times; Steve Swarbrick ran 17:31 for M45 80.97%; Mark Belfield 18:53 and M35 69.81%; Lee Barlow 19:07 for M45 74.72%; and Carl Groome 19:32 for M45 74.91%. Dave Marsland ran 22:32 for M60 72.41% with George Kennedy clocking 23:41 for M60 67.70%. Steven Gore ran 26:21 with Vicky the same time and W40 58.82%. Tanya Barlow clocked 26:51 for W45 59.71% and Sue Ward finished with 29:49 for W50 57.63%; Sue Rigby W40 52.53% with 37:57; and Megan Gore JW11 45.38% with a time of 36:39.