Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Peter Cooke and his brother finish the Turkey Trot 5k in tandem

The Wesham Road Running Championship kicked off for the new year just a week after the 2017 club presentations at the re-styled Myercough 10 Mile road race on Sunday, previously the Guy’s 10.

There was a good turnout with 258 runners and 53:54 for the wining time. David Taylor was the first finished for Wesham, coming in 12th in 1:01:23. Lee Nixon was 84th in 1:17:05 with Martin Bates right behind, 85th and 5th M60 in 1:17:07. Ben Wrigley finished 117th in a time of 1:21:50, and Dave Young was 2nd M70 and 121st in 1:22:20. Paul Carter clocked 1:26:20 to finish 150th; Gemma Owen finished 3rd W35, 43rd woman and 159th in 1:27:28; and Finlay McCalman was 178th with 1:31:06.

Peter Cruse ran the Hoad Hill Xmas Pudding 10k in Ulverston and he finished 25th in 39:45, 3rd M55. There were 302 runners and a winning time of 33:16 for the out-and-back course with a loop through the Conishead Priory.

The Northern Masters held their Xmas Predictor race at the Leigh Sports Village home of Leigh Harriers on Sunday, followed by their Annual General Meeting. Starting off with a lap of the athletic track there was then a 5km loop though the neighbouring Pennington Flash with a second lap for the 10k. Kath Hoyer was 4th in the 10k with a deficit of 0:40 seconds running 48:05, finishing with the 8th fastest time. Alex Rowe was 4th in the 5km with a 0:43 second deficit, running the fastest time of 21:16. Dave Waywell was 14th in the 5km with 4:50 deficit having run 38:51, 14th fastest.

Peter Cooke ran a Turkey Trot 5km race on Thanksgiving Day with his brother and they coincidentally crossed the finish line together in 27:52.

In the Wakefield parkrun in Thornes Park on Saturday morning Steven Gore ran 25:03 as a 25-minute pace runner. Megan Gore clocked a JW10 age graded performance of 43.26 with her time of 39:27, and Vicky Gore was accompanying her in 39:27. Steve Myerscough was in the Preston parkrun and he ran 19:34 for M40 71.89%. Robert Brown ran 25:29 for M60 62.92% and Lynn Brown clocked 32:05 with W55 57.19%. Graham Cunliffe ran the Hyndburn run and he clocked 34:08 for M60 47.41%. Martin Bates ran Worsley Woods in Manchester for 23:16 and M60 69.56% The Lytham Hall parkrun marked the second Couch to 5k group assisted by Wesham, and there was a large turnout. Alex Rowe returned with his first run for 16 months to clock 20:33 for an M60 age graded performance of 78.02%. Sharon Cooper ran 23:38 for W40 66.57% and Dave Young had M70 71.73% with a time of 24:35. Phil Leaver ran 25:50 for M60 65.59%; Ben Wrigley 25:37 for M35 52.11%; Finlay McCalman clocked 27:04 for M50 55.85%; Diane Blagden 27:22 and W50 62.00%; Heather Buckel 29:38 with W40 52.70%; Stephanie Blakely also 29:38 with W35 50.79%;  Debbie Bell 29:54 and W40 52.62%; Sharlan Butcher 33:02 and for W40 47.63% and a first time run; Kerry Eccles ran 35:10 for W55 50.81%; Julie Rooney 37:46 for W40 41.35%; Emma Davies 38:26 for 38.51%; Madeleine Azzopardi 40:02 for W35 37:59%; Jessica Turner 40:23 with 36.65% as a first timer; Ryan Azzopardi was pace support in 40:24. Stephen Browne ran the Blackpool run in 23:29 for M50 63.80% and Dave Marsland recorded 32:01 for M60 50.96%.