Alex’s Newspaper Report

Dressage at the Witton parkrun, a good show, spot the odd one out

There were a few Wesham members running in the Lytham Windmill 10k on Sunday in fine if breezy conditions.


Paul Hetherington was the first to finish, coming in 18th with a time of 39:51 and placing 3rd M40. Nicola Unsworth had entered as Wesham although she has since transferred to Blackpool, and she was 81st in 43:53, 9th woman and 1stbW45. Rob Wallace finished 233rd in 48:52, Steven Gore was running as a 50-minute pacer and he came in 254th in 49:33 having held back at the start. Robert brown was 343rd in 51:41; Vicky Gore 369th in 52:22; Victoria Birkett 431st in 53:37; Caz Wadsworth 734th in 59:40; Graham Brook 838th with 1:02:20; Lynn Brown 897th in 1:03:52; and Debbie Bell 968th with 1:06:16. These are chip times; there are no gun times published nor gender and age category positions.

It was a big week for Parkrun for Wesham members with the finale of the Wesham Trail Championship at the Witton Parkrun. Paul Gregory was fastest with 21:33 for M35 62.88% on this varied and hilly woodland course. Carl Groome clocked 22:19 for M45 65.05% with Rob Danson Snr running 29:12 for M50 51.77%. Nigel Shepherd scored M55 51.93% with 30:37; Anne Berry posted an excellent 30:42 for W55 58.96%; Pauline Eccleston 30:48 with W45 52.60%; Maureen Danson 31:55 for W50 53.16% and Sue Rigby 37:27 with W40 42.01%. Jonathan Lawson was the fastest Wesham member at the Lytham Hall Parkrun on Saturday morning, running 22:18 to score an M50 age graded performance of 66.14%. Ryan Azzopardi ran 23:26 for M35 56.97% with Ben Wrigley clocking 24:10 for M35 55.24%. Phil Leaver had 24:20 with an M60 performance rating of 68.29%; Fran Hodskinson 26:15 with W45 grade of 63.11%; Martyn Taylor clocked a time of 27:46 and an M60 performance of 58.76%. Diana Blagden ran 28:06 and a W50 grade of 60.38%; Madeleine Azzopardi 29:19 and W35 51.24%; Julie Rooney ran 31:34 for W40 49.47%; and Debbie Bell 32:33 with W40 48.34%.  Rob Danson was back on form with the fastest time at the Preston Parkrun, clocking 16:06 for a graded rating of 80.12%. Steve Myerscough ran 19:16 for M40 73.01%. Jenn Thompson clocked 25:56 for W35 58.61%; Robert Brown 26:36 for M60 60.28%; and Elizabeth Johnson 27:50 for W35 54.37%. Graham Cunliffe ran his 3rd Hyndburn Parkrun in the 4th staging at this venue, as it is on his doorstep, clocking 32:02 for M60 50.52%.  Further afield Steven Gore ran 20:13 in the Bradford Parkrun for M35 65.62%, with Megan Gore JW10 46.33% with a time of 36:50; Vicky Gore was a few steps behind with 36:54. David Taylor took the shorter hop to the Cuerden Valley run, timing 19:37 for 66.10% on the undulating trail course. Luke Robinson came in with 23:30 for 54.89% in his first run there. In the Blackpool run Peter Cruse was fastest M55 with 19:48 and an age grade of 77.61%; Stephen Browne recorded 22:35 for M50 65.83%; Dave Marsland 23:39 for M60 68.99%; Rob Wallace 24:37 with 52.40%; Dave Young ran 24:58 for an M70 grade of 70.63%; Sara Ward had 25:24 for W50 67.65%; Tanya Barlow 26:53 with W45 59.63% and George Kennedy 26:53 and M60 59.64%; Mark Belfield 27:00 with M35 48.83%; Andrew Moore 28:32 with M55 53.86%.