Alex’s Newspaper Report

Julie Paton and Anne Berry complete the Leighton Hall Trail Half Marathon

There were a good number of athletics events on last week but there were only a few Wesham members out taking part. With the start of spring in the air preparations are being made for this year’s Inter Club series with the first fixture hosted by Blackpool in Stanley Park on Wednesday 5th April.

The Mother’s Day 10k was staged a day early on on Saturday in Lancaster on the old railway track to the Morecambe triangle and Mick Edge finished 24th in 43:05 to come in 1st M60. Carmel Sullivan was 4th woman and 31st overall in 44:35 to claim 1st W55. Both Mick and Carmel ran their best times this year so far.

Julie Paton and Anne Berry ran the Leighton Hall AONB Trail Half Marathon with 1971ft ascent on a figure of eight route around Silverdale and the flanks of Arnside Knot on a good day for running on Saturday. Julie finished 76th and 22nd woman in 2:54:58, 11th W40. Anne was 81st overall and 26th woman in 2:56:22, placing 2nd W60.

Paul Carter travelled to warmer climes last week and completed the Cyprus Marathon, running 5:39:37 for 264th place. He has now run well over 30 marathons and still revelling the experience.

There were fewer Wesham members out this week taking in a parkrun on Saturday morning although they still numbered 25, including 10 ladies. Furthest afield this week although at home in the North East was Emma Brook who ran 28:11 for a W40 age graded performance of 54.29% in the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street. The Wesham tourists were in Ashton-under-Lyne for the Stamford Park parkrun at the venue of the old Tour of Tameside cross country stage. David Taylor had the fourth fastest time of the day with 18:46 for an M35 age graded 70.69%. Steven Gore clocked 21:07 for M40 65.11% with Carl Groome running 21:29 for M50 70.91%. Vicky Gore recorded 27:23 for a W45 59.16% with Sue

Rigby on a W45 46.56% with a time of 35:35. In Longford Park in Stretford Tracey Hulme ran 25:09 for W60 76.08%. On Fleetwood Promenade Damian Ings recorded 20:51 for M45 70.18% with Andy Moore on 26:56 pace to run an M60 age grade of 60.09%. Dave Young clocked 28:31 for an excellent M75 66.45%. Michelle Tickle was second fastest woman in the Blackpool parkrun in Stanley Park with 23:54 for W45 69.32%, and Finlay McCalman clocked 28:36 with M55 55.13%. Daniel Bolton ran the fifth fastest time in the Lytham Hall run with 19:43 for an age graded 65.43% with Steve Myerscough visiting to run 21:20 for M45 68.59%. Elliot Costello clocked 22:50 with 56.64%; Chris Hastwell ran 23:48 for M35 56.93%; with Ian Nichols Hogg returning 24:43 for 52.46%. Jonathan Lawson is coming back to speed with a time of 24:53 for M55 61.75%. Adam Wilding gallantly ran with his mum Bev who ran Bev Wilding 29:01 for W60 66.86% with Adam just behind in 29:02 with 44.66%. Liz Sharrocks recorded 32:21 for W60 60.84%; James Birchall ran 36:30 with 35.94%; Tracy Clare 44:37 for 33.25%; and Kirsty Holland and Louise Lord took o the roles of tail walking to complete the event with 59:40 for 24.92% and 59:43 with a W45 27.74%.