Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Wesham team at the Hunters 10k in Preston on Sunday in 2017

Sunday was a popular day for Wesham members with the local St Annes 10-mile road race in the morning, and the club had 16 runners with three of these ladies. First for the club in an excellent 7th place with a cracking time of 57:28 was John Macdougall, placing 4th M40, just outside the medals. James Green was next club member across the line in 1:04:04 in 27th placing 12th M40. Chris Hastwell finished 33rd in 1:04:57 for an uncredited M35 position. Neil Gregson was 53rd in 1:10:01 to bring the men’s team in 3rd place with 66 points, behind Todmorden Harriers (54) and Lytham (53) in a close fought inter-club battle. Chris Haines came in 56th in 1:10:57, and Stuart Mulrooney 60th in 1:11:41 to complete the all-senior Wesham B team. Damian Ings had a good run for a time of 1:13:29 in 76th place, and Martin Bates placed 4th M-Over-60 [sic] having undoubtedly placed much higher in the M65s with 1:13:42 for 77th place overall. Ian Garrod Ironman made short work of the 10 miles in 1:14:41 in 81st place, with Peter Rooney 6th Over-60 in 1:19:58 finishing 117th overall. Tanya Shaw was the first Wesham soman to finish, in 140th place overall, 33rd woman and 15th W-Over-40 with a personal best time of 1:23:20. Stephen Twist was 145th in 1:23:49 just ahead of Kay who was 37th woman and 146th overall in 1:23:50 placing 7th W50. The older Rob Danson finished 163rd in 1:25:58 and Dave Young placed 3rd M70 in 1:31:15 in 197th overall. Anne Berry was 70th woman and 6th W60 in 1:33:47 finishing 208th overall in a fine showing from the club. This was a popular good quality locally organised race.

Louise Lord followed up her Saturday morning parkrun trail walking with a run in the Morecambe Festival of Running 10-mile race, finishing 46th in 1:29:34, 10th woman. Andrew Wilkinson was 44th in 1:28:12, 2nd M50.

Sadly, Wesham had no teams or runners in Saturday’s North of England Cross Country Championship; conditions were gorgeous in Yorkshire while clagged in over East Lancashire.

It was a week for parkrun tourism for several Wesham members, but with 19 members staying local on the Fylde coast. Furthest flung, Emma Brook completed her home run at the Riverside park in Chester-Le-Street in 28:39 for a W35 age graded performance of 53.05% of world standard. In Ambleside’s Rothay Park Carl Groome ran 22:59 for an M50 age graded 65.77%, with Vicky Gore 27:29 for W45 58.34% with hubbie Steven one second behind in 27:30 for M40 49.64%. Sue Rigby clocked 36:06 and W45 45.34%. In the South Manchester parkrun Tracey Hulme recorded 25:16 for a W55 graded 74.67%, and in Salford at the Peel parkrun Martin Bates nabbed 22:08 with his M65 75.75%. At the Ormskirk run in the grounds of the Edge Hill University Michelle Tickle ran 23:40 in her second run here for a W45 68.45% grade, and in the Lancaster run Emma Lund recorded 32:12 for W35 47.00%. in Preston’ Avenham and Miller parks Nigel Shepherd improved on last week’s tyre-related incident but still fell short of expectation with 21:23 for M60 77.01%, some way behind rival Ken Beasley. Alex Rowe followed up on his September Tail Walk with 33:08 for a rare M60 50.15%, in tow with a meeting with ex-Wesham members young-Karl Lee-feller-me-lad (Dwight Kenyon), Catherine Carrdus and John Bertenshaw, and Lytham’s Greg Oulton for a parkrun brunch. Along Fleetwood Promenade Andrew Moore jaunted 26:50 for M60 59.75%, with Brian Jones returning 30:34 for M60 52.45%. Getting closer to home in Blackpool’s Stanley Park Stephen Browne was the fastest member with 23:56 for an M55 age graded64.76%. Suzanne Leonard ran 24:06 for W50 70.40%, and Sharon Cooper 25:25 for W45 64.39%. Rob Wallace recorded 25:39 for a 50.29% age grade, and David Young an M70 64.51% with his time 28:53. Back home visiting from Spain Anne Flanagan recorded 44:47 for W60 45.25% and George Flanagan M70 40.38% with 44:47. In the Lytham Hall parkrun David Taylor was third fastest of the day with 18:40 with M35 and the club’s highest age grade 70.63%. Jonathan Lawson ran 22:27 for M50 67.85%; Ian Nichols Hogg 24:55 and 51.91%; Finlay McCalman clocked 26:47 with an M55 58.37%; Mark Belfield 27:09 for M35 49.91%; Martin Allison returned with 28:24 for M35 47.36%; Antoinette Holton 28:43 and W35 52.41%; Jo McCaffery recorded 29:52 and W40 52.68%; Peter Bartlett M70 54.94% with a time 33:24; and Louise Lord doubled with a volunteering tail; walk of 58:50 for W45 27.82%.

In 2005 seventeen years ago conditions were spring-like for the North of England Cross-Country Championships in Consett on Saturday, and there was plenty of hot action in the sun over the 3km circuit on the old British Steel site. Wesham fielded 7 runners in the Senior Men’s 12km race over 4 laps, and it proved to be a strong team, securing 27th place, one of the highest positions they have attained in this event. Charlie Pass and Alex Rowe were once again to the fore, both finishing in the Top 100. Charlie had a fast start in the opening charge, and then settled to finish 77th in 44:28. Alex had an easier start and struggled to get going but came through strongly in the closing laps gaining places and was very pleased with his run placing 91st in 45:05. John Collier relishes the cross-country and once again showed his class with an excellent run to finish 225th in 49:11, and Dave Waywell was close behind in 256th, with a finish time of 50:04. Race Director Brian Porter was very content to finish in the scoring team, and he pulled a cracking run out of the bag to clock 56:59 to finish 437th. Graham Vickers is proving a useful member of the cross-country squad and came in 462nd to close in the team with 58:07. Barry Edwards suffered a recurrent groin strain but battled on and proved himself worthy finishing 484th in 59:16. Karl Lee rounded off the afternoon in the Junior Men’s 8km race, finishing 79th in 33:31. Karl had a great battle with a group of runners over the last lap, having the better of them over the high ground but losing out in the finishing sprint.

Junior Men’s 8km: – 79. K Lee 33:31

Senior Men’s 12km: – 77, Charlie Pass 44:28, 91. Alex Rowe 45:05, 225. John Collier 49:11, 256. Dave Waywell 50:04, 437. Brian Porter 56:59, 462. Graham Vickers 58:07, 484. Barry Edwards 59:16.

The Wesham men placed 27th team.

Wesham continued the success on Sunday in Preston’s Chernobyl 10k, fielding 25 runners including the race winner, picking up 3 age group awards, and battling with Preston Harriers for the team honours. It was a popular race on an inclement Sunday morning but finishing times were fast enough. Steve Littler had a tussle at the front with Neil Allen of Army AC and Simon Smith of Darwen Dashers but held them both off to win by 4 seconds with 33:12. Peter Cruse came in 3rd Over-40 and 12th overall with a great run to record 36:23, closely chased by leading Over-60 Dave Waywell. Dave ran 36:37, finishing 16th and nearly 6 minutes ahead of the next finisher in his age group. George Kennedy ran well to finish 39th in 38:16 but there is more in the tank and George is focusing on a having a good run in the high-quality Dewsbury 10k this Sunday. Michaela Dempsey was Wesham’s leading lady, finishing 7th and 3rd Over-35 in 42:25. Kath Hoyer was over the moon to finish the leading Over-45, as older runners regularly beat her when she was in the younger age group. Kath was 12th lady and ran 43:55. Joanne Frodsham had an excellent run in her first race for Wesham, finishing 18th and 8th Over-35 in 44:44.

Full Wesham results: – 1. Steve Littler 33:12, 12. Peter Cruse MV40 36:23, 16. Dave Waywell MV60 36:37, 39. George Kennedy MV45 38:16, 75. Philip Leaver MV50 41:08, 78. Martin Bates MV45 41:14, 86. Arthur Swarbrick MV50 41:43, 100. Michaela Dempsey FV35 42:25, 101. Peter Gleaves MV40 42:26, 115. Graham Vickers MV45 43:15, 132. Kathleen Hoyer FV45 43:55, 142. Jonathon Lawson 44:08, 144. David Preston MV50 44:18, 157. Alan Taylor 44:43, 158. Joanne Frodsham FV35 44:44, 174. Bernadette Dickinson FV40 45:28, 176. Paul Gardner MV40 45:33, 196. Carl Barnard MV40 46:27, 202. Paul Carter 46:54, 214. John Howorth MV50 47:21, 278. Kenneth Munro MV60 50:30, 299. Jennifer Thompson FV55 51:40, 347. Pauline Weller FV45 54:30, 350. Pat Swarbrick FV45 54:36, 368. Marie Wyld FV55 55:37, 394. Pauline Mills FV55 57:50

More recently five years ago in 2017 the end of January closed with a new race on Sunday that proved very popular with Wesham members after a poor showing at the Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships the previous day.  In the St Annes 10 Miler, complimentary to the triathlon later in the year attracted 256 runners at its first attempt and a reasonably strong field. Won in 56:53 Wesham’s first finisher was Jason Barlow amongst a flurry of Fylde runners, placing 13th and 4th Over-40 in a time of 1:02:10. Steve Myerscough was 20th and 6th Over-40 in 1:05:05 and Lee Barlow 33rd and 12th Over-40 with his time 1:08:37. The Wesham Men’s team placed 3rd but surely would have won a veteran’s team. The women’s winning time was 1:05:32 with Carmel Sullivan Wesham’s first finisher in 3rd place in 1:08:40, 1st Over-50 and 35th overall. Kerry Eccles was 25th woman and 116th overall in 1:22:48 finishing 4th Over-50. Nicola Unsworth was 41st woman and 15th Over-40 in 1:27:02, 143rd overall.  The Wesham Women’s team were placed 2nd.  Jayne Hurst was 49th and 18th Over-40 in 1:29:11, in 162nd place, and Tanya Barlow finished 56th with 1:30:08, 174th overall. Diane Blagden was 69th with 1:35:29, 201st overall; Karen Davies 77th in 1:36:54 (213th) and Caz Wadsworth 88th with 1:40:48 (227th). On the men’s side Simon Denye finished 54th in 1:12:08; Martin Bates 5th Over-60 and 55th in 1:12:09; Jason Blagden a good run with 1:12:23 for 57th place; Alan Hudson 67th and 6th Over-60 in 1:13:52; son-in-law Sean Murray 92nd with 1:19:14; Carl Groome was 109th in 1:21:49; Mark Dobson 144th with 1:27:04; James Danson (Rob senior) was 161st in 1:29:11, 17th Over-50, and Dave Young 181st with 1:30:57, 9th Over-60 at the upper end of his age category. There were 361 women in the Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships in Knowsley Safari Park around an 8km course on Saturday but only two Fylde finishers and just eight from the West Lancashire area. The winning time was 30:46 with a lead of 44 seconds. Wesham had three starters in the Senior Men’s 12k race around 3 undulating laps in very muddy conditions with 676 finishers. This is tough course when saturated with overnight rain and develops into deep goo in places. Rob Danson was unfortunately spiked twice in the stampede at the start and lost a shoe, ruling him out of any chance of a competition. John Collier finished 494th in 1:03:25 and Nigel Shepherd was 555th with his time 1:07:06. In the Hunters 10k in Preston on Sunday Garry Barnett finished 21st 37:47 placing 2nd M50. Paul Hetherington was 34th with 39:38Ryan Azzopardi came in 85th with a time of 45:19 and Alan Taylor was 120th in 48:51. Paul Eccles placed 131st with 49:33 and Jon McLeod was 173rd in 52:58. Madeleine Azzopardi finished 218th in 56:27 running in with Paul Carter 219th. Claire Jones and Anne Berry ran together finishing 244th and 245th with 58:29. Michael Kearney was 274th with 1:03:20. There were 309 finishers in this popular race. Simon Denye clocked 20:00 in this week’s parkrun in Lytham Hall, recording an M40 age graded performance of 69.83%. Helen Lawrenson ran 20:46 for W45 78.01% and a new personal best time. Finlay McCalman recorded 26:49 for M50 55.87%; Kim McGuire 28:12 with W55 65.96%; Peter Cooke 30:32 for M55 51.20%; Clive Berry 31:18 with M50 47.12% and Debbie Bell 34:36 for W40 45.13%. In the Bushy parkrun, the original venue in Twickenham and a big run with 1123 runners featuring Olympic marathoner Mara Yamauchi extreme parkrun tourists David Taylor produced the 7th fastest time of the day with 18:14 for 70.93%, with Steven Gore 20:00 for M35 65.92%. Megan Gore ran 36:18 for JW10 47:02 with Vicky Gore providing parental support. At the Preston parkrun Robert Brown ran 24:50 for M55 64.03% while Dave Young put 27:37 on the clock with M65 63.13%. At Fell Foot near Newby Bridge James Mulvany ran 18:36 for M35 72.85%