Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Martin Bates takes in sun and sand in the Lanzarote International Running Festival

It was a quiet week for athletics last week as the Christmas season starts to get in action, but there were a handful of Wesham members running in the Myerscough 10-Mile race. Steve Myerscough was the first Wesham finisher in 40th place in a time of 68:48, placing 13th M45. Paul Lancashire was 46th in 69:23, and martin Bates 6th M60 and 85th overall in 1:16:25 after his recent week in the Lanzarote Challenge. Helen Lawrenson finished 48th woman and 10th W50 in 1:31:04, 167th overall. Dawn Biggs was 49th running with Helen for 11th W50 and 168th overall with the same time 1:31:04, and she achieved her Wesham Silver Standard with this performance. She took 90 seconds off her recent 10-mile personal best from the Preston 10.

There were many Santa Dashes taking place last weekend, but we have no results from the Sunday event along Blackpool’s Golden Mile, nor those from Preston’s Avenham Park nor Lancaster. There was a Santa Dash along the Llandudno sea front on Saturday in conjunction with a weekend-long Christmas Festival and Market.

Martin Bates recently completed the Lanzarote International Running Festival, completing the four events in a cumulative time of 4:10:06. First off, he ran the Vince Regan Memorial Classic Road run in 46:07, followed by a 13k Ridge Run in 1:11:56. Then in the 5km Beach Run he clocked 26:06, finishing up with a 21k Metric Half Marathon La Vuelta de Tinajo in 1:45:59.

There are just 200 entries remaining for the Ribble Valley 10k on Monday 27th December. This very popular post-Christmas race takes in the attractive rural landscape west from Edisford Bridge in Clitheroe and is a great social morning to be had.

Monday saw a reasonable turnout at Wesham’s weekly club night, and it was the week for the fourth Winter Handicap from Kirkham centre on a circular route returning up and over Dowbridge. The results will be available next week.

There was a good showing from Wesham members in last week’s parkrun events at 9am on Saturday morning, and on home turf in Lytham Hall some called the cool, wet and windy conditions the worst they have encountered, where Chris Haines ran 20:54 for an M35 age grade of 63.88%. Ian Nichols Hogg had 25:57 for 49.84%; Graham Cunliffe back running well with 27:19 for M65 61.38%; Andrew Moore 27:27 and M60 58.41%; David Marsland clocked 28:06 for M65 60.26%; Sharon Cooper 28:34 with W45 57.29%; James Danson 28:34 with M55 54.73%; Kay Twist ran 28:35 for W50 60.12%; Stephen Twist 28:35 and M55 53.76%; Bev Wilding 28:36 for W60 66.90%; Finlay McCalman recorded 28:54 for M55 54.09%; James Birchall 32:01 with a grade of 40.60%; Jo McCaffery ran 32:06 with a W40 49.01%; and Peter Cooke 33:00 for M60 49.44%. In the Preston run Steve Myerscough snapped a fast 20:45 with an M45 69.96%; and Nigel Shepherd ran 20:58 for M60 78.54%, this week’s best performance for a Wesham member. Vicky Gore clocked 27:56 for W45 56.86%. The Blackpool Stanley Park course is currently closed due to avian flu but there is now an approved “B” course which will have its debut run today. The Fleetwood parkrun along the Promenade to Rossall Point and back was cancelled due to the strong winds. Some members travelled down to Manchester for a run, and in the Heaton parkrun, David Taylor recorded the second fastest time of the day with 17:51 for an M35 age graded performance of 73.86% although pipped to the post by an unrecorded ghost runner. Elliot Costello clocked 24:18 for an age grade of 53.16%; Carl Groome ran 33:57 for M50 44.13%; and Sue Rigby 34:05 with W45 48.02%. At Stretford’s Longford Park Martin Bates recorded 21:49 with an M60 76.85%, and in the Peel parkrun in Salford Dave Williams ran 23:57 for 65.83%.

Back in 2011 Steve Littler settled for 4th place in the Guy’s 10 road race on Sunday in high winds and heavy rain and sleet showers in less-than-ideal conditions on a revised out-and-back course on a reverse figure of nine. He clocked a modest 54: 08 with a minute’s clear road in front of him as he concentrates on establishing his base training after his excellent Berlin Marathon and preparing for his next challenges ahead. Rob Danson had a solid start at the 10-mile distance with 58:38 for 11th place amongst a clutch of good local runners. Lee Barlow had another good run as he concentrates on quality, placing 14th in 59:34, while Karl Lee was working well and came in 16th with 59:45. Together the men won the team battle over Preston and were 1st team. Alan Hudson scored another M60 victory in 64:49 in 37th place overall.  Emma Lund led the Wesham women’s team with an excellent 9th place and a tine of 69:49 to finish 76th overall. Nicola Unsworth was 13th woman and 4th W40 in 1:14:01, 119th overall. Kath Hoyer finished 2nd W50 in 1:15:21, 15th woman and 132nd overall. The women’s team lost out to Preston and came in 2nd team. Sara Ward had a good run, placing 2nd W45 and 24th woman, 151st in 1:17:03. Angela Colby was 25th and 155th with 1:17:15; Tracey Hulme 3rd w45, 26h woman and 158th overall in 1:17:38; and Jenny Salt came in 33rd, 187th and 4th W35 with 1:21:13. Simon Eaton was 70th in 69:24; George Kennedy 74th with 69:40, 6th M50; Charles Colby 75th in 69:41; Graham Cunliffe 85th and 6th M55 in 1:10:43; Russell Mabbett was regaining good form with 1:11:04 for 90th position; Alan Taylor was 110th in 1:12:43; Ian France 179th with 1:20:17; Dave Preston 188th in 1:21:15; Stephen Wilkinson 190th 1:21:26; Peter Bartlett 194th and 6th M60 in 1:22:01; Brian Porter 200th 1:23:24; Paul Carter 206th 1:24:14; John Howorth 225th 1:26:45; Finlay McCalman 226th 1:26:59; Jon McLeod 229th 1:27:20; Dave Young 242nd and 10th M60 in 1:29:17; Mike Walsh 269th and 6th M65 overlooking his M75 position with 1:33:06; Norman Bateman 281st and 9th M65 (as an M70) in 1:36:54. Alex Rowe came away with the m50 course record at the Pennington Flash Park Run in Leigh on Saturday, running 18:41 on a three lap hilly multi-terrain course in high gusting winds finishing 3rd. Peter Gleaves put some practice to the test and he finished 9th in 22:05. Mark Midgley was 62nd in the 8-mile Bolton by Bowland Fell Race with 800m of climb, finishing in 65:35. With two river crossings and most of the climb in the first two miles the race concluded across sapping waterlogged fields with a final descent to the finish in the village. Nigel Shepherd went home for his fell shoes having been unable to enter the Guy’s 10 on the day and made his decision worthwhile with 68:35 for 79th position in this race. Sarah Sherratt was 103rd in 72:14, 9th woman and 5th W40. Sue Jones was 169th 43rd woman in the Hoad Hill Christmas Pudding run in Ulverston running 57:46, 7th w45. Ruth Turner was 184th and 52nd woman, 9th W45, with 61:19. Jonathan Lawson ran the Santa Saunter from the Sweatshop outside Chorley over a 4.5-mile multi terrain course on local paths and tracks, finishing 7th in 32:34, some 7 minutes behind the winner Gary Pennington from Preston who himself was over 3 minutes clear of the rest of the field.

In 2019 two years ago there was a tremendous turnout of Wesham members in the Wesham 10k, considering the number involved in the organisation of the event, 18 women and 43 men. Sue Coulthurst was the leading Wesham woman in 4th place and 1st W50 in 43:21, 93rd overall in the race. Emma Lund was 13th and 2nd W35 in 45:27, 125th overall. Leanne Nield was 21st and 161st overall in 47:35, and Kath Hoyer finished 25th and 1st W55 in 49:13, 183rd. Helen Lawrenson was on pace-making duties and she came in 33rd and 6th W50 in 50:36. Suzanne Leonard was 36th in 50:55, 7th W45 and 221st. Maureen Danson was 59th and 8th W50 with 54:04, 272nd, and Veronica Walker 61st and 278th in 54:19. Pauline Eccleston, Sharlan Butcher and Kay Twist were 69th 70th and 71st in 54:54 with Jo McCaffery 79th in 56:11. Keira Twist placed 3rd Female Junior in 59:22, with Emma Brook 119th in 59:23 and Claire Axcell 120th in 59:24. Antionette Holton was 125th in 59:51 and Sally Deacon 143rd with 61:32. Heather Buckel was 149th in 63:26. In the men’s ranks Rob Danson had to relinquish the lead to Chris Livesey due to a bit of a lack of fitness, still clocking 32:03 for second place with a tactical race. Ugis Datavs was 9th in 35:40 and 2nd M40, with Tom Crabtree taking 14th place in 36:54 and securing the team win for the Wesham men. Mark Belfield finished 20th in 37:35; Chris Hastwell 22nd in 37:53; Mark Holton 23rd with 37:57, 5th M40; Paul Gregory 29th and 8th M40 in 38:43; and Garry Barnett 31st and 2nd M50 with 38:54. Alek Walker was 33rd in 39:04; Neil Gregson 40th with 39:40 and Lee Nixon 41st in 39:44. David Taylor was spot on 40 minute pace with 40:00 for 48th place and Chris Haines 54th in 40:24. Gary Pendlebury grabbed 1st M65 place in 40:33 with a classy run (58th overall) with Ian Garrod 91st in 43:17. John Collier was 2nd M65 in 43:41, 98th place, with Simon Denye on pace with 44:22 in 105th place. Darragh Twist was 1st Male Junior in 44:52, 113th overall, and Ian Hogg 120th in 45:04. Lee Barlow was 125th on 45-minute pace with 45:26 with Stuart Clayton 126th and 12th M50 in 45:29. Paul Eccles was 128th in 45:31; Jonathan Sanderson 135th in 45:54; Peter Cruse 10th M55 and 142nd in 46:19; Alan Hudson was 3rd M70 in 47:00 (154th); Rob Wallace 157th 47:08; Stephen Browne 167th 48:00; Martin Allison 171st 48:11; Ryan Azzopardi 180th 48:53; Rob Danson senior 195th 49:42; Stuart Topping on pace 199th 49:58; George Kennedy 222nd 50:55; Peter Rooney 224th 51:02; Andrew Moore 237th 52:03; Finlay McCalman 251st 53:08; Colin Smy 268th 53:57; Stephen Twist 301st 55:08; Dave Young 6th M70 and 305th in 55:33; Paul Carter 312th 56:06; James Birchall 325th 57:16; Ben Wrigley 350th 58:33; Peter Bartlett 7th M70 and 352nd with 58:34; Elliot Costello 396th 60:55; and Andrew Wilkinson 408th with 62:35. Martin Bates took to the sunnier climes of Lanzarote for the International Challenge of 4 races. He completed the 10k run on the first day in 50:22 for 164th place and 15th M60. In the 13k run on the second day he finished 149th in 1:11:01, 13th M60. On day 3 in the 5km beach run he was 133rd with 25:32, 12th M60, and on the final day over a country 21km he came in 147th and 9th M60 in 1:49:25.  Saturday evening witnessed the Wesham annual dinner dance and presentation at the Villa in Wrea Green, but that did not deter Rob Wallace from the Myerscough 10-mile on Sunday morning which he completed in 1:19:42 for 108th place. Emma Wright finished 71st woman and 8th W40 in 1:33:29, 203rd overall. The popularity of the Wesham 10k on Saturday morning reduced the number of members taking part in a parkrun but there were still some that preferred the earlier 5k option. At Lytham Hall Jonathan Lawson was the only Wesham member running, clocking 22:27 for an M50 age graded performance of 66.74%. Linda Cartwright ran the Frimley Lodge run in Farnborough partly along the banks of the Basingstoke Canal scoring 33:38 for a W45 grade of 49.26%. In Preston Robert Brown ran 27:03 with an M60 performance of 60.32% with Lynn Brown clocking 34:13 for W55 55.14%. Martin Bates ran the Bolton run in Leverhulme Park with a time of 25:38 for an M60 grade of 62.24%. Dave Marsland was out in Blackpool’s Stanley Park and ran 25:05 for an M60 66.25%.