Alex’s Newspaper Report.

The Wesham team at the Northern relays on Redcar seafront

Wesham had a fine day out at the races on Saturday; a true team outing with coach transport to the Northern Athletics Women’s 4-Stage and Men’s 6-Stage Road relays, staged on Redcar’s Coast Road over a traffic-free 6.8km. The Men’s “A” team of Andrew Harling 21:26, Adam Wilding 21:48, Tom Crabtree 21:27, Rob Danson 18:27, David Taylor 20:46, and Ugis Datavs 21:43 finished 43rd in 2:05:37 and were just 2mins 4seconds (9 places) short of qualifying for the ERRA National Road Relays in three weeks’ time in Sutton Park. The Men’s “B” team were Mark Belfield 21:16, Lee Barlow 22:45, Mark Holton 22:40, Steve Myerscough 23:13, Peter Rooney 26:37, and Alek Walker 23:28 for 63rd place in 2:19:59. The “C” team of Ryan Azzopardi 29:26, Andrew Moore 32:50, Ben Wrigley 33:12, Stephen Twist 30:06, Liam Docherty 30:02 and Mark Renshall 30:47 for 72nd place in 3:06:23. Rob Danson had the fastest time of the Wesham men and placed 55th out of the overall 482 runners competing, with David Taylor running the second fastest and Andrew harling third, with Tom Crabtree just one second slower. The Wesham women also had three teams running, with the “A” team of Sue Coulthurst 27:29, Kay Twist 29:36, Beverley Wilding 32:33 and Lisa Minns 29:42 to claim 44th position in 1:59:20. The “B” team were 44th in 2:10:43 with Louise Lord 32:55, Jessica Coulthurst 30:57, Antoinette Holton 34:15 and Maureen Danson 32:36. The “C” team comprising Clare Belfield 35:06, Dette Dickinson 32:47, Debbie Myerscough 37:57 and Julie Rooney 37:12 to finish 45th in 2:23:02. Sue Coulthurst had the fastest Wesham tine, with Kay Twist second and Lisa Minns third with Jessica Coulthurst fourth.

Garry Barnett (pictured) ran a new personal best time of 37:15 at age 55 finishing 5th and first M55 in the Lancaster Three Bridges 10k with the 84 steps to ascend the Lune Aqueduct thrown in. Emma Lund ran the Trafford 10k in Manchester and she finished 509th and 147th woman, 27th W35 in 61:14. Anne Mayers-Smith was entered but did not run. Liz Sharrocks completed the Chester Half Marathon in 2:20:59 for 1768th place, 502nd woman and 11th W60.

In the Lakeland Trails Cartmell Sport 5km in wave starts Sue Hopcroft finished 67th in 59:59, 43rd woman and 9th W-Over-50. In the Trail Challenge 18k with wave starts Helen Lawrenson was 52nd in 2:00:544th 10th woman and W-Over-50.

In parkrun last week on Saturday at 9am Nigel Shepherd ran at Preston with a time of 21:50 and an M60 age graded performance of 75.42%. In the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook recorded 28:44 for W35 52.67% and Emma Davies was in Keswick running 27:52 for 53.11%. On home ground in Lytham Hall, back after a 3-week break, Tess Robinson was fastest woman in 18:55 and a W40 81.94% performance, and Carl Groome clocked 21:58 with M50 68.21%. Jonathan Lawson ran 22:15 and M50 67.94%; Ian Nichols Hogg 25:35 with 50.55%; Vicky and Steven Gore 26:47 for W45 59.30% and M40 50.96%; Colin Smy 28:04 M40 49.35%; Peter Bartlett 31:09 with and M70 58.91% grade; and Graham Cunliffe 31:48 M65 52.73%. In the Blackpool run in Stanley Park Chris Haines nipped round in 21:23 for M35 62.04%, and on Fleetwood Promenade Dave Marsland clocked 23:10 with M65 72.37%; Dave Young 27:45 M70 66.13%; and Brian Jones 28:07 for M60 57.02%.

In last week’s Wesham training leader-board in Strava Rob Danson retained the top spot with 61.5 miles run in 6:44:52. Mark Belfield was second finishing off his marathon training with 60.1 miles in 7:16:21, and Helen Lawrenson was third and furthest travelled in the women’s leader-board on 51.1 miles in 8:41:24. Lynn Brown was second woman and seventh overall with 36.9 miles completed in 8:56:04 with the longest time spent training. Michelle Tickle was third and 17th overall with 25.8 miles in 3:55:33; Tess Robinson 18th overall after 25.5 miles in 2:59:21; Liz Sharrocks fifth with 16.4 miles in 2:50:01 and Sue Coulthurst 31st overall in 2:20:30 for 15.3 miles. Steve Swarbrick toped the elevation gain table at 5,953ft over 36.8 miles in 6:14:08, and Helen Lawrenson was second and leading woman with 3,120ft climbed. Paul Eccles placed third on 3,048ft over 18.4 miles in 2:57:52; Daniel Shaw 2,244ft over 33.5 miles in 4:45:42; Rob Danson 1,956ft; Richard Davies 1,542ft over 6 miles in 1:21:30; Paul Lancashire 1,518ft on 29 miles in 3:52:58; James Mulvany 1,334ft across 17.9 miles in 2:37:49; Steve Myerscough 1,193ft on 49.2 miles in 6:59:50, and Michelle Tickle 1,116ft over her 25.8 miles. On average pace, Lee Barlow topped the list at 6:32 for 7.9 miles in 51:37 with Garry Barnett second on 6:32 over 22.3 miles in 2:26:26. Rob Danson had 6:35 per mile for his 61.5 miles while Alek Walker averaged 6:38 per mile for 7.8 miles in 51:44. David Taylor ran at 6:52 pace over 34.8 miles in 3:58:58 and James Green 6:54 a mile for 21.1 miles in 2:25:35 and Simon Denye 6:59 over 11.6 miles in 1:21:00. Tess Robinson was fastest woman at 7:02 with Kay Twist second on 7:58 per mile for 3.7 miles in 29:29. Karen Cook ran 3.1 miles at 8:36 pace and Clare Belfield 8:58 over 7 miles in 1:02:46.

In 2010 eleven years ago Wesham had a ladies’ team and 3 men’s teams in the Lancashire championships on Saturday incorporated in the North West Road Relays over 3 x 4km and 4 x 4.8km courses. Starting and finishing on the track the races wound their way round the Leigh Sports Village taking in trail, field, and roads over their varied terrain and running between the athletics and rugby stadiums. The Wesham women’s team was made up of Michaela Dempsey, Sarah Sherratt and Kerry Eccles made light work of the course. The men’s ‘A’ team was led out by Alex Rowe in 16:40, and was continued to completion by Steve Myerscough, Troy Watson and Lee Barlow. The Wesham Men’s ‘B’ team was Alan Hudson, Gary de Banke, Mark Midgley and Russell Mabbett with each one giving their all. The ‘C’ team was Alan Glasgow, Finlay McCalman, Dave Young and Peter Cooke. The weather was damp and breezy although warm enough, with excellent accommodation provided by Leigh Harriers. Chris Moss finished 4700th in the Great North Run on Sunday in a time of 1:46:52 in damp and breezy conditions. Tony Kemp was 10299th with 1:57:52; Stacey Elston 7740th woman with 2:23:24 (25233rd overall); April Scott 7747th (25240th) in 2:23:25; and Sue Jones 10159th (29655th) in 2:32:46. Steve Littler was 2nd in the Garstang Half Marathon over its tough course around Grizedale, running 1:04:13 for the reduced distance of 11.75 miles due to flooding after incessant rain for 48 hours. He finished 36 seconds behind race winner Gary Pennington from Preston. John Collier was 24th in 1:16:21; Troy Watson 25th and 10th M40 in 1:16:27; John Bertenshaw 5th M50 and 52nd with 1:22:37; Sarah Sheratt was 8th woman in 60th place with 1:25:12, 3rd W35; Michaela Dempsey was 9th and 2nd W40,  64th overall in 1:26:41; Alan Taylor 76th with 1:28:31; Graham Cunliffe 86th in 1:30:21; Nigel Shepherd 109th in 1:35:30; Nicola Unsworth 23rd woman and 117th in 1:36:26; Tracey Hulme 25th and 5th W45 with 1:36:47 in 119th; Andrew Divall 124th in 1:38:52; Dave Young 4th M60 and 126th in 1:39:01; John Howorth 131st in 1:40:22; Paul Carter 143rd with 1:43:29 and Helen Jolly 39th, 9th W45 and 155th in 1:47:18. Peter Waywell ran an excellent 6:39:15 for 11th place in the High Peak 40-mile event on Sunday, finishing 7th veteran man. Graham Vickers finished 112th in 8:55:14, 21st Super Veteran Man. Peter Gleaves threw a personal best 6.29 in the Shot Putt on Sunday in the Yorkshire Veterans Open Track & Field. He then ran 2:38.1 in the 800m and concluded with a good 5:30.7 in the 1500m. Alex Rowe placed first in the latter race with 4:46.1, and went on to finish 2nd in the 5000m with 17:52. Earlier in the week he ran 29:28 for 11th place in the Insurance AA 5-Mile Road Race in Battersea Park in London while on a family sabbatical. John Sharples and Kath Hoyer took part in a new fell race from the Orton Autumn Fair near Penrith on Saturday at the school in the village. There was a good turnout for the race, good weather and free food and drinks and cakes for the runners. Kath Hoyer finished 5th woman and 1st W50 in 62:03 and John Sharples ran 59:29 for the 6.3 miles and 845 feet of climb to finish 36th and 9th M50. Dave Waywell finished 1st M65 in the Sutton 6 10k race near Chester, fishing head-to-head with the leading M60 but given the leading position 45th. Kath Hoyer was 3rd W50 in 48:32 in 117th place, 14th woman. Stephen Wilkinson ran the Boggart Chase 10k in Middleton, running 53:52 for the undulating 2-lap course for 74th place and 8th M50.

Three years ago, in 2018 there were a lot of races on over the weekend in the North West at a busy point in the athletics calendar but Fylde runners were not tempted afield. The Yarrow River Splash 10k Trail Race was the big draw for Wesham members as the club Trail Championship continues and approaches the final standings for the year. First home for the club was Andrew Harling who crossed the line in 5th place in 44:50 with a good run on the wet woodland trails beside and across the river. The early rain did abate, and Paul Gregory finished 9th and 2nd M40 in 45:56. Carl Groome was 14th and 1st M45 in 48:42; Nigel Shepherd placed 28th and he was 1st M60 in 52:34.  Kath Hoyer was 9th woman and 2nd W55 with 58:11, in 64th place overall.  George Kennedy finished 3rd M60 and 80th overall in 60:43 with James Danson just behind in 81st place with 60:45, 9th M50.  Gemma Owen was 29th woman and 4th W35 in 65:10; Maureen Danson 35th woman and 4th W50 with 66:02; Steven and Vicky Gore ran together and finished 144th and 145th in 69:25 and 69:26; Vicky was 44th woman and 10th W40.  Anne Berry came in 59th woman and 169th overall in 1:11:03; Pauline Eccleston was 64th and 176th in 1:12:25; Dave Waywell finished 4th M70 in 1:13:58 in 194th place.  Sally Deacon was 77th woman and 204th in 1:15:16; and Sue Rigby was 115th woman and 253rd in 1:25:24. Steve Abbott won the inaugural Fairhaven Flyer 10k on Sunday in Lytham St Annes with a time of 37:48 and a winning margin of 16 seconds from unattached runner David Foolkes. Matty Chamberlain finished 7th in 40:53 with Catherine Nicholls 31st woman and 102nd overall in 54:29, 7th W45. Martin Bates ran the Bury 10k and he finished 454th in 52:56, chip time 51:34 and 14th M60, in a big race with 1427 finishers. Paul Hetherington ran the English Half Marathon in Warrington on Sunday and he finished 57th with a time of 1:25:23, coming in 18th M45 in a high-quality field. Chris Pike finished 1036th in 1:58:09 (1:56:43 chip time). The organisers had sorted out the finish arrangements this year after bottlenecks caused queues to cross the line and thus increasing competitors’ run times. There were 2612 runners in this year’s race. Fleetwood Promenade parkrun saw the greatest Wesham effort on Saturday morning, with resurgent Steve Littler running the day’s fastest time of 16:45 for an M40 grade of 83.98% to put him 2nd on the best performances for this course and just 9 seconds behind the course record. He took the M40 course record from Wesham’s James Mulvany by 47 seconds. Carl Groome ran 19:25 for M45 75.36% and Neil Gregson 19:43 for his third parkrun and a senior age grade of 66.53%. Peter Cruse clocked a good 20:49 and a new personal best for M55 74.46% while Mark Renshall ran 21:38 for M45 65.56%. Dave Marsland visiting from Blackpool ran a reflective 22:22 for an M60 grade of 72.95% and a new personal best while Sharon Cooper clocked 23:14 for W45 68.36% as a First Timer here. George Kennedy had 23:44 for M60 68.19% and Suzanne Leonard 24:28 with a W45 grade 66.89%. Brian Jones ran 30:59 for M55 50.46%. Robert Brown ran the Preston parkrun in 26:27 for an M60 age grade of 61.18% while Elizabeth Johnson recorded 28:01 for a W35 grade 54.25%. Martin Bates ran the Bolton Leverhulme Park run as a warm-up for the Bury 10k the following day with 27:02 for M60 59.86%. The travelling Gores ran the Witton parkrun in Blackburn as a precursor to the Yarrow Valley Trail Race, with Megan running 37:28 for JW11 44.40% with Vicky and Steven just behind with a time of 37:29.