Alex’s Newspaper Report

Rob and Carmel with friends in the sun in Lancaster last week

The athletics scene was a little quieter this last week for Wesham although there were several races within easy reach of the Fylde, although the traditional August Bank Holiday break was well and truly under way and the Wonderhall event in Lytham attracted many members.

Rob Danson however equalled his 5k personal best on Friday evening with a fine run in the top quality Mid Cheshire race on Friday evening as he clocked 14:36 to finish 11th after an epic battle in the final 500 metres against Chorley’s Adam Sciacca and in a packed bunch that saw a dozen athletes crossing the line within seconds of each other. Tom Crabtree placed 162nd in 17:05 a personal; best for him and a great run with Lee Barlow 249th and also running well for a time of 18:21. Chris Hastwell and Steven Gore had entries but didn’t make the start line while David Taylor had an invite but declined due to other commitments. The winning time was 13:48 with 28 runners under 15 minutes and 345 under 20.

Martin Bates took on the 5km distance this week in his current drive for running form and finished 11th in the Media City race in Manchester’s docklands on Thursday evening coming in 3rd M60 in a time of 21:31 backing up his recent string of performances.

The Leeds-Liverpool Canal Race last week remembers the 2019 run of Wesham’s Ugis Datavs who finished 2nd that year in 25:06 and sits 11th in the event’s Hall of Fame, his time beaten by only one athlete after this year’s event.

Mark Belfield was top of the Wesham Strava training leader-board last week on 60 miles completed in 7:34:00, achieving a rounded score and including a long run of 20 miles in his marathon build up. Daniel Shaw was second with 58.2 miles in 8:10:43, and Rob Danson relegated to third spot running 56 miles in 6:04:00. The top Wesham women were well up with Helen Lawrenson in sixth place overall at 45.1 miles in a time of 7:53:09, Tanya Shaw ninth on 39.6 miles in 6:01:01, and Lynn Brown completing 34.6 miles in 8:21:13. High mileage and quick times are not the essence of a balanced training week, so Liz Sharrocks ran 16 miles in 2:53:02 and Carl Groome 15.6 miles in 2:25:05. Kay Twist clocked up 14.1 miles in 2:02:54, and Suzanne Leonard 13.8 miles in a nippy 1:48:20. Steve Waterhouse knocked out 13.3 miles in 1:49:30; Neil Tate 13 miles in 1:42:16; Claire Marie 12.4 miles in 2:13:18; Andy Moore 12.1 miles in 1:56:34; Jason Parkinson a speedy 12 miles in 1:32:36; Colin Smy equalling 12 miles with 1:57:24; and Richard Davies also at 12 miles in 2:28:12. On elevation gain Daniel Shaw topped the leader-board at 3,724ft climbed; Helen Lawrenson was second and first woman with 2,762ft of ascent, and Andy Grice was third with 2,293ft over 22.5 miles in 3:02:38. Richard Davies was fourth at 2,248ft over his 12 miles; Paul Lancashire fifth with 2,119ft over 37.9 miles in 5:34:09; and Paul Eccles sixth with 1,650ft elevation gain over 7.2 miles in 1:10:26. John Bertenshaw reached 1,643ft over 37.3 miles in 5:02:45, with James Green at 1,424ft running 18.3 miles in 2:18:10 and David Taylor 1,394ft in 5:51:59 for 49 miles. Fastest average pace was run by Rob Danson spurred on towards his race in the Mid Cheshire; Garry Barnett was second again at 6:46 pace per mile with 27.2 miles run in 3:04:03; and Andrew Harling third on 7:01 pace over 38 miles in 4:26:38. Simon Denye showed a resurgence at 7:05 pace over 5.3 miles in 37:33, while Tess Robinson was the swiftest female on 7:09 per mile for 33.9 miles in 4:02:23. Suzanne Leonard was second fastest with a 7:51 pace; and Emma Lund third with 8:16 per mile for 5.1 miles in 42:10.

In Preston’s Avenham Park parkrun this week on Saturday morning at 9am Steve Myerscough ran 20:09 for an M45 age graded performance of 71.46%, with Nigel Shepherd clocking 21:07 for an M60 77.98%; Carl Groome 21:43 with M50 68.99%; and Jonathan Lawson 22:27 for M50 67.33%. In Southport Ian Nichols Hogg ran 24:54 for an age graded 51.87%; at the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook had 28:50 for W35 52.49%. With Lytham Hall’s in the middle of its 3-week sojourn Wesham members had to travel to neighbouring events, and in Blackpool’s Stanley Park Lee Barlow recorded 19:14 straight after the previous evening’s run over the same distance with an M45 grade of 76.08% with Peter Rooney a time of 22:53 for M60 71.30%; Michele Tickle 23:12 and W45 69.83%; Dave Marsland 23:24 with M65 71.65%; Rob Wallace 25:24 and 50.79%; Finlay McCalman 25:55 M55 60:32%; and Julie Rooney running 32:09 for W45 50.39%. Along Fleetwood Promenade Suzanne Leonard ran 22:16 for W50 76.20%; Stephen Browne 23:00 and M55 66.81%; George Kennedy 25:00 with M60 65.87%; Andrew Moore 26:32 and M55 59.92%; Dave Young 26:47 for M70 68.51%; and Graham Cunliffe 46:01 M65 36.44 with much more in the tank. At Lanark Moore at Lanark Golf Course in the Southern Highlands heading towards Glasgow David Taylor ran the fastest time of the day in 19:52 for an age graded 66.02%; Vicky Gore 30:04 for W45 52.83% and Steven Gore 30:05 M40 45.37%. In Manchester’s Alexandra Park in Moss Side Martin Bates ran 21:46 for M60 76.34%; and in Rothay Park in Ambleside Kay Twist clocked 24:25 for W50 70.38% and Stephen Twist 25:56 with M50 58.74%.

In 2011 ten years ago, despite the Bank Holiday weekend it was a quiet week for running and some of the race organisers seemed to go off for their holidays as there were some results not posted. Brian Yates finished top Wesham runner in the Fleetwood Half Marathon on Sunday as the early part of the race was subject to heavy rain dousing the runners and disintegrating the card race numbers. He clocked 1:22:46 for 17th place and 5th M40. John Oliver was 36th in 1:26:56, a good run. Helen Lawerenson ran very well again to place 3rd woman in 1:31:04, 1st W40and 62nd overall. Simon Eaton was not far behind in 65th place with a time of 1:31:55. Brian Jones was 115th and 11th M50 in 1:40:49. Jenny Salt was 17th woman and 4th W35 in 1:43:19, 136th overall. Kath Hoyer was 20th woman, 2nd W50 and 148th overall with 1:45:15; and Sara Ward with an excellent run finished in 21st place, 2nd W45 and 161st overall in 1:46:24. Nicola Unsworth was 32nd woman and 5th W40 in 1:52:33, 195th overall struggling slightly with the conditions some 10 minutes outside of her best.  Peter Gleaves was the only Wesham male runner in the Mid Lancs medal meeting held at Wigan’s Robin Park on Saturday. Greeted with pouring rain the inside track was flooded for the opening heats and it was wet for the 800m, with Gleaves finishing 5th with 2:36.9. Joanna Goorney picked up her first silver medal of the day with a fine 2:38.8. Gleaves then took on the 400m completing the single lap 7th with 70.4. Goorney ran the 1500m and came in 2nd again with 5:16.6 having taken it on over the first lap but dropped back as Southport’s Tracey Peters took up the lead. Joanna headed straight off to the Long Jump where she recorded 3.81m to collect her 3rd silver medal of the day. Gleaves rounded his afternoon off in better conditions with the 3000m and was pleased with 12.00.2 to finish 3rd. Alan Taylor was 44th in the latest race in the Lancaster 5km series form the Salt Ayre track and along the riverbanks of the Lune, clocking 21:08 for the 3.1 miles. Sue Jones was 82nd in 27:47 and Bill Newhill 88th in 34:00. The 4th and final Harrock Hill Race for 2011 was set to prove popular with club members once again, perhaps as all was to play for the final series placings, but unfortunately the final results are not yet available. A full report will be given next week. Richard Davies in his Bowland guise finished 8th in the Chipping Show Fell Race, 7.5 miles and 1800ft of climb firstly across fields to Fell Foot and then up and around Parlick and the tops to return down and back across the fields. He ran 1:12:41 and was 2nd M50. Mark Midgley was 22nd in 1:22:40 and 8th M40. Sarah Sherratt was 37th in 1:26:31, 2nd woman and first W40. Nigel Shepherd was 55th in 1:36:11, 19th M50.

A year later in 2012 it was the fifth race in the Inter Club series on Wednesday evening hosted by Chorley in Astley Park over the challenging 3-lap hilly course. Wesham had a good showing in the men’s team, but the women were low on numbers. Rob Danson set off more steadily than usual and this paid off although he was just pipped for 4th place at the finish as he came in 5th in 27:12 for the 4.9 miles. Karl Lee had another good run as his recent strong training programme pays dividends and he was 8th in 28:38. Alex Rowe was 11th and 1st M55 in 29:21, 4th veteran. Lee Barlow ran well, and he was 18th in 30:10, with Steve Myerscough 21st in 30:35. Joanna Goorney was 2nd woman in 31:21 just 11 seconds behind the ladies’ winner in 30th place overall. Garry Barnett was 34th in 31:36 with John Collier right behind in 34th place with 31:36. Simon Eaton was 42nd with 32:09 and Richard Davies completed the Wesham open team with 32:13 in 43rd place and 7th M50. Helen Lawrenson was 6th woman in 61st place overall with 33:16; Tracey Hulme was 15th and 104th overall in 38:02 and Kath Hoyer was 18th woman and 112th overall in 39:14. With the Wesham women one short of a team they finished in 5th place, an unrepresentative result. The veterans finished 2nd team with Rowe, Barlow, Goorney, Barnett, Collier and Eaton. Rowe, Collier, Davies and Gary de Banke (8th in 32:15 just behind Richard Davies in 43rd place overall) made up the winning M50 team, with Alan Hudson (3rd and 69th overall in 34:07), Peter Bartlett (4th and 93rd in 36:51) and Dave Waywell (7th and 108th with 38:39) the winning M60 team. Overall Wesham are 2nd in the overall standings and 2nd veterans, with the women 3rd and the M50s and M60s in the lead. Completing the squad at Chorley were George Kennedy (54th and 11th M50 in 32:56); Russell Mabbett 62nd in 33:34; Nigel Shepherd 64th with 33:45; Alan Taylor 92nd in 36:29; Phil Leaver 97th in 37:10; Paul Carter 140th in 45:07. Conditions were very hot and humid for the 14-mile cross country Race the Train in Tywyn in Mid Wales, and this gave a couple of Wesham runners heat stroke. Charlie Pass had an excellent run clocking 1:29:27 for the challenging course to finish 5th and 3rd M35. Emma Lund was 125th in 1:50:27 placing 9th woman, missing out on the train finish time by just over 2 minutes. Simon Eaton was 317th in 2:03:37 and Alan Taylor 356th with 2:05:49. Emma Lund had run the Horwich Jubilee road race on Wednesday and finished 1st woman and 19th overall in 37:40 on a revised course of nearly 6 miles, to win the overall series of four races this year, an excellent result in a competitive event. Sharon Cooper finished 7th woman with 45:14, 43rd overall. In the Birchwood 10k in near perfect conditions Tara Fisher finished 325th in 47:27, 18th senior woman. Dave Waywell was 3rd M65 with a good run in 48:00 to place 340th overall. Kath Hoyer was 11th W50 and 382nd overall in 49:08. Stephen Wilkinson was 403rd and 18th M55 with 49:35; George Flanagan 17th M60 and 593rd in 54:54; Paul carter 621st with 55:38; Bernie Krawczyk 741st and 31st M55 in 59:24; Sue Jones 755th and 32nd W45 with 59:59. Charles and Angela Colby took on the 50km option in the Salisbury 54321 ultra-marathon event organised by the Salisbury Fire Station. The course was constantly undulating and demanding but went through several country estates and attractive villages on its route. Charles was 50th male and 10th M40 in 5:18:16, 58th place overall a tremendous result, and Angela Colby was 9th woman, 3rd W40 and 66th overall in 5:27:07.