Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Rob Wallace bides his time in a good group in the Trimpell 20

There was a fair variety of activity for Wesham members last week as the athletics racing calendar begins to open up.

There was a modest turnout for the trophy race of the Wesham monthly handicap run over the 4.9-mile course around Treales, with 17 runners taking part in the event having qualified by running 2 of the Winter series and two of the Summer sequence over the last 12 months. Half of these events had been run virtually by members running their own course in their own time. It was a warm pleasant evening after the weekend rains, and with the handicap worked out from the previous results Julie Paton was fist cross the line in 49:12 (41:11 actual time) in only her third competitive run to take the Joyce Smith Memorial Rose Bowl. Dave Young was the first man in 51:52, 41:32 actual time placing 5th overall for the John Hearn Trophy. Michelle Tickle was second woman in 51:18 (37:08); Sharlan Butcher 3rd in 51:37 (43:55); Dawn Biggs 4th with 52:38 (44:02); and Tanya Shaw 5th in 53:48 (40:40). Peter Rooney was second man in 51:53 (36:27 actual time); Robert Danson 3rd with 52:29 (41:16); Rob Wallace 4th in 52:48 (34:24); Stephen Twist 5th in 52:54 (39:53); Andrew Wilkinson 6th with 53:07 (42:25); Paul Eccles 7th in 55:43 (39:24); and Andy Moore 8th with 56:40 (46:06). In the non-scoring category Elliot Costello was second finisher overall with 51:17 (actual time 39:14); Stephen Swift ninth in 52:42 (33:42); David Taylor thirteenth in 53:08 (29:13); and Steve Myerscough fourteenth (53:19, 32:20 actual).

It was the Trimpell 20-mile race in Lancaster on Sunday for anyone fancying a longer race or preparation for an autumn marathon. Carmel Sullivan finished 122nd for Wesham in 2:57:13, placing 32nd woman and 3rd W55. Rob Wallace was right behind her in 123rd place in a time of 2:57:25, with Karen Cook 205th in 3:38:58, 6th W55. Lee Nixon unfortunately had to pull out at 16 miles after 2:03:30; after Saturday’s rains it was very hot on Sunday.

Martin Bates ran the revitalised Birchwood 10k, finishing 48th and 4th M60 in 44:58 in a very close race in that age category with three runners within 46 seconds of each other.

Last Saturday in the 9aqm parkruns Steve Myerscough ran 21:02 in Preston’s Avenham and Miller parks for an M45 age graded performance of 68.46%, with Louise Lord clocking 27:25 with a 59.09% W45 grade. Southport saw Stuart Clayton record 22:40 for M50 66.69% and in Durham the parkrun tourists David Taylor was second fastest of the day in 18:07 with 72.40%; and Vicky and Steven Gore ran 27:06 and 27:09 for W45 58.61% and M40 50.28%. At Chester-le-Street’s Riverside run Emma Brook clocked 29:36 with W35 51.13% and further afield Suzanne Leonard ran 23:12 in Edinburgh’s Portobello Park for W50 73.13%. In Blackpool’s Stanley Park Jonathan Lawson ran 22:37 for M50 66.84%; Dave Marsland 23:07 and M65 72.53%; Michelle Tickle 24:12 W45 66.94%; Finlay McCalman 25:32 M55 61.23%; Ian Nichols Hogg 25:35 and 50.49%; Peter Bartlett 30:53 for M70 58.55%; Linda Williamson 36:30 with W45 45.39%. Carl Groome travelled to Clitheroe for a run round the Castle in 22:57 and M50 65.29%; Stephen Browne nipped along Fleetwood Promenade in 23:06 with M55 66.52%; and on the adjoining Promenade in Morecambe Emma Lund recorded 21:47 for W35 69.47%. Martin Bates was in Manchester centre for the Moss Side parkrun in Alexandra Park for 21:35 with M60 76.00% for this week’s top result for Wesham.

Rob Danson returned to the head of the leader-board in Wesham’s Strava training log last week, completing 68.3 miles in 7:22:50. David Taylor, over his injury troubles, was second and marathon training on 57.9 miles undertaken in 7:13:10. Neil Gregson was on 56.3 miles with a time of 7:12:48, so the trio were very much on the same patch. In the women’s leader-board Tanya Shaw was top and placing 10th overall with 34.8 miles run in 5:10:53, with Sue Coulthurst back on track with 34.2 miles in 5:26:02. Equal third with 28.6 miles were Lynn Brown and Michelle Tickle clocking 6:59:28 and 4:23:07 between them. Fifth on the list was Kerry Eccles with 22.4 miles in 3:52:13, Karen Cook on 20.1 miles in 3:37:25. Fourth on the list was Daniel Shaw running 56.3 miles in 6:55:41; Mark Belfield fifth with 55 miles in 6:47:07; Steve Myerscough 45.8 miles in 6:33:07; Rob Wallace 44.6 miles in 6:25:47; Alan Hudson 42 miles in 6:08:12; Nigel Shepherd 39.3 miles in 7:03:47; and James Birchall tenth with 34.6 miles recorded in 6:18:18. Daniel shaw was Monarch of the Mountains with 2,677ft climbed with Helen Lawrenson topping the women’s leader-board and ranking tenth overall on 1,325ft uphill over just 11 miles in 1:58:37. Nigel Shepherd was second overall at 2,530ft elevation gain and Rob Danson third on 2,318ft uphill. Neil Gregson gained 2,293ft; Tony Leach 1,706ft over 27.9 miles in 3:42:16; and David Taylor 1,518ft. Michelle Tickle was second woman on 1,182ft; Sue Coulthurst right behind with 1,118ft; and Tanya Shaw 686ft climbed. Average pace run saw Rob Danson at the top at 6:29 per mile with Garry Barnett second with 6:41 pace over 16.2 miles in 1:48:16. Suzanne Leonard was fastest Wesham woman at 7:37 pace with Clare Belfield second on 8:36 per mile over 6.6 miles in 56:46. Emma Davies was third at 8:51 across a 5km distance in 27:26. Third man was Tom Crabtree at 7:06 pace for 14.4 miles in 1:42:14; Chris Haines third at 7:11 for 2.1 miles in 15:05; Alek Walker 7:12 for 5.1 miles in 36:42; and Andrew Harling 7:17 pace over 32.9 miles in 3:59:37. Longest runs were by Karen Cook (20.1 miles); Rob Wallace 20.1 miles; David Taylor 20; Mark Belfield 18; James Birchall 16.2; Lee Nixon 15.1 (23.7 mile total in 3:20:40); Neil Gregson 15; Rob Danson 14.3; Alan Hudson 14; and Peter Rooney 13.2 (33.8 miles total in 4:43:55).

It was 12 years ago in 2009 and Steve Myerscough was again the first Wesham finisher in the 4th and final race in the Horwich Jubilee 5 mile road race series as he started to celebrate the end of his bachelor days, clocking 30:22 and finishing 15th. Mick Edge was 29th in 32:22, a 15-second improvement on last month. George Kennedy stormed in 35th and 1st M50 in 32:52. Graham Vickers came in 2nd M50 and 44th in 33:51, a 21-second improvement to finish of the series. Michaela Dempsey was 9th woman and 1st W40 in 35:20, with Sarah Sherratt nearly a minute behind with 36:18 as 10th woman and 1st W35. The men finished 4th team and the ladies were 3rd, a good result. Mick Edge concluded the series in an excellent 7th place having jumped up 7 places as the final results were decided, and Graham Vickers 14th, up 5 places. Michaela Dempsey hung on to 2nd woman and leading ladies’ veteran. The Ulverston 10k on Wednesday evening attracted a fine field of athletes with Lancaster’s Michael Aspinell and Louise Gardner winning the men’s and women’s races respectively in a fine 31:15 and 35:39. Alex Rowe lead a good Wesham contingent on a humid and overcast evening in 36:00, finishing 11th overall and 1st M50. Powering along behind him was Karl Lee with a promising run before he has a rest from racing, clocking 36:39 to place 15th. Brian Yates his run of force with 37:14 for 19th place, and Russell Mabbett was pleased with 29th in 38:48 for 4th M45 as he prepares for the Berlin Marathon. Chris Whitlock was 43rd in 40:26; Charles Colby 66th with 43:32, and Alan Taylor improving all the time with 49:36 in 135th place. There were 226 runners. John Bertenshaw was Wesham’s first finisher in the prestigious Birchwood 10k, running a fine 39:46 for 111th and 8th M50 on a fast course which nevertheless has a hilly sting in its tail. Dave Waywell finished 1st M65 in 40:08, 119th overall in a fine class field. Mick Edge was further down the field than he would have liked in 256th place with a modest 44:47, although his chip time was better with 40:09 (126th place). Kath Hoyer ran 46:34 after her exploits in the Garwen Gala the day before, finishing 46th woman, 7th W45 and 325th overall. Alan Taylor was 429th with 49:01; Stephen Wilkinson 454th in 49:37; Paul Carter 473rd in 50:10, a great run and a big improvement on recent performances; George Flanagan 504th with 50:59; Reg Chapman 541st in 52:02; David Jones 626th with 54:46; Bernie Krawczyk 692nd in 56:58; Sue Jones 848th with 68:35; There was 891 runners in the race. Alex Rowe took to the hills again on Saturday in the Darwen Gala Fell Race to finish off the series of three races with the Aggies’ Staircase and Tockholes races, and finished 27th in a race that also included the FRA and Lancashire Junior Championships, running 27:04 for the 3.7 miles with 900ft of climbing. Chris Whitlock was 61st in 30:54, and Kath Hoyer was 3rd W45 and 16th woman against girls quite a bit younger that her, taking some 3 minutes off her previous time on this course with 35:32. Kath won the W45 age category in the series of 3 races. Sarah Sherratt, Nigel Shepherd, John Sharples, Bernadette Dickinson and Julie Cruse ran the Chipping Show Fell Race on Saturday, an 6-mile race across the field to Parlick and Paddy’s Pole summits with 2000ft of climbing. The full results were not available at the time of press.

In 2019 just two years ago it was quiet with the holiday season in full swing and the Pilling 10k on Saturday morning attracted a few Wesham members as it was the next race in the Age Graded series, and the good-sized field of athletes were rewarded with a fine late summer morning with rising temperatures for the Bank Holiday weekend.  Paul Lancashire finished 21st in a good position with a time of 43:23. Carmel Sullivan was 6th woman and 1st W50 in 23rd place in 43:32. Mick Edge was the next Wesham finisher in 35th place and 3rd M55 in 46:41. Alan Hudson won the M70 age category, and he finished 39th in 47:20. Peter Rooney was 5th M60 and 46th in 49:32. Ugis Datavs finished 2nd in the Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race, completing the 130 miles in 25 hours and 6 minutes, following on from his epic 2nd place in the Leeds Endure24 in July having completed 135 miles in a little over 24 hours. Starting in Old Hall Street in Liverpool at 6 am Ugis thereby arrived at Office Lock in Leeds at just gone 7am on Sunday morning, having run the length of the Leeds-Liverpool canal towpath. There were many Wesham runners out at parkruns on Saturday morning. In Avenham Park in Preston Steve Myerscough was back in action with a time of 20:28 and an M45 age grading performance of 69.30%. Steve Abbott ran 20:37 for M40 67.18%. Robert Brown clocked 26:55 and an M60 grade of 60.62% with Nigel Shepherd having a run out in his recovery from injury with 30:13 for M60 53.56%. Linda Cartwright ran 34:13 for W45 48.42%. The Wesham Tourists were away in Poole and ran the Upton House parkrun touching the edge of Upton Lake, with Vicky Gore running 27:49 in very warm summery conditions for W40 56.14% and Steven Gore 27:50 (M35 48.32%). At the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook ran 30:19 with a W35 age grade of 49.48%. Martin Bates ran the Pendle run in Colne and he recorded 26:15 for M60 62.16%. There was a good Wesham turnout at the Lytham Hall run with David Taylor producing another fastest time of the day with 17:40 for his age graded performance at 73.58%. Jonathan Lawson ran 21:31 for M50 69.09% and Stuart Topping had 24:12 for M45 59.99%. Antionette Holton had a great run for a new personal best of 26:07 with an age grade of 57.05%. Phil Leaver clocked 28:31 for M65 59.38% and James Birchall 30:17 for 42.71%.  Clare Belfield returned 31:21 for W35 48:01; Julie Topping 34:43 with W45 47.72% and Kerry Eccles also running 34:43 for W55 52.86%. Leah Birchall ran 36:48 for an age grade of 40.22%.  In the Blackpool run in Stanley Park Dan Shaw produced a new personal best time of 20:02 with his age grade 64.73%. Suzanne Leonard ran 23:49 for W45 70.05% and Sharon Cooper 24:53 for W45 64.43%. George Kennedy ran 25:23 for M60 63.76% and Dave Marsland 26:29 with M60 62.18%. Graham Brook clocked 27:09 for an M50 grade 55.68%; Peter Bartlett recorded an M70 64.55% with his time of 27:19 and Dawn Biggs ran 28:37 for W50 60.05%. Along the Fleetwood Promenade Peter Cruse clocked 21:44 for M55 71.93% and Brian Jones ran 29:44 for M55 53.09%.