Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Catherine Carrdus third placed woman in the Chorley Inter Club in 2014

The last week has seen Wesham members resuming their activities as race organisers raise the shutters and there are competitive events taking place again. With the more inclement weather this week Monday night in the clubhouse at the Kirkham and Wesham Cricket Club had more of an atmosphere of the past as there was a vibrant gathering of members in the refurbished bar and community room indoors, with the promise of the new veranda outdoors if warmer conditions return before autumn sets in.

Saturday evening saw the return of Alan Taylor’s Catforth 5k, a 3-race series prior to the pandemic on a fast single lap circuit. Mark Belfield came in 3rd with an excellent run in 17:36. Garry Barnett was 2nd M55 and 8th overall in 18:44, with Steve Myerscough 12th in 19:19. Martin Bates, running well with determination finished 23rd in 21:08, 2nd M60, and Peter Rooney 3rd M60 and 27th in 22:02, another tremendous run. Alan Hudson placed 1st M70 and 33rd overall in 23:19 with Andrew Wilkinson 38th and 5th M50 in 25:03; Andrew Moore 48th in 26:22; and Julie Rooney 54th and 178th woman in 30:33.

In the hilly Endmoor 10k on Wednesday, the only event staged by Kendal AC in two years in the absence of their 10k series David Taylor finished 12th in 38:50 on a very wet evening. Lee Barlow was 20th with 41:47, 9th Over-40, Peter Rooney placed 51st overall and 5th M60 in 50:19. Julie Paton ran her debut competitive run picking one of the toughest courses in the North West finishing an admirable 14th woman, 8th W40 and 61st overall with 55:56, and Paul Carter 71st in 1:02:16.

Martin Bates, wrongly credited with running for Rochdale Harriers, finished 54th in the Rochdale 10k from Springfield Park on Tuesday evening in 45:02 placing 3rd M60. 149 runners. Tony Leach ran the Run the Lights 10km along Blackpool Promenade finishing 87th in 49:29 (chip time of 46:47) and placing first M60. There were 709 runners in this now traditional and popular late summer event.

Last week Mick Edge completed the London Triathlon in the ITU Olympic class, competing the total 51.5kms in 2:30:20 for 234th position overall, 182nd male and 9th M60 out of the 431 competitors for a new personal best by 7 minutes. He finished the opening 1.5km swim in 26:44; 40km cycle in 1:07:44; and 10km run in 49:29, with a total of 6:26 in transition. His bike stage was his strongest, as at 20 degrees temperature it was very wet and windy, but he enjoyed passing though some of the sights of London and the elite feel of this qualification event for the world championships in Abu Dhabi.

In the Saturday morning timed free 5k parkrun events, the Lytham Hall run saw Michelle Tickle run 23:41 for a W45 age-graded performance of 68.40%. Stephen Twist recorded 25:10 for M50 60.53%; Kay Twist 25:13 and W50 67.28%; Sharon Cooper 25:39 with W45 63.81%; Ian Nichols Hogg 25:53 and 49.90% age grade; Carl Groome 26:04 M50 57.48%; James Danson 26:05 M55 59.42%; Andrew Moore 26:59 M55 58.93%; Dave Young 27:14 M70 67.38%; Louise Lord 29:33 for W45 54.82%; Clare Belfield 31:04 W35 48.93%; Peter Bartlett 31:16 with M70 57.84%; Deborah Parkinson 31:29 W50 53.89%; and George Flanagan 43:51 M70 41.24%. At Preston in Avenham Park Steve Myerscough ran 20:32 for an M45 70.13% age graded performance and Nigel Shepherd 21:17 for M60 77.37%. In the southern Lake District at the Fell Foot run Neil Gregson clocked 20:07 for an M35 66.36%; and Finlay McCalman 26:33 for M55 58.88% and new best time for this course. At the Haigh Woodland event David Taylor was 4th fastest in 18:37 for 70.46%; Vicky Gore ran 27:40 for W45 57.41% with Steven Gore 27:43 and M40 49.25%. In Lancaster’s hilly Williamson Park Emma Lund ran 23:47 for W35 63.63%; on home ground in Blackpool Lee Barlow recorded 21:22 for M45 68.49%; Mark Renshall clocked 21:33 and M45 67.36%; Jonathan Lawson 22:24 and M50 67.49%; Stephen Browne 23:16 M55 66.05%; Dave Marsland 23:23 M65 71.70%; Suzanne Leonard 23:25 W50 72.46%; and Phil Leaver 29:49 for M65 57.85. At the Fleetwood Promenade venue Martin Bates ran 22:04 for M60 75.30%; and on a neighbouring Teignmouth Promenade Antoinette Holton clocked 27:31 for W35 54.51%.

The Wesham Strava training log had entries from 75 members last week with a tremendous swell of activity. Rob Danson once again topped the overall leader-board with 65.3 miles run in 7:10:59. Daniel Shaw was second with 62.2 miles in 7:56:11 with Ugis Datavs returning to a high mileage after his record-breaking run in his London to Bristol Kennet and Avon Canal effort with 55.1 miles in 6:54:10. Steve Myerscough completed 51.2 miles in 7:15:19 and David Taylor clocked 46.5 miles for fifth in 5:36:21. Tanya Shaw topped the women’s leader-board with 37.5 miles in 5:40:00 and Lynn Brown was second on 34.3 miles in 8:35:39. Kay Twist ranked third with a marathon in five stages (26.2 miles) in 3:49:15. Liz Sharrocks came in fourth with 21.5 miles in 3:46:28; Julie Paton 21.3 miles in 4:50:45 with Kerry Eccles fifth at 21.2 miles in 3:43:18 and Wendy Hebblethwaite on 19.6 miles in 3:21:14. Julie Paton topped the mountain ranking with 4,344ft of elevation gain with Neil Whipp second having run 3,690ft uphill over a total mileage of 11.5 miles in 2:40:37. Daniel Shaw had 2,759ft of climb with James Mulvany 2,214ft across 38.1 miles. Martin Bates climbed 1,914ft over 33.6 miles in 3:26:05 and Rob Danson 1,894ft. Lynn Brown recorded 775ft over her 34.3 miles and Tanya Shaw 768ft, with Helen Greenhalgh 764ft over 18.1 miles in 3:35:41. Martin Bates recorded the fastest pace per mile of 6:08 with Rob Danson trailing with 6:36 over his 65.3 miles. Garry Barnett placed third at 6:47 per mile over 26.7 miles in 3:01:07. James Green placed fourth at 7:05 pace across 27.1 miles in 3:11:58 and Phil Leaver fifth also 7:05 pace for 1.8 miles in 12:45. Suzanne Leonard was again fastest woman at 8:04 pace over 11.7 miles in 1:34:23; Emma Lund second on 8:34 per mile over 10.8 miles in 1:32:31; and Michelle Tickle third on 8:44 pace across 13.2 miles in 1:55:17. Longest run was had by Tanya Shaw with 19.5 miles; Martin Bates an 18.7 miles; Paul Lancashire 17 miles; David Taylor 16.2; Neil Gregson 16 miles out of 35.4 total in 4:34:18; and Ugis Datavs 15.8 miles. Helen Greenhalgh Wendy Hebblethwaite and Karen Cook ran the second longest women’s runs with 10 miles apiece; and Liz Sharrocks 9.1 miles.

Back in 2007 14 years ago Gary Pendlebury scored a new personal age-group best in the Ulverston summer 10k with a storming run to clock a top class 34:43 for 9th place and 1st M50. Conditions were fine but blustery on the gently undulating out-and-back route. A large Wesham contingent accompanied him to the southern Lakes, with Steve Littler running well to come in 4th in a good quality field in 32:53. Steve Myerscough was 21st with 37:15, and Dave Waywell was 1st M60 despite a below par 39:24 for 35th place. The Wesham men were third team behind Lancaster & Morecambe and Border Harriers. Carmel Sullivan had an excellent run to finish 9th woman (2nd W40 and 64th overall) in 42:11, with Michaela Dempsey 10th woman, 71st overall and 3rd W40 in 42:34. Kath Hoyer ran 44:57 for 13th woman, 1st W45 and 91st overall. The Wesham women were 2nd team behind Lancaster & Morecambe. Peter Cruse was 57th in 41:33; Julie Cruse was 17th woman, 2nd W45 and 108th overall in 47:31; Julie Murphy was 29th woman and 140th overall in 51:10; and Nick Brandwood was 152nd with 53:42. Alex Rowe struck a new M50 course record in the Race the Train event on Saturday in unseasonably wet and windy conditions over 14.7 miles of waterlogged fields and hillside tracks. He finished 4th and 1st veteran to record 1:31:22. Mark Midgley finished 166th in 1:57:38. Sarah Sherratt finished 16th woman and 3rd W35 in 2:01:24. Dawn Midgley took in the morning Quarry Challenge 10k race to run 1:24:29 for 103rd place, and Jamie Midgley was the M11 winner in 7th place overall in the 3-mile Tynllwynhen Challenge in 24:43. There was a fine Wesham showing at the popular Birchwood 10k on Sunday. Lee Barlow was the first Wesham scorer in 25th place with 35:18. Alan Hudson had a great run to finish 80th and 5th M55 in 38:19 and Peter Waywell was 100th with 39:08. Joanna Goorney ran an excellent 39:41 to place 116th (14th woman), with Carmel Sullivan 178th with 41:38. Julie Murphy was 559th in 53:18 and Anne Docherty was 650th in 56:35 to place the women 11th team. Simon Eaton was 315th in 45:18; Nigel Shepherd 320th in 45:26; Stephen Wilkinson 330th with 45:43; Reg Chapman 393rd in 47:58; John Howorth 437th in 48:59; George Flanagan 43th in 49:00; Shaun Turner 501st in 51:14; Bernie Krawczyk 626th with 55:27. In the age graded results Alan Hudson scored 85.6% and Joanna Goorney 78.2%. In the final Horwich Jubilee 5-mile race of 2007 Stephen Wilkinson finished 105th and 8th M50 in 37:27, placing 27th overall and 21st veteran. Chris Moss was 111th with 38:05. Alex Rowe competed in the Northern Veterans Track & Field League at Ashton under Lyne on Wednesday evening in fine but windy conditions. On tired legs Rowe clocked 2:17.0 for 800m (3rd and 1st M50); 9:45.0 for 3000m (2nd and 1st M50); and 4:43.0 for 1500m (4th and 1st M50). Sarah Sherratt ran the Radcliffe 5-mile trail race on Wednesday evening, clocking 35:16 for 31st place, 2nd woman and 2nd W35 in 35:16. Yvonne Russell finished 2nd woman in the Pride Games 10k in Salford on Sunday, with a fine run of 45:25 for 13th place overall. Dave Waywell uncharacteristically finished 2nd M60 behind ex-international Jeff Norman as he struggled with injury in the 3.7-mile Darwen Gala Fell Race on Saturday. He ran 32:45 for 38th place. Kath Hoyer was 1st W45, 4th woman and 49th overall in 37:13. On Sunday four Wesham runners took on the Northern Veterans monthly run at Edgeworth on 7 miles of trails around the highly scenic Wayoh and Entwistle Reservoirs. Peter Cruse ran 46:21; Michaela won the women’s race in 51:24; Kath Hoyer was 2nd in 53:46; and Julie Cruse ran 57:34, full results not available.

In the fifth event in the 2014 Inter Club Grand Prix over the hilly 2 ½ lap 4.8-mile course at Chorley last Wednesday Wesham finished 2nd in the Open, Women’s, and Veterans divisions; third in the Vet-50 category and won the vet-60 group.  Overall, the blues are now equal 2nd with Blackpool in the Open team while the women are on equal points with the Blackpool ladies at the top of the league. There are bigger gaps in the veterans where Wesham lie 2nd but in the Vet-50s Wesham look set to remain third as Preston and Red Rose fight out the top points in the hottest division this year. The vet-60s look to have some advantage on points overall after a consistent performance over the season. Led by Rob Danson who had an excellent run to finish third in 26:13 Karl Lee was 8th with 28:21 and Lee Barlow 14th in 29:20. Alex Rowe was 1st M50 and 19th with 29:40; Steve Myerscough 22nd in 30:08; John Collier 1st M60, 7th M50 and 32nd in 31:05 and Garry Barnett was 35th with 31:32. Rounding off the Wesham Open team Chas Linkinson was 40th in 32:02 and Paul Hetherington 41st in 32:03, closely followed by Troy Watson having an easier run 42nd with 32:12. Catherine Carrdus headed the Wesham women finishing 3rd in 32:20 with Carmel Sullivan 4th in 33:24. Helen Lawrenson was 6th in 34:17; Michaela Dempsey 17th in 37:43; Tracey Hulme 19th in 38:14; and Jayne Hurst 48th in 47:12. A joint Wesham and Blackpool party took to the Welsh hills in the 14-mile cross country and fell run at the Race the Train event in Tywyn in Mid Wales. Pitched up in Barmouth there was some revelry on Friday night and even with the 14:05 race start time on the Saturday not all were fully up for the race. Alex Rowe was the first Wesham runner to complete the course in 26th place with 1:33:53, 1st M55 and 17th veteran overall. Lee Barlow was 79th in 1:41:01 with Steve Myerscough 90th in 1:41:43. Despite expectations the Wesham team finished 4th with Clapham Chasers taking the honours. John Collier was 1st M60 and 109th overall with 1:42:41, and Jason Barlow 145th in 1:45:11. All five beat the train which came to a stand back in the station at Tywyn at 1:48:19. Alan Taylor who had organised the weekend suffered during the second half and did not do himself justice with 2:20:00 in 575th place.  Bob Massey was 515th in 2:14:47; Tanya Barlow was 567th in 2:19:17 and Jeff Wright 662nd in 2:31:32. The race director was away in Wales but the Catforth 5k went ahead successfully and there was a large group of Wesham runners. Rob Danson clinched the win in 16:14 with 14 seconds clear of second placed Jason Parker of Preston. Troy Watson was 7th placed with 17:48, a tremendous run just 4 seconds short of his best from the first race in the series back in May. David Taylor was 20th with 20:23 and Stuart Topping a fine 20:39 in 26th place. Ben Wrigley was 34th with 21:44 and Jonathan Lawson 37th in 22:16. Jason Blagden was just behind in 39th place with 22:23; Dave Waywell juts missed out on first M70 by 2 places but a minute in 24:19 for 45th place overall. Gemma Owen was Wesham’s first woman finisher 8th woman in 49th place with 24:38 and Kath Hoyer was 10th, 1st W50 and 51st overall in 24:53. Dave Young was 52nd in 24:59; Martin Bates 56th in 25:58; Clive Berry 58th in 26:39; Nicola McArdle 59th in 26:40; Natasha Wilkinson 60th in 26:43; and Sally Deacon was 62nd in 27:16.  Stephen Wilkinson ran the Birchwood 10k, finishing 467th in this popular race with a time of 51:07, 23rd M60 such was the quality.