Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Andrew Harling sprints for the line at the Wesham Inter Club.

Wesham hosted their July Monthly Handicap last Monday with eighteen members taking part. On overall time Ryan Azzopardi was the first to reach the end of the 4.9 undulating miles round Treales on a warm evening in a time of 40:25. Lee Barlow was second in running 41:44 with Nigel Shepherd third with 44:41. Kay Twist was the first woman finisher in fourth place overall at 44:56 with Louise Lord next in 45:07. Rob Wallace was 6th in 45:35; Robert Danson next in 46:43; Stephen Twist 8th with 46:43; Alan Hudson 9th recording 47:23 just ahead of fellow M70 Dave Young in 47:46; Mick Edge 11th in 47:34; Carmel Sullivan third woman in 47:49; Peter Rooney 13th with 48:11; Andy Moore 48:44; Tanya Shaw fourth woman at 48:45; Chris Hastwell 49:03; Steve Myerscough slower than usual in 49:09; and Peter Bartlett 52:44. On Net time Lee Barlow had the fastest time at 30:44; Chris Hastwell 33:03; Steve Myerscough 33:09; Nigel Shepherd 34:41; Carmel Sullivan fastest woman with 34:49; Mick Edge 36:34; Alan Hudson 37:23; Ryan Azzopardi 37:25; Peter Rooney 38:11; Rob Wallace 38:35; Stephen Twist 40:20; Kay Twist second woman at 40:56; Robert Danson 41:43; Tanya Shaw third woman on 41:45; Dave Young 42:26; Louise Lord 45:07; Andy Moore 45:44; Peter Bartlett 52:44.

There has been great excitement this week with the return today of parkrun, with local events in Blackpool, Lytham Hall and Fleetwood set to have returned at 9am for the Saturday morning free timed 5km runs. All parkruns on the Fylde and neighbouring areas have permission from their respective landowners to resume the weekly runs. There are still several venues in the UK without permission, and sadly some have been refused any permission to restart, with the Cuerden Valley event now closed and looking for a new venue.

Martin Bates ran the historic Hameldon Hill Race out of Accrington finishing 133rd and 11th M60 with a time of 1:13:51 over the up and down course of 6 miles and 1100ft climb to the summit behind the quarries. Martin doubled up with the Padiham Greenway 5k on Wednesday evening coming in 68th and 3rd M60 in 21:59.

There was a Celebration of Running weekend in Lancaster last week, with 5k and 10k on Saturday and half and full marathon on the Sunday. Carmel Sullivan finished 33rd in the Lancaster Half Marathon on Sunday in 1:43:37 placing 3rd woman and 1st W55. Rob Wallace finished 39th in 1:48:05 and Dave Young 92nd in 2:15:36 and was 1st M70.

There were over 2200 runners in the Chester 10k with a winning time of 30:37 but no Wesham members were running. There was also a high-quality Sale Sizzler on Thursday evening, the third in the current monthly series. Mick Edge completed the Epic Lakes Swim Derwentwater Mile last week, finishing first M60 in 27:41 placing 61st overall out of 314 swimmers.

Garry Barnett ran the fastest time in the Virtual Caldervale Supper Run where the physical race was due on Tuesday evening with 24:40 for a 4-mile course of his choosing. Helen Dutton clocked the 9th fastest time and placed 5th woman with 38:10.

Daniel Shaw returned to the top of the Wesham Strava training leader-board last week as the weather heated up and he posted a sizzling 58.2 miles in a cumulative time of 7:35:45. Rob Wallace came in second at 45.8 miles in 6:31:35 with James Mulvany third on 43.7 miles in 5:37:13 and Chris Hastwell fourth with 42.2 miles in 5:29:10. Alan Hudson clocked a regular 41.3 miles in 5:58:37 with Matty Holton sixth with 40.1 miles in 5:28:29 together with Mark Belfield in 4:54:44. Neil Gregson came in eighth running 36.7 miles in 4:39:32; Sean Murray 36.3 miles timed at 5:17:37. Tanya Shaw ranked tenth overall and was the leading Wesham woman with 36.1 miles clocked in a time of 5:23:06. Michelle Tickle was second having run 32.4 miles in 4:57:32 with Julie Paton on 31.6 miles in 7:20:18. Helen Lawrenson marked up 30.8 miles in 4:58:46 and Lynn Brown 26.4 miles in 6:46:07. Kay Twist ran 21.3 miles in 3:06:01. Julie Paton topped the elevation gain for the week with a staggering 7,999ft uphill with Steve Swarbrick climbing 6,573ft with a total mileage of 22.1 in a time of 5:48:05. Martin Bates was third with 2,015ft over 22.6 miles in 3:49:23 with James Mulvany fourth on 2,014ft and Daniel Shaw fifth with 1,798ft. Paul Lancashire ran uphill for 1,685ft over 20.2 miles in 2:55:44; Michelle Tickle was second woman with 1,376ft climbed. Helen Lawrenson ran up 1,358ftand Tanya Shaw 761ft. On average pace Rob Danson headed this list at 6:36 per mile for 29.1 miles in 3:12:04. Garry Barnett was second with 6:38 over 13 miles in 1:26:14, and Thomas Farquhar third at 7:12 pace with 6.3 miles in 45:22. Andrew Harling ranked fourth with average pace on 7:15 over 21 miles in 2:32:15; Jason Parkinson 7:19 per mile over 4.3 miles in 31:28; and Lee Barlow 7:21 pace for 19.7 miles in 2:24:48. Kay Twist was the fastest woman at 8:44 per mile and Tara Fisher was second with average pace at 8:56 for 3.1 miles in 27:42. Tanya Shaw came in third at 8:57 for her 36.1 miles and Michelle Tickle fourth at 9:11 pace. Sue Coulthurst was fifth averaging 9:14 per mile for 18.1 miles in 2:47:07 and Tess Robinson 9:21 pace for 1.9 miles in 17:46. On longest distance individual run Julie Paton topped the rank with 29.7 miles; Tanya Shaw was second with a single effort of 16.5 miles, and James Mulvany 16 miles. Steve Swarbrick put in a 15.2 miler; Neil Gregson 14 miles; a half marathon of 13.1 miles from Dave Young, Rob Wallace and Martin Allison, and 13 miles for Mark Belfield and Chris Hastwell. 12.1 miles for Paul Lancashire and Alan Hudson, 10.5 miles for Daniel Shaw and 10 miles clocked by Peter Rooney, Sean Murray and Helen Lawrenson.

Sixteen years ago in 2005 the race was on between Karl Lee, 20, and John Bertenshaw, Over-45, with Karl now rapidly improving and leaving his prolific racing team-mate in his wake, as demonstrated in two races this week. Karl is now coming into his own as he targets specific races and has been tailoring his training. Karl has beaten his mentor John Bertenshaw in their last three races and is now widening the gap. In the hilly Endmoor 10k road race last Wednesday evening, he took the uphill in his stride and edged ahead on the closing stretches to finish 7 seconds up on John. The rivalry was continued on Sunday in the Wagon and Horses 10-mile race in Lancaster, where Karl steamed ahead to drive a 30-second wedge between him and John. Karl is now looking to extend his abilities on the track at a few end-of-season league fixtures and target the Blackpool Open Medal meetings in September. The Kendal AC summer 10km series came to a close at Endmoor with a fine turnout once again from Wesham, who ended up with half of the Top-20 finishers. Charlie Pass showed a return to form with a fine 2nd placing just behind series winner Chris Winward, running 34:44. Alex Rowe placed 3rd with 35:40, finishing the series 2nd overall and top veteran. Barry Norman ran very strong over the first uphill half of the race before dropping back to 6th with nevertheless a great run after his injuries to record 36:21. Ian Sharples took the leading Over-40 slot with 37:33, and Dave Waywell was victorious once again in the M60 category, closing the series in 12th place in 38:52. He was just pipped to the post with a fine run from Peter Cruse (11th in 38:31). Bernadette Dickinson ran 46:28 at Endmoor to finish 4th, 4th overall in the series and top W40 runner. This was a great run, as overall Kath Hoyer placed 3rd in the series (1st W45) but was behind Bernadette with 5th place at Endmoor in 47:06. Barry Norman continued his good form at the Wagon and Horses 10-mile race on Sunday, in hot and windy conditions. He ran 57:39 to place 10th along the undulating course along the abandoned railway track towards Glasson. Lee Barlow was second in for Wesham in 24th place with 1:01:06, and Dave Waywell took another M60 victory in 26th position in 1:01:31, and excellent result. He had the better of Peter Cruse on this occasion, with the latter over a minute behind in 30th place with 1:02:43. The Wesham men scored 60 points for 2nd team, just 1 point ahead of Lytham St. Anne’s. Tony Robbins finished 2nd M65 in 159th place in 1:19:02. Kath Hoyer finished 8th woman and 1st Over-45 in 1:16:08. Jenny Thompson was 40th and 4th W55 in 1:32:33, and Pauline Weller was 47th with 1:34:31. In the third race in the Horwich series Lee Barlow finished 33rd in 23:21 for the hilly 4-mile course. Lee is currently 7th overall in the series. George Kennedy ran 25:36 and finished 97th, consolidating his series position at 24th and 5th M45. Stephen Wilkinson (M50) crossed the line 209th in 30:46. In a high-quality race, Dave Preston finished 96th and 5th Over-50 to record a new personal best of 41:52 in the Walkington 10k road race near Beverley in East Yorkshire. Barry Edwards (M45) ran 42:23 to finish 107th. The race boasted 627 runners for a Friday evening race. In the Eccup 10-mile race in Yorkshire Dave Waywell finished 26th in 1:03:02 on a hilly course in baking hot conditions. Kath Hoyer ran 1:24:02 to finish 39th woman and 10th W45. Other Endmoor Results: 13th Steve Myerscough 39:20; 14th Martin Bates (M45) 39:25; 15th Karl Lee 39:34; 17th John Bertenshaw (M45) 39:41; 27th Graham Vickers (M45) 43:16; 36th Peter Gleaves (M40) 45:02; 50th Alan Taylor 47:53. Other Lancaster results: 34th Martin Bates (M45) 1:04:16; 39th Karl Lee 1:04:36; 47th John Bertenshaw (M45) 1:05:06; 50th George Kennedy (M45) 1:05:22; 58th Alan Hudson (M55) 1:07:05; 65th Andy Yelland 1:08:07; 68th Roy Pickles (M45) 1:08:32; 100th Graham Vickers (M45) 1:12:02; 108th Brian Porter (M40) 1:14:10; 118th Alan Taylor 1:15:32; 141st Stephen Wilkinson (M50) 1:17:08; 157th John Howarth (M50) 1:18:53; 159th Tony Robbins (M65) 1:19:02; 179th Derek Goodenough (M60) 1:21:29; 196th Howard Henshaw (M60) 1:23:19; 200th Ken Munro (M60) 1:23:45    

Hankering back to the last pre-pandemic running season, in 2019 Wesham had hosted the fifth round of the Inter Club Grand Prix at Springfields in Salwick and came away with a good result and a turnout of 339 runners from the seven clubs. Rob Danson was the overall winner with a runaway lead of 1min 14sec over Preston’s Dave Rigby, completing the 4.6 miles in 22:45. The Wesham team finished 2nd behind Preston with Simon Denye 12th in 26:09 coming in with David Taylor 13th in 26:20 and Ugis Datavs 16th with 26:26. Andrew Harling was 24th in 27:12; Paul Gregory 27th in 27:28; Mark Belfield 28th in 27:28; Steve Abbott 30th in 27:30; Tom Crabtree 34th with 27:56 and Lee Barlow 35th (28:00). The Wesham women were 5th team, with Carmel Sullivan leading the way in 6th place with a time of 31:14 (95th overall); Sue Coulthurst 12th in 33:19 (131st); Suzanne Leonard 23rd with 35:15 (180th); Alice Deacon 29th in 36:31 (200th); and Sara Ward 31st with 36:33 (202nd). The Wesham masters’ team were 2nd, with Denye 5th; Gregory 11th; Abbott 12th; Steve Waterhouse 16th in 28:01 (36th overall); and Steve Myerscough 19th with 28:25 (40th). The Over-50 masters were Waterhouse 4th; Phil Quibell 8th (44th overall in 28:33); Jason Barlow 9th in 28:53 (49th overall); and Carmel Sullivan 22nd. The Over-60s won the team, with Quibell 1st; John Collier 5th in 32:59 (121st); and Richard Davies 8th in 33:28 (136th).  The women Over40s were 3rd with Sullivan 4th; Coulthurst 7th; Leonard 14th; Ward 19th; and Catherine Nicholls 27th in 38:21 (44th woman and 226th overall). Jason Parkinson was 51st in 29:08; Mark Renshall 53rd with 29:16; Lee Nixon 60th in 29:38; Arron Galvin 61st 29:41; Paul Lancashire 71st 30:05; Chris Haines 88th 30:51; Luke Robinson 101st 31:42; Ian Nichols Hogg 120th 32:57; Jonathon Sanderson 125th 33:09; Jonathon Evans 132nd 33:22; Martin Allison 133rd 33:24; Stephen Browne 149th 33:50; Alan Hudson 150th 33:50; Jonathan Lawson 151st 33:53; Elliot Costello 155th 34:05; Peter Cruse 161st 34:30; Martin Bates 171st 34:51; Keith Wilding 175th 35:01; George Kennedy 181st 35:16; Peter Rooney 186th 35:29; James Danson 197th 36:27; Andy Moore 222nd 38:04; Robert Brown 237th 38:59; Peter Bartlett 241st 39:25; Dave Young 269th 41:24; Paul Carter 300th 43:49; James Birchall 302nd 44:12. Antionette Holton finished 52nd woman and 242nd overall in 39:29; Maureen Danson 56th (247th) 39:47; Tanya Shaw 64th (265th) 41:14; Jo McCaffery 65th (266th) 41:15; Emma Wright 82nd (293rd) 42:58; Dawn Biggs 87th (298th) 43:21; Christine Fare 102nd (315th) 45:40; and Louisa Denye and Tanya Barlow 112th (329th) and 113th (330th) in 49:31. The race organisation was well received and there was a good reception at the Kirkham and Wesham Cricket Club after the race. In the Snowdon Trail 10k last week David Taylor finished 5th in 46:53 with a great run. Vicky Gore was 52nd woman and 14th W40 in 1:19:56, finishing 129th overall. Sue Rigby was 118th woman and 37th W40 in 1:44:05 (217th overall). In the Snowdon Trail Half Marathon Carl Groome finished 87th in 2:34:52 and placed 6th M50; Steven Gore was 102nd in 2:38:32; and Elliot Costello was 168th in 2:50:29. The Half Marathon course looped round the western flanks of the mountain ascending to the summit, with the descent on the main path back through the Dinorwic Vivien Quarry and Gilfach Ddu to Llanberis. The 10k route was on the lower western flanks up to Hebron and back on the main path again through Dinorwic. Lee Nixon finished 30th in the Elswick 10-mile race on Saturday morning, in a time of 1:11:18. Finlay McCalman was 73rd in 1:28:23 and Emma Wright was 120th with 1:40:44, with a strong squad from Salford Harriers fielding the men’s and women’s winners (Karl Darcy in 52:11 and Sarah Carroll in 63:43). Tanya Shaw ran the Lancaster 10k on Wednesday evening, finishing 95th in 55:21, 22nd woman 5th W40. In the Pendle Running Festival there was a Trail Race on a 5-mile course in which Kath Hoyer finished 12th woman, 2nd W55 and 55th overall in 48:13 and Dave Waywell 153rd in 1:07:46 finishing 2nd M75. There was a 10k race and Chris Haines finished 10th in 46:45 over an undulating course with 800ft of climb. David Millar ran the Half Marathon race with on the same day with 2000ft of climb in 2:08:14 for 47th place. There was an interesting race was the once-only Penwortham Bypass 5k and 10k along the new section of road, with laps of 1.2 miles and a run in to the finish. In the 5k race Steve Abbott finished 4th in 18:52 coming in 1st M40. Lee Barlow was 9th in 19:35, 2nd M45. Sue Coulthurst was 6th woman and 1st W50 in 22:24 for 31st place overall. Pauline Eccleston finished 27th woman and 3rd W45 in 26:57, 86th overall, and Antionette Holton 56th woman and 132nd overall with 30:39. Leah Birchall was 101st woman and 196th in 34:59 and Tanya Barlow 102nd and 197th in 35:05 with 268 runners. In the 10k race Stuart Clayton finished 59th in 45:16 7th M50. James Birchall was 199th 56:01 and Emma Davies was 50th woman in 57:37 and 222nd overall with 371 finishers. In the South Manchester parkrun Tracey Hulme ran 25:01 for a W55 age graded performance of 72.35%. On holiday in Devon the Twists took part in the Killerton parkrun in the National Trust estate in Broadclyst near Exeter; Kay ran 26:57 for a W45 61.47 age grade; Stephen 28:53 for M50 51.88%; and Keira 31:53 for JW15 48.61%. In the Pennington Flash run David Taylor returned to run the fastest time of the day with a good 18:03 for a 72.02% age grade, and Vicky Gore clocked 27:57 for W40 55.81%, with Steven Gore on the same time but no result as he had forgotten his barcode. At Worsley Woods Martin Bates ran 23:07 for an M60 grade of 70.58%, and in the Huntingdon Hinchingbrooke Country Park run Dave Marsland recorded 23:45 for an M60 69.33%. In Cuerden Valley country park Neil Gregson ran 21:45 over the two-lap trail course for M35 60.61% and Stuart Clayton 24:45 for M50 60.07%. Sharon Cooper clocked 26:16 for W45 61.04% age grade percentage. James Mulvany ran the Fell Foot parkrun in 22:24 for an M40 grade of 61.38%. The Blackpool parkrun in Stanley Park had the biggest Wesham turnout with the cancellation of Lytham Hall, with Chris Hastwell running the second fastest of the day with 18:39 for an M35 grade 71.13%. Steve Myerscough ran 20:17 for M45 69.93%; Jonathan Lawson 22:34 for M50 65.88%; Stephen Browne 23:05 with M50 65.49%; Keith Wilding ran 23:47 with M60 68.61%; Suzanne Leonard 24:29 for W45 67.67% with George Kennedy clocking 24:30 for M60 66.05%; Ian Nicholls-Hogg 25:02 with 51.53%; Andrew Moore 25:57 and M55 60.24%; Robert Brown 26:27 with M60 61.69%; Martin Allison 26:34 and M35 49.62%; Dave Young 27:37 and M70 64.63%; Jo McCaffery 28:30 with W40 53.98%; and Lynn Brown 34:26 for W55 54.02. Finally, in the Fleetwood Promenade parkrun Peter Cruse ran 21:57 for an M55 grade 70.62% and Mark Renshall 22:58 with M45 62.19%.