Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Paul Carter shows his medals for the Virtual Winter Race Series

Despite the traditionally expected January blues after the festive period and the varied weather Wesham members have been fired up by the Move Every Day virtual challenge to do some activity of 30 minutes each day of the month. Over 60 members are now taking part in the Challenge which is intended to promote physical and mental good health in the depths of winter at a time that is usually dismal and exacerbated this year by the pandemic. Generally, the weather has been benign with some beautiful bright and clear days, but this has brought cold temperatures and slippery conditions with frost and occasional sleet and snow. With no wind though the cold has been kept at bay and with the sun out it has been very pleasant to be out and about.

Seventeen Wesham members completed the January Wesham Virtual Handicap over a 4.9-mile course of choice to approximate the course now used for the physical event through Treales. The result times are now being collated and the full results will be published next week.

Results are still being registered for the Virtual Garstang 10k but Paul Carter has already completed the Virtual Winter Series featuring the Virtual Longridge 7 (39th in 1:16:08) and the Virtual Not Boxing 10k (37th also in 1:16:08(?)). This series run by UK Road Races based in Preston incorporates the three most popular races in the local area during December and January.

John Bertenshaw ran the Lytham Hall (not)parkrun in 23:07 for an M60 age graded performance of 71.88%. Phil Leaver recorded 28:35 for an M65 59.77%. The previous week had seen John Bertenshaw record 23:59 for M60 69.28% showing an improvement this week. Michelle Tickle ran the Preston (not)parkrun two weeks ago in 26:27 for a W45 age grade of 60.62%.

Ugis Datavs retained his position at the top of the Wesham Strava training leader-board in a bumper week as so many members follow the January Move Every Day Challenge. He completed another impressive 71.3 miles in a cumulative time of 8:42:48. Daniel Shaw was again second as he maintained his high mileage goal with 57.1 miles in 7:05:30. Rob Danson also retained third spot as he kicks into his new year training with 56.4 miles in a time of 6:07:32. Simon Denye moved up to fourth ticking up 52.5 miles in 6:17:08, with Lee Barlow assuming fifth place with 48 miles run in 5:21:36. Steve Myerscough was sixth with 46.2 miles in 6:18:04, with Mark Belfield coming in seventh with 41 miles and a time of 5:12:17 just ahead of Mark Renshall who clocked 40.4 miles in 5:47:46. Matty Holton was ninth having run 38.6 miles in 5:01:05 and super-veteran Alan Hudson at 71 marked up 37.9 miles in a time of 5:11:25. Debbie Myerscough topped the women’s leader-board as she recorded 32.2 miles with a cumulative time of 6:12:59. Sue Coulthurst was second woman with 29 miles recorded in 5:12:14, with Michelle Tickle third at 23.5 miles in 3:33:51. Lynn Brown was fourth woman in 6:06:59 having run 22.7 miles last week, and Tanya Shaw was fifth at 22.1 miles in 3:13:45, same distance and similar time as Kristian Lewis who ran 3:15:35.  Antionette Holton topped the Monarch of the Mountains with the greatest elevation gain of 3070ft over 11.1 miles run in  2:03:01. Tony Leach was second with 3045ft climbed through 25.9 miles in a time of 3:21:35, with Neil Gregson third with an uphill total of 1962ft over the near-marathon distance of 26.1 miles in 3:37:56. Rob Danson placed fourth with 1739ft over his 56.4 miles, and Ugis Datavs was fifth with 1663ft over his leading 71.3 miles. Simon Denye came in sixth with 1565ft and Neil Whipp seventh on 1509ft, Daniel Shaw 1457ft gain. Second woman was Michelle Tickle with 1015ft climb over her 23.5 miles; Sue Coulthurst third climbing 1014ft through 29 miles and Lynn Brown 772ft. Tanya Shaw was fifth with 741ft over 22.1 miles. Rob Danson topped the ranks of fastest paced with 6:31 per mile over his 56.4 miles with Garry Barnett yet again at the top of the list with 6:41 per mile for his 18.3 miles run in 2:02:18. Lee Barlow was third at 6:42 pace on his 48-mile journey with James Green fourth at 6:53 with 36.3 miles clocked in 4:09:52. Chris Haswell was fifth at 7:08 per mile over 30.6 miles completed in 3:38:17. Fastest paced woman was Kirsty Holland with 8:45 per mile over a week of 4.2 miles with two runs in 36:45. Tanya Shaw was second at 8:46 pace for her 22.1 miles. Michelle Tickle was third with average pace 9:06 and Julie Kinsey fourth on 9:22 per mile over 8.4 miles run in 1:18:41. Julie Paton was fifth woman at 9:48 pace for 2.9 miles in 28:25. Ugis Datavs ran the longest distance at 22.1 miles in 2:33:33; Andrew Harling added a 16-miler to his weekly total of 29.8 miles, 1:50:06 out of his total of 29.8 miles in 3:37:32. Peter Rooney put in a long run at 13.4 miles, with Nigel Shepherd 13.2 (2:05:28) and Chris Hastwell and James Green a half marathon each (1:29:36 and 1:24:34 respectively).

This week in 2012 eight years ago the historic Ribble Valley 10k was still one of the finest races in the North West and having been cancelled in 2011 due to snow and ice this year there was no threat as it remained one of the warmest Decembers on record. Conditions were perfect for running and nearly 1000 runners took to the course with a very high standard attracted by the Northern Athletics Championships incorporated into the race. Joanna Goorney rounded off a very successful year with 39:31 finishing 20th woman and 3rd W40 in 227th place overall. She was 15th in the Northern Championship. Emma Lund was 36th woman and 302nd overall with 41:55 but she had not entered herself in the championship. Helen Lawrenson also continued her good form coming in 38th woman and 8th W40 in 42:00, 311th place overall. Carmel Sullivan was 46th and 1st W45 in 43:20, 354th overall. As a team the Wesham women were 3rd in the open race and 1st veterans, and 2nd in the Northern Championship, a great result. Kath Hoyer was 5th W50 and 60th woman in 45:22, 429th overall and Angela Colby was 61st woman and 431st overall with 45:25. Sharon Cooper ran 49:25 and finished 98th woman and 572nd overall. Rob Danson was the leading Wesham man and he clocked a creditable 34:57 for 97th place. Karl Lee had a good run recording 36:22 for 126th place. Alan Hudson was 219th in 39:15 and had some stiff competition in the M60 age category coming in 3rd place 50 seconds behind Pete Johnson from Scarborough. Troy Watson is on the comeback trail and he ran 39:52 for 243rd place. George Kennedy was next in with 40:30 for 254th place and 13th M50 and Graham Cunliffe was 7th M55 and 277th in 41:22. Nigel Shepherd was 15th M50 and 285th in 41:32 with John Bertenshaw one second behind finishing 8th M55 and 286th. Charles Colby was 293rd in 41:44 and Dave Waywell was 2nd M65 in 45:36 with 438th place overall, 1:26 behind Mike Smith the category winner from Bingley. Jonathan Lawson came in 464th in 46:25 and Chris Moss was 504th in 47:44. Alistair Morris was 518th in 48:10 and Brian Porter 688th with 52:52. George Flanagan finished 21st M60 in 54:54 737th overall and Paul Carter was 757th in 55:49. Ken Munro was 10th M65 and 771st with 56:26 and Norman Bateman 6th Over 70 and 810th overall in 58:45. Kath Hoyer was busy over the festive period with a run in the Whinberry Fell Race on Boxing Day. On a 4-mile course with 750ft of climb she clocked 37:36 in fancy dress through wet and mud to finish 1st W50 and 101st overall, 17th woman in mild conditions although it was quite windy over the tops. Having run the Ribble valley 10k the next day she was back in action on New Year’s Eve over the Auld Lang Syne Fell Race 6 miles in length and with 900ft of climb, where she finished 262nd 55th woman and 6th W50 in 68:04 in tough wet muddy and boggy conditions. She then celebrated New Year’s Day with the Joe Salt New Year Awakener at Wentworth near Rochdale where she ran the 4.2 miles in wet muddy conditions again to finish 2nd W50, 11th woman and 63rd overall in 34:12. Dave Waywell ran and he was 1st W65 and 65th overall in 34:24. Rob Danson followed up his promising run in the Ribble Valley 10k with another fine performance in the Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon from Catforth and around Inskip and Treales. He finished an excellent 5th place with a time of 1:17:21, less than six minutes behind the race winner who himself was over four minutes clear of the second placer. The Wesham women were out in force again and clearly won the ladies team ahead of the Lytham and Swinton clubs. Helen Lawrenson was well placed as 8th woman, 5th W40 and 71st overall with 1:31:49. Emma Lund was chasing hard and she was 10th woman in 1:32:57 and 81st overall. Carmel Sullivan ran well to come in 14th woman and 102nd overall taking the W45 first place in 1:36:55. Sara Ward was 25th and 2nd W40 with 1:43:09, 145th overall and Nicola Unsworth was 27th and 154th in 1:44:32. Kelly Warburton was 32nd woman and 165th overall in 1:45:55; Sharon Cooper 42nd and 207th in 1:51:20; and Sue Jones 89th and 314th with 2:08:02. The Wesham men had a good result as well with second team behind Clayton despite not having a very strong turnout. John Oliver was the second placed Wesham runner in 37th place with a time of 1:27:05 and George Kennedy was accurately on the 1:30 pace as he came in 57th with 1:30:22, 4th M50. Troy Watson is building his strength and he finished 67th in 1:31:41. Charles Colby was 92nd with 1:35:10; Brian Jones finished 160th in 1:45:19; Dave Preston was 191st in 1:49:32; Brian Porter 199th with 1:50:45 and Finlay McCalman 254th in 1:57:37. Two years ago the main action for the first week of 2019 was at the Lancashire County Cross Country Championships in Blackburn’s Witton Park. In the Senior Women’s race over a 3-lap 8km course Anne Mayers-Smith finished 41st overall and 6th W40 in 30:44 on a largely dry course in excellent running conditions. Rob Danson earned himself another Lancashire County vest for the Inter-Counties event in March finishing in 3rd place with a time of 31:02 for the 4-lap 10km course, coming in just 27 seconds behind the winner. Gareth Booth running in his Horwich colours finished 39th and 2nd M45 in 34:11. Andrew Harling placed 87th in 38:10 and Phil Quibell in his Salford vest 100th in 39:42 to win the M60 category, a Lancashire gold medal. Mark Renshall made his cross-country debut with 41:31 for 127th place and 13th M45. Steve Myerscough finished 139th in 42:34 for 17th M45; Nigel Shepherd was 9th M60 in 155th place with 44:18; and John Collier 2nd M65 and 157th in 44:31, just losing the County Gold medal to Lytham’s Terry Hellings by 5 seconds. Stuart Clayton another cross-country debutant was 171st with 46:30, 16th M50, and Martin Bates 14th M60 in 48:19 and 175th place overall. Ben Wrigley finished 184th with 50:09 and Phil Leaver battling breathing problems to place with 61:20. The Wesham men finished 10th Senior Men’s team and 8th Masters. Carmel Sullivan ran 1:35:21 for 77th place in the inappropriately named Central Lancashire Half Marathon in Preston on Sunday. Rob Wallace placed 106th in 1:40:30 and Thomas Farquhar was 133rd with 1:44:25. Sean Murray ran 1:57:24 for 251st place and Lee Mangan 1:58:36 for 256th place. There are no age category or gender results for this race. New Year’s Day took Wesham members to parkruns all over the country, although the biggest contingent were at Lytham Hall again. David Taylor took 18:33 for his 5 kilometres, back on the two-and-a-bit lap course through the gardens, scoring an age graded performance of 70.08%. Christopher Hastwell had a flying run top set a new personal best time of 19:01 for an M35 age graded performance of 69.33%. Lee Nixon ran 20:33 for an M35 personal best of 65.45%, and Jonathan Lawson 22:00 for an M50 grade of 67.47%. Stuart Topping continued in his recovery with 23:43 for M45 61.21% and kay twist ran 25:42 for a W45 grade 65.22%. Marthyn Taylor clocked 26:50 for M690 61.37% and Graham Cunliffe back from Hogmanay with 28:14 and an M60 grade 57.79%. Keith Wilding made his parkrun debut with 31:52 for an M60 grade of 50.78. at the Preston run Steve Abbott ran a good 19:26 for M40 70.75%; Steve Myerscough continued his return with 20:32 for M45 69.07%; with Robert Brown running 25:53 for M60 62.52%. Elizabeth Johnson clocked 26:21 for a W35 grade of 57.69%, and Diane Blagden ran 29:32 for W50 58.48%. Steve Pike was on the paths of Victoria Park in St Helens with a time of 26:18 for M40 53.11%. The parkrun tourists the Gores took in the Vogie event in the appropriately named Gorebridge Park in Midlothian at Dalkeith south east of Edinburgh, Steven running 19:24 for M35 68.81% and Vicky 27:34 for a W40 grade of 56.23%. In Sherwood Pines Centreparks near Rufford Abbey north east of Mansfield Ann Knowles clocked 38:22 for W45 42.66% and at Lancaster’s Williamson Park Emma Lund ran 23:15 for W35 64.30%, her best run since August. In Blackpool’s Stanley Park Helen Lawrenson was the third fastest female in a time of 21:36 for an W45 grade of 76.70%. Stephen Browne ran 22:16 for M50 67.89; George Kennedy 23:32 for M60 68.82% with Suzanne Leonard also 23:31 with a new W45 personal best and a grade of 69.60%. Rob Wallace ran 23:38 for 54.58% and Dave Marsland 24:33 for M60 67.07%. Andrew Moore clocked 26:17 with M55 59.48%. Steve Littler had the fastest time of the day at Fleetwood Promenade with 17:02 a little short of his personal best with M45 83.27% Peter Cruse ran 20:22 for M55 76.10%.