Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Tanya Shaw receiving the Rose Bowl for Women’s Handicap winner from Peter Rooney

Last week saw the first Virtual Inter Club Race staged between the Blackpool, Chorley, Lytham, Preston, Red Rose, Thornton and Wesham clubs. It has not been possible to stage any of the seven 2020 Inter Club races due to the pandemic, and this new virtual event was established to provide at least some competition and interaction in this season. The distance was 4 miles to replicate the final fixture which would have been staged last week in Worden Park in Leyland followed by a social and a buffet. Athletes chose their own 4-mile route, sent in their result to their club coordinator who then sent on the compiled list to the Inter Club representative to produce the final results. These will be publicised next week.

The first of the Wesham Winter Handicap races took place on Sunday morning over the Summer course from Dowbridge around through Treales on Sunday morning, keeping the successful formula used last week for the Trophy Race, which was by qualification only. The results will be available next week.

In 2010 Steve Littler continued a record of good performances in the Lake Vyrywy Half Marathon with third place, clocking 1:09:48 some 26 seconds adrift of second placed Paul Ward of Wrekin, and 54 seconds behind race winner John McCole of Liverpool Harriers. Conditions were warm but otherwise good for running in this very picturesque location in Mid Wales. Mick Edge had a great run to finish 7th M50 and 89th in this popular race in a time of 1:26:20. Simon Eaton was close behind in 1:26:54 in 91st place. Sarah Sherratt whose parents live at nearby Welshpool recorded a personal best with a great performance 1:32:31, finishing 12th woman and 3rd W35, 142nd overall. Lee Barlow went for a day out and came in 152nd in 1:33:28. Carmel Sullivan was 28th woman and 4th W40 in 1:40:06 in 252nd place overall, and Dave Preston came in 298th in 1:42:26, 20th M55. Joanna Goorney combined her love of rock climbing and running with a fine performance in the Jungfrau Marathon. A seasoned rock climber with a very high standard and now an accomplished runner Joanna took the 1800 metres ascent from Interlaken to the foot of the Eiger in 5:01:55. She found it a magical experience with stunning scenery and was rewarded with perfect weather. Michaela Dempsey took on the Settle Loop trail race and considered it tough going but with stunning scenery around Malham Tarn. She finished 6th though in 1:20:02 for 8.5 miles and 1200ft of climb. Alan Hudson was 13th and first Wesham finisher in the Blackpool Autumn 5km in Stanley Park, clocking 18:47 for the Stanley Park course and coming in 1st M60. Dave Waywell was 31st in 20:09, 1st M65. Graham Vickers was 35th with a great run in 20:32 as he trains for ultra-distance, and Charles Colby was 44th with 21:28. Helen Lawrenson ran 21:28 for 45th place, 7th woman and 2nd W40. Nicola Unsworth was 53rd in 22:24, 9th woman and 4th W40. Angela Colby was 57th in 22:37 10th woman and 1st W35. Sharon Cooper was 19th woman and 3rd W35, 75th overall in 25:51. Dave Jones was 78th in 27:19; and Reg Chapman 88th in 33:30 in his second run since injury, running with his daughter and brother in law. Wesham finished 3rd Men’s and 2nd Women’s teams behind Southport and Blackpool. There were four Wesham runners in the Hodder Valley Fell Race from the Newton in Bowland Show field. Charlie Pass lead the way for the team, placing 6th at the top of the 1500m climb and gaining a place on the descent. Unfortunately, he followed the runners in front off course and ended up back in the show field whereas the finish was some way back up the fell side, losing some ground in the process. Nigel Shepherd had a good run over the 7.5 miles as he prepares for the ridiculously tough Langdale marathon. Gary Moore and Kath Hoyer also ran but the results were not ready at the time of writing. Chris Whitlock was the first of two Wesham runners in the great Westmorland Trail race at Crosby Garrett on Saturday, running 58:20 for the 7.5 miles and 1200ft climb. John Sharples ran 65:50 for 70th place. Alex Rowe had a tentative run in the British Masters 10km Championships at Goodrich in the Midlands after two months off following an operation. He ran 37:00 for the one-lap course, finishing 11th M50 and 54th overall in a good quality race in warm windy weather. John Howorth ran the Accrington 5k, finishing 47th and 4th M55 in 27:11.

Two years ago in 2018 the big event of the week was the concluding race of the Inter Club Grand Prix, bringing to a close the 7-race series for this year that began back in April in Blackpool. Rob Danson was back in top form for Wesham with a stamp of authority to blaze round the revised 4.5-mile course in Leyland’s Worden Park in 22:22 nearly two minutes clear of the chasing pack. Gareth Booth placed 3rd with a great run clocking 24:29 for 2nd M45, with Steve Littler 6th and 1st M40 in 25:07. David Taylor was 12th in 25:55 and Ugis Datavs 17th with 26:19. Steve Abbott came in 22nd in 26:56, 3rd M40, with Lee Barlow finishing fast with 27:16 for 4th M45. Carl Groome was 44th in 28:58; Marry Chamberlain 46th for 29:07, and Neil Gregson 56th in 29:46. The Wesham Senior team placed 2nd and retained 2nd place overall in the series. The Wesham women were 5th, disappointingly, with Helen Lawrenson 10th in 31:12 and 87th; Carmel Sullivan 13th (96th in 31:53); Tracey Hulme 22nd (143rd; 34:30); Gemma Owen 32nd (180th in 37:15); and Maureen Danson 34th (183rd in 37:25); giving them a slightly better 4th position for the series. The Women Masters fared better with 3rd place and also 3rd for the series, with Lawrenson 5th; Sullivan 6th; Hulme 115th; Danson 18th and Suzanne Leonard 19th (185th 37:29). The Overall Masters were 2nd with Booth 2nd; Littler 3rd; Abbott 9th; Barlow 11th; Groome 19th and Chamberlain 21st, securing 2nd place overall, and The Men 50+ comprising Nigel Shepherd 10th (60th in 29:54); John Collier 16th (72nd in 30:28); Sullivan 23rd; and Stephen Browne 33rd (127th in 33:40) placing the team 4th for the series. The Men 60+ team placed 2nd and 2nd for the series with Shepherd 2nd; Collier 4th; and Phil Leaver 12th (142nd; 34:28). Christopher Hastwell was 66th in 30:17; Mark Renshall 78th with 30:37; Paul Lancashire 89th with 31:20; Lee Nixon 94th in 31:42; Rob Wallace 104th (32:17); Martin Allison 112th (32:35); Neil Whipp 116th (32:44); Dave Marsland 153rd in 34:58; Ben Wrigley 160th with 35:29; Alan Hudson 166th 35:53; James Danson 177th in 36:57; Dave Young 179th in 37:05; Stuart Topping 181st 37:18; George Kennedy 186th 37:30; Kay Twist 38th woman and 189th in 37:52; Pauline Eccleston was 194th and 41st woman (38:18); Finlay McCalman 201st (38:40); Peter Bartlett 203rd (38:46); Martin bates 208th (39:05); Michael Hall 215th (39:31); Graham Cunliffe 218th (39:41); Jo McCaffery 56th and 222nd (40:31); Paul Carter 245th (42:14) and Antoinette Horton 70th and 246th (42:15); Anne Berry 72nd / 248th (42:21); Clare Belfield 78th / 254th (43:01); James Birchall 257th (43:12); Julie Rooney 80th and 260th (43:34); Emma Davies 82nd / 262nd (43:44); Nicola Hill 88th / 269th (44:28); Peter Cooke 274th (45:14); Nicola Carter 93rd / 276th (45:42); Sophie Scott 110th / 296th (51:31). Kim McGuire ran the Great North Run on Sunday finishing 25531st with a time of 2:30:24 with no category positions given. Heather Bradley Tsopanoglou finished 39973rd in 3:10:12. Paul Hetherington ran the Wigan 10k, a popular town race, and he finished 17th and 3rd M45 in 37:53. In the Blackleach Trail race in the Central Lancs series Steven Gore finished 30th with 31:57 for the 5-mile hilly course on rough ground. Vicky Gore was 145th in 44:13, 11th W40 and 47th woman.