Alex’s Newspaper Report.

This time last year …

The start of a new month heralds a stage of the monthly Wesham handicap, now being run virtually over the summer course of 4.9 miles, with many members choosing to run the actual course from Dowbridge though Treales on a circuit. There is now the possibility to run in groups of six. Stuart Topping ran the fastest time and headed both actual and net time rankings, with 45:08 on a handicap of 10 minutes giving him a net time of 35:08. Pauline Eccleston was second with 46:19 on scratch, and Robert Danson 47:34 with a handicap of 5 minutes and a net time 42:34. Paul Eccles was 4th in the handicap with a 12 minute handicap to clock 47:40 and second on net time with 35:40. Jo McCaffery was 5th with 48:00 (2 mins and 46:00). Nigel shepherd was 3rd on net time with 38:12 (10-minute handicap to 50:12), and Alan Hudson 4th in 40:53 (50:53 handicap tine). Peter Rooney was 5th in 40:54 with an 8-minute handicap and Robert Danson was 6th. Andrew Moore was 7th in 45L:04 (51:04); jo McCaffery 8th; Pauline Eccleston 9th; Kerry Eccles 10th in 46:33 (48:33); Phil Leaver 11th in 46:41 (49:41); Claire-Marie Axcell 49:11 (51:11); Liz Sharrocks 49:19 (52:19); Peter Cooke and Finlay McCalman 51:33 both on scratch; Julie Rooney 53:14; and Dave Young 59:06 (64:06).

In the middle of last week’s Wesham Strava leader-board recording training miles Jayne Tomlinson ran 11.1 miles over two runs clocking up 1:48:47 in running time, and Paul Lancashire 11.6 miles in 1:42:16. Lynn Brown notched up 12.1 miles in 2:36:30 and Tom Crabtree also 12.1 miles in 4 stages for a time of 1:42:16. Dave Young split 12.8 miles over 3 runs in 2:08:38 and Claire Marie 13.5 miles in 2:21:04. Troy Watson had 5 short runs totalling 14.2 miles in 2:52:18 and Niall Rowan 14.5 miles over 2:06:53. Elizabeth Johnson and Liz Sharrocks returned 15 miles with 2:15:00 and 2:32:30, and Rich Burnett 15.1 miles in 2:26:28. Topping the women’s leader-board was Sue Coulthurst with 30.6 miles in 4:25:12 at an average 8:40 pace with Angela Colby also running 30.6 miles in 4:38:28. Tanya Shaw was 3rd over 29.6 miles in 4:10:37 at 8:25 pace; Helen Lawrenson 4th with 24 miles in 3:14:48 at 8:07 pace; and Kerry Eccles on 23.4 miles in 3:59:28. On the men’s leader-board Daniel Shaw ran 54.6 miles on 5 runs taking 7:26:34 at 8:10 pace, while Steve Myerscough knocked out 53.1 miles in 7:30:48 at 8:29. Simon Denye was 3rd in 5:57:29 over 48.2 miles at 7:25 pace, not quite this week’s speed man with Garry Barnett on 6:39 over 33.5 miles in 3:42:47; Rob Danson at 6:53 (35.2 miles in 4:02:18) and Andrew Harling 41.7 miles at 7:07 pace for 4:56:46. Close behind was David Taylor at 7:18 pace with 36.3 miles in 4:24:59. King of the Mountains was Daniel Shaw with 6102 ft uphill; Steve Swarbrick on 4857ft over 36.1 miles in 5:30:19; and Neil Gregson 3038ft in 6:06:24 over 48 miles. Sue Coulthurst was Queen of the Mountains with 1009ft of climb over her 30.6 miles, with Helen Lawrenson 2nd with 961ft. Third was Michelle Tickle well on the recovery road with 739ft over 15.3 miles in 2:23:34. Close behind were Liz Sharrocks with 714ft; Tanya Shaw on 709ft; and Kerry Eccles 707ft. Further down the men’s list Rich Burnett was 4th with 2307ft; Mark Renshall 2306ft (34 miles in 5:13:56); and Paul Eccles 2178ft (28.1 miles in 4:14:18), with Steve Myerscough on 2125ft.

There has been a (not)parkrun event happening every week over the past month in an attempt to keep participants involved during the lockdown, with runners finding their own course (definitely not  defined event at the usual Saturday morning time), and the result can be uploaded to the runner’s home event to create a chronological list over the week. Sharon Cooper has been submitting her performances for the Lytham Hall (not)parkrun, clocking 25:22 for the 22nd June (W45 63.21%), with Martin Bates running 26:20 on 29/06 for M60 62.53%. Elizabeth Johnson ran Preston (not)parkrun on 15th June in 27:03 for W40 56.56%, and 26:43 on 5th July (57.27%). Total numbers per week are getting up to 60 runners. The first physical parkrun event since March took place last week in New Zealand with nearly 400 runners.

Mick Edge finished 12th in the Capernwray Sprint Triathlon on Wednesday evening just north east of Carnforth. Starting with a 500m open water swim in Capernwray Diving Centre which he completed in 09:03 this was followed by a 17.6km ride on the country lanes towards Hutton Roof finished in 35:30, and to complete a 4.3km run along tracks and canal towpath in 19:10 giving him a total time of 1:07:01 with transitions as well. Mick placed 1st M60.

It was a varied time for Wesham members back in 1996. A party of 11 members joined up with North Fylde for the annual veteran road races in Bruges, which this year hosted the 3rd World Veterans Road Running Championships. In the 10k with 1308 runners Ian Rawcliffe was 640th in 43:09); Dave Young 663rd in 43:32; Geoff Nicholls 663rd (43:33) (all M45s); Peter Wyld 749th (45:08) (M50); John Whiteman 892nd (47:50); Les Ward 989th (49:55); Marie Wyld 1102nd (53:28); Reg McCarthy 1104th (53:38). In the 25k Ian Rawcliffe was 725th in 1:56:36; Dave Young 885th in 2:02:12; Peter Wyld 1010th (2:06:59); and Les Ward 1175th in 2:15:40. In the 7th World Trail Running Championship on the 80-mile South Downs Way from Petersfield to Eastbourne Gordon Durber (M65) and Barrie Coole (M55) ran the course in 23:45:00, starting and finishing at breakfast time and running continuously through the night. In the Saunders Mountain Marathon over two days in Langdale Geoff Nicholls and Phil Bellamy finished 5th in their class, and 3rd male team. Peter and Marie Wyld, and John Keohane and Bill McMahon finished 20th in their class after a 6-minute delay getting started on Day 2. Ian Rawcliffe and Bernadette Dickinson ran the Settle Hills Fell race over 6.5 miles and 1750ft of climb in 1:23:15 and 1:19:58 respectively. Further south in the Skipton 10k Alex Rowe was 4th in 33:08, Trevor Rayner 82nd in 39:32 and Ian Rawcliffe again just a day after the fell race 112th in 42:00.

In 2008 the 20 Barriers Race in Carnforth on Tuesday evening proved popular with Wesham as 18 members turned out to run. Charlie Pass lead the Wesham contingent with a strong run and crossed the finish line in 5th place with a time of 32:46 for the 5 miles and 500ft ascent over gates and stiles along canal towpaths and over fields. Lee Barlow was 21st in 38:18, a modest run, with Simon Eaton close behind with 38:43 in 24th place. Peter Cruse was 28th in 39:13, and Dave Waywell 1st M60, 32nd overall with 39:30. Chris Whitlock was 38th in 40:31, with George Kennedy 43rd and 4th M50 with 41:30, and Graham Vickers 51st in 42:07 for 7th M50. Kath Hoyer was Wesham’s leading woman, finishing 4th and 1st W40 in 43:26; Julie Cruse second Wesham woman, 7th, and 2nd W40 in 44:44, with Kerry Eccles 20th and 9th W40 with 50:04. Dave Young was 105th in 48:03 and 7th M60; Peter Cooke 118th in 50:13; Norman Bateman 124th with 50:58; Mike Walsh leading M70 and 130th overall in 53:21; Peter Earnshaw 134th with 55:12; and John Whiteman 139th with 58:33. Alex Rowe finished 3rd for a bronze in the 1500m at the British Masters Track & Field Championships at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, running 4:36.36 in fine conditions. Then 5000m in torrential rain on Sunday, 2nd for silver in 16:55.68. Earlier in the week he ran 10:02.39 for 3000m at the Trafford Grand Prix at Stretford in Manchester, 2:22.93 for 800m and 4:49.10 for 1500m. Karl Lee ran 10:12.22 for the 3000m in humid conditions and a fine 4:43.39 for the 1500m at the end of the evening. Charlie Pass went 5 places better than last month to win the 2nd Harrock Hill race in the 2008 series with 32:30 for the 5.3 miles and 700’ of climb. Gary Pendlebury equalled his previous run with 34:27 for 7th and 2nd M50 again. Richard Davies was 3rd Wesham on this occasion with a 1-minute improvement to 37:21 and 19th place. Carmel Sullivan was 7th woman and 2nd W45 in 43:03; Julie Cruse 9th and 1st W45 with 44:18; Sarah Sherratt 11th in 44:50; and Kath Hoyer was 17th and 3rd W45 in 48:03.

Wet weather in 2012 and Russell Mabbett finished 71st in the Lakeland Trails Marathon from Coniston around Coniston Water at elevation as he continues in his preparations for the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc, completing the round in 4:02:57 in very wet conditions for the first two hours. Nigel Shepherd was 143rd and 16th M50 in 4:21:50 completing his second Lakeland marathon in little over a month. Charles Colby was 157th in 4:24:51, with Angela Colby 45th woman and 15th W40 in 4:52:22, 227th overall. Finlay McCalman scaled down to the half marathon and he finished 258th in 2:20:14. A trio of Wesham members travelled over to Masham in Yorkshire for the Burn Valley Run half marathon on a typically undulating and challenging course. Karl Lee and Alex Rowe ran the race largely together with Rowe pushing the pace but with Lee making a break over the last two miles, with the pair finishing 5th and 6th in 1:23:16 and 1:23:28. John Bertenshaw preparing for a future marathon finished 30th in 1:35:16. In the Amberswood Trail Race over a 10km 2-lap course from Ince in Makerfield Kath Hoyer finished 1st W40 and 4th woman in 49:01. Sue Jones ran 58:48 finishing 19th woman and 3rd W45, 77th overall a week after the challenging Lancaster Castle Marathon. Helen Lawrenson finished 1st woman and 5th overall in the inaugural Jeffrey Hill 10k, clocking 44:34 for the tough hilly 6.2 miles. Nicola Unsworth was 3rd woman and 2nd W40 behind Helen, but one short of a ladies’ team. Alan Taylor was 10th and 3rd M40 in 47:55, with Paul Carter 16th in 55:10. Steve Myerscough was 3rd in the Fairclough Five from Stannah Country Park on Saturday with a time of 30:13. Lee Barlow was 6th in 31:05; Gary de Banke 7th and 4th M50 with 31:12; George Kennedy 5th M50 and 12th in 32:39 and Alan Taylor was 19th in 35:27. Chris Moss was 25th in 36:10; Dave Waywell 32nd and 3rd M60 in 37:50; Kath Hoyer 6th woman 3rd W50 in 38:05; Mike Walsh 61st and 1st M80 in 45:36, with Dave Jones 62nd in 47:08, 6th M60.