Alex’s Newspaper Report.

John Collier and Carl Groome complete the last lap of the Endure24-hour relay in Bramham Park in 2018

Last week’s Wesham challenge was to see how far members could now run in the time it took to run their first 5km. Stuart Topping ran 3.63 miles in 25:19; Dawn Biggs 3.41 miles in 30:55; Clare Belfield recorded 3.51 miles in 31:00. Dave Young clocked 3.59 miles in 31:03; Robert Danson 3.77 miles in 31:51 on the same Catforth course. Emma Wright ran 3.72 miles in 36:16; Alek Walker 3.95 miles in 25:22; and Liz Sharrocks topped the ranks with 4.04 miles in 40:03. This week’s running challenge is a timed mile, which will be an interesting comparison with the same challenge staged in the second week of lockdown back in March.

Mick Edge completed a Triathlon last week in the Lakesman Virtual Lockdown Half Ironman, with a 2.1-mile swim in Three Sisters Lake in Wigan in 36mins 10secs, followed by a 56-mile cycle from home in Blackpool to Southport in 3hrs 02mins averaging 18.5mph with a top speed of 33mph at one stage, and finally a half marathon along Blackpool Promenade in 1:53:10 in very windy conditions totalling 4:55:21. He finished 3rd M60 and 167th of 624 competitors in this virtual event which would have been staged in Keswick. The swim times were deducted from the total as it would not be possible for competitors to achieve a stage transition.

There was high mileage again at the top of last week’s Wesham Strava leader-board, the online portal where GPS training logs can be uploaded and compared with friends and club mates. 10th on the list was Steven Gore with 35.4 miles run in a time of 4:14:17 at an average pace of 7:11. Alan Hudson notched up 36.9 miles around Cleveleys in 5:23:29 at 8:46, with Paul Eccles running 38.4 miles in 5:37:55 at 8:48. Lee Barlow clocked 43.8 miles in 5:26:19 his average speed being 7:27 per mile. Mark Belfield had 45.6 miles at 7:42 pace giving 5:51:07, and Rob Danson the fastest pace at 6:46 for 50.5 miles in 5:41:43. Simon Denye was 3rd in the tables with 52.7 miles in 6:37:34 at 7:33 pace; Daniel Shaw 59.3 mountainous miles at 8:39 giving 8:33:24; and Mark Holton 68.5 miles at 8:54 returning 10:10:21. Elizabeth Johnson was 5th in the women’s leader-board with 20.4 miles in 3:08:22; Sue Coulthurst 4th with 21.4 miles for 3:14:44 at 9:06 pace. Kerry Eccles ran 24.4 miles in 4:31:39. Angela Colby was 2nd at 25 miles in a time of 3:45:50 at 9:02; and Tanya Shaw topped the list with 26.1 miles in 3:48:23 at 8:45 pace. Lizzie Nield was Queen of the Mountains with 2375ft of climb over 18.7 miles in 2:39:34 at 8:32 pace, a sterling performance. Helen Lawrenson was second with 1857ft with 17.8 miles run in 2:50:53, averaging 9:36 pace. Kirsty Holland was 3rd with an outing on Parlick totting up 1066ft of climb over 4 miles in1:27:32. Daniel Shaw topped out the King of the Mountains at 7300ft ascent covering his 59.3 miles, with Steve Swarbrick second with 3216ft in 34.9 miles in a tie of 4:52:35 averaging 8:23 pace. Neil Gregson was 3rd with 2320ft over 34.8 miles in 5:19:00.

Thirteen years ago in 2007 it was a varied week for Wesham. There was a tremendous turnout at the second Harrock Hill Race of the series, also the third fixture in the inaugural Wesham Fell Championships. Charlie Pass was first Wesham man, 5th in 33:41 for the 5-miles with 900’ of ascent. Alex Rowe was first veteran and 1st Over-50 in 7th with 34:17, chased by Gary Pendlebury with 35:16 for 10th place and 2nd M50, Lee Barlow was 14th in 36:01, and Richard Davies 36:38 for 18th place. Wesham were 2nd team, 1 point behind Southport. Karl Lee ran 36:41 for 20th in his debut fell race, with Steve Myerscough 22nd with 36:44 and Peter Waywell 36:51 in 23rd, with Dave Waywell 39th and 1st M60 in 39:41. George Kennedy 49th with 41:22; Graham Ingham 56th in 41:54; Mark Midgley 42:49 in 59th place; Nigel Shepherd 89th in 46:48. Joanna Goorney was Wesham’s leading lady with 4th (51st overall) in 41:33. Michaela Dempsey 9th woman (66th overall) in 43:26; Sarah Sherratt 11th (74th) with 44:17 with the ladies team also 2nd. Kath Hoyer was 20th in 47:55; Bernadette Dickinson 21st with 48:46; Jenny Salt 23rd in 49:21; Julie Murphy 30th with 50:46 and a twisted ankle; Tracey Hulme 32nd in 51:40; and Helen Jolly 35th in 57:55. In the third Mid Lancs Track & Field League meeting at the rain-soaked Preston venue on Saturday, Alex Rowe was 3rd in the 800m with 2:14:4, Karl Lee 5th with 2:19.6; Gary Pendlebury 6th in 2:25.5 and John Bertenshaw 7th with 2:34.0. Joanna Goorney was 3rd in 2:42.4 in her track debut. In the 1500m Alex Rowe clocked 4:33.1 for 3rd; Karl Lee 4th in 4:47.5; Gary Pendlebury 5th (5:01.2), and John Bertenshaw 7th in 5:22.5. Joanna Goorney ran 5:30.2. At 3000m Alex Rowe was 2nd in 9:36.3; Gary Pendlebury 5th in 10:11.5, Karl Lee 6th with 10:12.6; and John Bertenshaw 11th in 11:15.3. Joanna Goorney was 3rd woman with 11:55.2. In the Northern Veterans 10k race at Radcliffe, on a 2-lap course on paths and trails, Michaela Dempsey was the first lady in 42:07. Kath Hoyer was 2nd and 1st W45 in 45:12. Paul Muller and Rob Jackson were joint winners in 34:03. Dave Waywell ran the 5km race having picked up an injury at Harrock Hill on Wednesday, running 21:46 to place 3rd and 1st M60. Michaela Dempsey then ran the Thirsty Three Mult-Terrain race on her way back from Radcliffe, finishing 1st lady in 23:32. Kath Hoyer had a busy week, running 46:26 in the Warrington 10k on Thursday the night after Harrock Hill. On Saturday she ran the Eldwick & Gilstead Gala Fell Race on a 3-mile course to the top of Baildon Moor with a 550’ ascent. She ran 27:03 for 9th place (55th overall) in very wet conditions.

In 2013 seven years ago many current and former Wesham members were taking in the highest of the Lakeland Peaks with the Lakeland 10 and supporting the successful Bob Graham attempt of Ian France, who started his running career with Wesham a couple of years back and completed the 66-mile round in 23 hours 40 minutes. In the Lakeland 10, 45 miles over the 10 highest peaks with 5600m of ascent, Russell Mabbett was in great form and his choice of route was immaculate as he gained 10 places during the afternoon heading down from Scafell through Wasdale and up the tricky ascent of Pillar and approaching great gable from the north while everyone else was heading the other way. He finished 11th to his great credit in 15:11:35 having lost some time on the final ascent of Skiddaw due to his route choice. Troy Watson had a particularly good day finishing 53rd in 21:07:17. He started well but lost some ground on Pillar and coming off Honister down into Keswick. It was the third Inter Club Fell Championship at Harrock Hill on Thursday evening and Wesham won the Open and Ladies categories, and the Veterans and Vet-50s. Lee Barlow finished in 5th place and 2nd M40 in 34:37 with the winning time just 33:06. He is leading the Inter-Club overall standings now and looks unchallenged. Alex Rowe is runner-up and leading the M50s but he was 26th and 3rd M55 in 36:46, disappointed. Jason Barlow was close behind in 30th place with 37:21, 7th M40; Steve Myerscough 38th in 38:09; Garry Barnett 40th with 38:16. Joanna Goorney won the women’s field with 38:36 in 46th place overall; Simon Eaton 67th with 40:15; George Kennedy 83rd in 41:33, 7th M55; John Bertenshaw 9th M55 and 94th sealing the Wesham men’s 50 team with 42:24. Russell Mabbett was 110th with 43:39; Mick Edge 127th in 45:39; Jenn Thompson 21st woman, 137th 46:29; Kath Hoyer 3rd W50, 139th in 46:56 with Tracey Hulme 4th W50, 140th in 47:12. Also running were Jenny Salt, Peter Bartlett, John Sharples, Carmel Sullivan and Dave Waywell. In sharp contrast on Sunday morning along the Bispham seafront 9 Wesham members ran in the Fairclough 5 mile race, with George Kennedy leading the way finishing 24th in 35:49. Nicola Unsworth was 4th woman, 1st W40 and 25th in 35:50. Alan Taylor 31st in 36:43; Tracey Hulme 6th woman 2nd W50 in 37:56, 35th; Dave Waywell 5th M60 41st in 38:38, Paul Carter 43rd in 39:11; Michaela Dempsey 8th woman 3rd W40 39:36, 44th; Stephen Wilkinson 46th 6th M60 in 40:45 and Peter Cooke 59th in 43:56. At the Welcome Tavern 5km on Tuesday evening in Preston Mick Edge was 23rd in 21:55. Alan Taylor was 26th in 22:21; Stephen Whitehead 29th with 22:43, and Carmell Sullivan 33rd with 23:14, 2nd woman and 1st W45.

Two years ago in 2018 the Thornton-Cleveleys Inter Club Grand Prix race had seen a big turnout over the measured 5-mile course along the Bispham cliff tops and back along the Lower Promenade. Rob Danson was back at the front winning in 26:08 and leading Wesham to win the Overall Team. Steve Swarbrick finished 5th in 28:21 and 2nd in the masters. David Taylor was 14th in 29:41 and Lee Barlow 18th with 30:11 and Steve Waterhouse 30:15. The women’s race was won by Tessa Robinson in 30:46, 24th overall. Paul Gregory was 26th in 30:59; Thomas Crabtree 39th in 31:47; Mark Belfield 41st with 31:56; and Jason Barlow closed the winning team in 44th place with 32:29. Helen Lawrenson was 6th woman in 35:42, 4th Over-40 and 82nd; Carmel Sullivan 13th and 6th W40 in 37:17; Sara Ward and Sharon Cooper finished together with 41:10 and 41:11 in 26th and 27th places (12th and 13th masters), 153rd and 154th. The Wesham women were 2nd team which was a tremendous result. In the Open Masters’ category there was another team win for Wesham, with Swarbrick 2nd; L. Barlow 7th; Waterhouse 8th; Tessa Robinson 12th; J. Barlow 18th and Carl Groome 25th (54th in 33:14). Wesham took two Large Mixed Team (8 runners apiece) to the Endure24 event in Bramham Park north east of Leeds for a 24-hour overnight relay event, on a parkland loop of 8km (5 miles). The two teams finished 3rd (Wesham Whippets) and 10th (Wesham Wildcats) with 38 laps and 34 laps but arranged it so that the two teams finished hand-in-hand with a cumulative time of 24:39:09 and 24:39:08 respectively in a tremendous show of team oneness. The fastest laps for each runner were (Whippets) Mark Renshall 36:17 (Lap 17); David Taylor 30:57 (Lap 10); Rob Wallace 37:18 (Lap 19); Elliot Costello 36:33 (Lap 12); Sue Rigby 59:53 (Lap 5); Lee Barlow 31:10 (Lap 14); Helen Lawrenson 35:59 (Lap 15); John Collier 38:47 (Lap 8); Ryan Azzopardi 42:16 (Lap 9); Pauline Eccleston 48:18 (Lap 2); Joy Hetherington 55:29 (Lap 11); Neil Gregson 35:12 (Lap 12); Anne Berry 48:58 (Lap 13); Paul Hetherington 31:32 (Lap 14); Tracey Hulme 41:47 (Lap 7); and Carl Groome 34:23 (Lap 31). Ugis Datavs stormed away with the 24-hour Solo category in the Townley TrailBlaster 2018 in Burnley, completing 39 laps in 22:48:46 completing 120.9 miles distance. His nearest rival completed 29 laps (89.9 miles) in 23:18:28, the winner of the women’s event.