Alex’s Newspaper Report.

The importance of keeping hydrated in the Freckleton Half Marathon

Wesham had their biggest ever entry in the British Masters Road Relays with 58 members in the team, albeit in a virtual 5km stage relay rather than the physical event in Birmingham’s Sutton park.  On a 6-stage run the Wesham M35 a team came 62nd with a combined time of 1:52:19, with Andrew Harling 413th overall in 17:34; Mark Holton 500th with 17:48; Alek Walker 584th in 18:00; Steve Abbott 712th in 18:21; Neil Gregson 904th with 18:51; and Paul Eccles 1907th in 21:45. The M45 team over 4 stages placed 7th in 1:08:22 with Steve Littler 97th in 16:11; Steve Swarbrick 271st in 17:01; Lee Barlow 408th with 17:33; and Simon Denye 431st in 17:37. The ‘B’ team were 90th with 1:24:19 with Garry Barnett 1109th in 19:24; Jason Parkinson 1492nd with 20:31; Stuart Topping 1895th in 21:42; and Mark Renshall 2208th with 22:42. The M55 team finished 65th with a 3-stage relay in 1:10:19 with Nigel Shepherd 1651st in 20:57; Anthony Leach 2615th with 24:27; and Robert Danson 2710th in 24:55. Wesham’s M65s were 16th team in 1:12:54 with John Burns 2341st in 23:08; Alan Hudson 2476th with 23:46; and Dave Young 2855th in 26:00. The W35s ran a 4-stage and came in 81st team in 1:42:44 where Tara Fisher was 2062nd in 22:08; Tanya Shaw 2592nd with 24:19; Julie Kinsey 3039th in 27:44; and Clare Belfield 3093rd in 28:33. The ‘B’ team were 91st in 2:03:52 with Emma Brook 3115th in 28:53; Julie Paton 3147th with 29:21; Claire Axcell 3168th in 29:43; and Nicola Carter 3266th in 35:55. On a 3-stage race the W45 team were 58th in 1:09:47 with Helen Lawrenson 1980th in 21:56; Sue Coulthurst 2208th with 22:42; and Kay Twist 2754th in 25:09. The ‘B’ team of Sharon Cooper 2812th in 25:39; Dawn Biggs 3003rd in 27:20; and Sharlan Butcher were 96th in 1:20:32. And the ‘C’ team of Pauline Eccleston 3029th in 27:38; Sally Deacon 3060th in 28:06; and Julie Rooney 3204th with 30:51 were 105th in 1:26:35. The W55 team completed the squad 31st in 1:19:42 with Tracey Hulme 2777th in 25:21; Anne Berry 2981st in 27:08; and Kerry Eccles 2992nd in 27:13. Just running out of teams Martin Allison finished 2402nd in 23:27; Stephen Twist was 2855th in 26:00; Peter Rooney 2720th in 24:58; Phil Leaver 3085th with 28:27; and Liz Sharrocks 3115th in 28:53.

Runners don’t have to post a high mileage every week, and in the Wesham Strava leader-board last week Shaun Worden posted one run of 2.6 miles in 21:48. Clare Belfield clocked 3.1 miles (5km) in 28:31 and Michael Barnes 3.3 miles in 37:44. Jim Solan posted 4 miles in 31:48 with 164ft of hills and Julie Kinsey 4 miles in 37:40. Ryan Azzopardi racked up 4.2 miles with 34:10 and Vron Walker 5 miles in 47:20. Antoinette Holton had two runs totalling 5 miles in 49:35, and Dave Britton ran up 197ft of ascent over 5.2 miles in 41:05. The women’s leader-board saw a change last week with Angela Colby running 37.3 miles with 3980ft of climbing in 7:30:42. Helen Lawrenson was on flatter ground logging 30.9 miles in 4:29:21, with Tanya Shaw third with 27.2 miles in 3:56:11. Kerry Eccles had 26 miles in 4:45:34, and Sue Coulthurst 24.8 miles in 3:36:35. Mark Holton topped the men’s league with 54.8 miles in 8:09:45 at an average 8:55 pace. Lee Barlow was second with 54.3 miles in 6:29:09 at 7:10 pace. Daniel Shaw was third with 53.4 miles clocked in 7:38:25 at 8:35 pace. Simon Denye came in fourth with 49 miles in 6:03:25 at an average 7:25 pace, and Steve Myerscough 47.6 miles in 6:10:29. Rob Danson hit the fastest pace with 47.1 miles in 5:07:43 at 6:32. Andrew harling ran 43.9 miles in 5:10:14 at 7:04 and David Taylor 42.2 miles in 4:55:24 at 7:00 pace. The King of the Mountains last week went to Daniel Shaw with 6329ft of ascend and Chaz Colby had 3980ft over 37.4 miles run in 7:31:18. Rob Danson was third with 1498ft. Angela Colby was Queen of the Mountains with her aforementioned 3980ft and Lizzie Nield second with 2215ft over 13.9 miles in 1:57:27. Helen Lawrenson was third with 1522ft of climb.

With the previous week’s Virtual Endure24 relay and last week’s British Masters Virtual Relays there was no club challenge, but this week sees members running a 5k distance in the same time they ran their first one when they started running. An interesting trawl back through club history!  The week also saw the re-launch of Wednesday Structured Session for members with two groups of 5 runners at three locations in different time slots. Booking was provided through the club website.

Back in 1998 it had been a busy week with the Preston Inter Club race and the Freckleton Half Marathon. On a drizzly Wednesday evening Carl King and Alex Rowe whittled down the lead group with King winning and Rowe leading the way for Wesham in 25:51 for the 4.9 miles. Keith Wilding was 14th in 27:35; Gary Pendlebury 18th with 27:43; Gary Moore 32nd in 29:15; Trevor Rayner 41st in 29:44; Phil Leaver 43rd with 30:07; Des Cleary 52nd in 30:35; and the Ians Cosh and Squire 57th and 70th in 31:02 and 32:20. The poor turnout from the men gave them 4th team. Marie Wyld was 118th in 40:23 and Pat Swarbrick 123rd with 41:57. There was another battle for first and second in the Freckleton Half Marathon between Rowe and Paul Muller on a hot and blustery day. Rowe was out to try and break Lionel Gowland’s Fylde Borough Resident, and losing out to Muller first Rowe just missed the record by 2 seconds clocking 1:10:52. Muller was pushed to the limit to record his fastest time over the historic Fylde course. There was another repeat with Keith Wilding next Wesham home 9th in 1:16:14 and Gary Pendlebury 25th in 1:20:38. John Burns won the Freckleton Resident in 1:23:24 in 32nd place; Gary Moore 39th in 1:24:13; Phil Leaver 51st in 1:27:32; Trevor Rayner 53rd with 1:27:55; Ian Cosh 63rd 1:31:02; Ian Squire 72nd with 1:32:57; Dave Young clocked 1:37:13 for 99th place; Reg Chapman 100th in 1:37:21; Ian Rawcliffe 102nd for 1:37:31. Jenny Thompson was first Freckleton woman with 1:49:46 in 201st place with Janice Copeland 203rd in 1:50:11. In the Grasmere Gallop Alan Glasgow finished 80th over the 7.3 mile multi terrain course in 50:46. John Bertenshaw was 91st in 51:36; Martin Bates 180th with 56:36 having run a tough fell race the day before; Brian Wilkinson 392nd in 1:08:24; and Trevor Rawcliffe 393rd in 1:08:34. Two of Wesham’s firefighters had slipped off to Croxteth in Merseyside for the Annual 5 mile in the park. Dave Waywell was beaten by son Peter, while Ian Rawcliffe posted a personal best time of 32:54 to take first Fire Brigade M45. It was Dave and Ian’s second 5-mile race in four days after the West Yorkshire fixture.

The Freckleton Half Marathon was also the big event back in 2006 with 11 Wesham women and 23 men. The club winners were also the local resident winners Joanna Goorney, 3rd woman overall and Les Cornwall, back from Australia for two months who was 9th man. Goorney was also 1st W40 with an excellent run recording 1:29:14 in hot and breezy conditions. Carmel Sullivan was 4th woman and 2nd W40 in 1:20:47 within sight of her younger rival. Sarah Sherratt had another fine run in 11th place and 2nd W35, 102nd overall with 1:37:57. The Wesham women were the team victors. Michaela Dempsey 14th in 1:39:53, winning the Fylde veteran resident category, and Jenny Salt was 21st in 1:44:30. Helen Lawrenson ran well in 25th place with a time of 1:47:15, but Angela Colby was superb with 1:47:23 to finish 27th. Nicola Unsworth ran well in 29th place with 1:48:31; Emma Lund 39th with 1:53:14; and Kerry Eccles a superb new personal best after a long spell injured was 47th with 1:55:42. April Scott had a great run with 2:17:35 for 118th place. Les Cornwall was emphatic with his Freckleton win, 9th place overall in 1:18:35. Lee Barlow was 26th and 7th M35 in 1:23:21; and Karl Lee 27th with 1:24:05. John Collier was 2nd M55 behind Clayton’s Ray Lees, running 1:24:09 for 29th place but lacking some energy. Peter Waywell was 32nd with 1:25:34 and the Wesham men were runners up in the team behind Blackpool. The Wesham women turned out at the 2nd Horwich Jubilee 5-mile road race and put on a good show. Carmel Sullivan finished 2nd woman and 26th in 33:43, 1st W40; Sarah Sherratt was 4th woman and 35th in 35:02, 2nd W35; Michaela Dempsey 8th and 46th with 36:09, 2nd W40; and Kath Hoyer was 12th woman and 61st in 39:28, 2nd W50. The Wesham women were the winning team. Graham Vickers ran the Two Lads Fell Race on Thursday evening, finishing 42nd and 4th M50 in 47:02 for the 5.25 miles with 900ft climb. He went on to run the Hendon Brook 13.5 Fell Race at the weekend finishing 54th in 1:57:58, a tremendous run. Dave Waywell was the 1st Over-60 runner in the Staveley Stampede in North Yorkshire in 1:10:49 for a very scenic undulating 10-mile multi-terrain course. Kath Hoyer was 1st W50 and 11th woman, 62nd overall in 1:21:39. Sarah Sherratt was 5th woman and 40th in the Great Hill Fell Race on Saturday from the festival ground at Brinscall, running 46:42 for the 5.75 miles with 700ft ascent. Shaun Turner was 75th in 55:05. Charles Colby finished 33rd in the Gosforth 10k in western Cumbria on Wednesday evening in 75:42 with Angela Colby 8th woman and 3rd W35, 52nd overall in 81:45.

The Preston Inter Club in 2017 was won by Rob Danson leading Adam Sciacca and Andy Benson to a decisive win over the 4 miles in 21:26. David Taylor ran strongly on a warm evening to finish 11th in 24:15 with Steve Waterhouse 15th in 24:41. Ugis Datavs was 19th in 25:05 and Paul Gregory 27th in 25:34 with Lee Barlow 29th in 25:48. Garry Barnett was 32nd and 4th M50 in 26:00; Les Cornwall 40th with 26:23 and Jason Barlow 42nd in 26:27. The Wesham team finished 2nd with Paul Hetherington 46th in 26:34. Carmel Sullivan was 6th woman and 4th Over-40 in 28:19, Nicola Unsworth was 11th and 8th O-40 in 29:40, Tracey Hulme was 21st and 12th with 32:20, Vicky Gore 49th and 26th in 35:59, and Kerry Eccles 50th and 27th in 36:04. The Wesham ladies were 6th team overall and 3rd Over-40. The Wesham M40s of Waterhouse, Barlow, Barnett, Barlow, Hertherington and Simon Denye 53rd overall and 22nd finished 2nd team, with the M50s Barnett, Peter Cruse 6th in 27:12, Nigel Shepherd 12th with 28:10 and Carmel Sullivan were 2nd team. The M60 team (John Collier 2nd in 28:21, John Bertenshaw 4th with 29:03 and Alan Hudson 5th in 29:22) won their team category. Wesham are 2nd overall all the team categories except the women where they are 4th having won overall last year. Rob Danson dropped out of the Freckleton Half Marathon after leading through halfway with a clear lead but it was the hottest day of the year with temperatures up towards 30 degrees. David Taylor persevered and he finished a creditable 11th with 1:24:46. Garry Barnett was 1st M50 and 17th overall in 1:26:29, with Paul Gregory 20th with 1:27:46, 3rd M45 and Paul Hetherington 28th and 3rd M40 with 1:29:20. Carl Groome finished 66th in 1:39:48, with Michael Rawcliffe 87th in 1:43:00. Helen Lawrenson finished 9th woman and 3rd W45 in 1:45:40, 101st overall, with Mick Goode 141st in 1:50:13. Dave Young was 2nd M65 and 255th overall in 2:06:50; Peter Bartlett 3rd M65 and 275th overall in 2:09:56; Pauline Eccleston was 81st woman and 18th W45 in 2:18:00; Alistair Morris 325th with 2:19:11; Paul Carter 349th in 2:24:10; Victoria Birkett 200th woman in 2:26:24; Anne Berry 102nd with 2:26:53; Julie Rooney 365th in 2:26:53; Sue Rigby 135th with 2:26:53; Caz Wadsworth 136th in 2:41:51; and Michael Kearney 427th with 2:59:44. The lure of the Hawkshead 10k was strong on the long Wednesday evening and Steve Myerscough camping in the area finished 17th in 39:29. Simon Eaton was 51st in 44:54 with Jen Salt 18th woman, 8th W40 and 94th overall, in 49:37. Peter Bartlett was 117th and 10th M60 in 53:03; Russell Mabbett 146th in 57:22 and Chris Moss 157th in 59:54; Paul Carter 160th in 63:01 with Debbie Myerscough 161st with 63:33, 60th woman and 17th W50. It was quite a challenging run on a hot evening with a bumper turnout of 169 competitors.