Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Outdoor action in 2019; Andrew in Bowley Hill and Steven at the Marsden 10

This will be an active week for Wesham, as they field a team in the Virtual NHS Endure24 this weekend, a 24-hour relay with a member each doing an hour’s running between midday Saturday to Sunday and a series of group runs for a final lap of honour. Also started this Wednesday Wesham have 55 runners in the British Masters Virtual 5km Road relays with final entries and runs on Saturday 20th June.

Last week’s Wesham challenge was titled Motivational Madness. The idea was to buddy up with another member and each provide motivation for the other to run a 10k, 5k and 1 mile as a socially distanced pair or virtually in different locations. The result was the combined times of the three runs. James Birchall and Kerry Eccles posted the fastest time, with 58:36 and 57:53 for the 10k; 27:29 and 27:10 for the 5k, and 7:51 and 7:59 for the mile giving 3:06:58. Kay and Stephen Twist were second with 3:09:11, with 56:59 and 58:39; 28:46 and 29:15; and 7:32 and 7:40. Third were Peter and Julie Rooney with 54:06 and 67:52; 24:36 and 32:05; and 7:47 and 8:58 for a total of 3:15:24. Fourth were Dawn Biggs and Sharlan Butcher (59:42 and 59.57; 30:00 and 36:17; and 9:08 and 8:34 for 3:23:38). Liz Sharrocks and Stuart Topping paired up for 62:08 and 58:26; 33:46 and 33:13; and 8.58 each giving 3:25:29; and Peter Cooke and Finlay McCalman who fully teamed up for 73:58; 33:05; and 9:46 each to give 3:53:18. Andrew Moore and Nicola Carter didn’t quite complete the challenge, with 76:06 and 74:02; 35:57 and 36:22; and only 8:33 for the mile. Rob Danson clocked 34:41 for a 10km; father Robert Danson 55:55 for 10k; Les Cornwall 38:26; 18:00; and 5:42 for the three distances; and Claire Axcell 62:00 for a 10k. This week’s challenge is the Wesham June Summer handicap over a 4.9-mile course, each member to run the same course as they have run in a [previous month for comparison.

On last week’s Wesham Strava leader-board there was some movement with the women’s ranking with Kerry Eccles top with 29.7 miles giving a total running time of 5:01:57 at an average 10:10 pace. Sally Deacon was second with 4:46:22 for 28.4 miles at 10:05 pace, and Tanya Shaw third with 25.8 miles in 3:47:54 at 8:50 pace. Suzanne Leonard clocked up 23.9 miles in 3:13:12 at 8:05 pace, with Sue Coulthurst running 2:56:37 for 22.5 miles at 7:51 average speed. Stephen Twist ran 25.8 miles in 4:16:43; Rob Wallace 28.1 miles in 3:51:21; Robert Danson 33.2 miles in 5:10:58; Mark Renshall 34.8 miles in 5:09:08; Neil Gregson 35.9 miles in 4:24:28; Steven Gore 37.1 miles in 4:19:42; Alan Hudson frequently seen out around Cleveleys 38.1 miles in 5:34:01; Andrew Harling 38.5 miles, 4:25:39; Neil Harrison 45.2 miles, 5:23:11; Lee Barlow 46.6 miles, 5:33:11. Coming into the Top 5 Daniel Shaw ran 52.8 miles in 7:21:46 at 8:22 pace; David Taylor 55.4 miles in 6:37:57 at 7:11 per mile; Rob Danson 60 miles in 6:27:00 at 6:27 average pace; Mark Holton 60.7 miles in 8:41:06, 8:35 average pace, and heading the leader-board Simon Denye with 66.2 miles in 8:14:03 at 7:27 pace. Queen of the Mountains once again was Helen Lawrenson with 1155ft of climb over her weekly total of 14.1 miles with her main run over the tops at Oakenclough clocking 1:55:09. Antoinette Holton had 1019ft over 14.6 miles in 4:24:30; and Kerry Eccles 616ft with Suzanne Leonard close behind with 614ft of climb. King of the Mountains was Daniel Shaw with 4652ft, with Neil Whipp second with 2221ft over 9.6 miles in a time of 1:44:00. Neil Gregson was 3rd with 1929ft and David Taylor just behind with 1900ft.

This week just a year ago it was a time to get out and about for Wesham members. In the Catforth 10k on Sunday Chris Hastwell finished 7th in 38:39; Steve Abbott was 9th in 39:55 finishing 3rd M40; and  Steve Myerscough came in 14th and 1st M45 with 41:56. Peter Cruse was 3rd M55 and 22nd overall in 43:34. Finlay McCalman was 70th in 51:52; and Sharlan Butcher 30th woman and 99th in 60:09. The Wesham Trail Running Championship continued in the Marsden 10 Mile Trail race on Sunday across the Yorkshire moors, where Paul Gregory took it all in his stride and finished 8th and 2nd M40 in 1:14:46, with two severe climbs over the moorland circuit. Steven Gore rose to the challenge coming in 18th in 1:19:59 as 4th M35. Elliot Costello finished well in 68th place in a time of 1:28:47. John Burns ran the very historic and traditional Blaydon Race on Sunday evening along the Scotswood Road out of Newcastle to Blaydon over 5.4 miles of the Tyne valley, finishing 853rd in this popular event in a time of 41:39, placing 14th M60. Emma Brook was 799th woman and 2457th in 52:53. There were 4168 runners overall finishing glamorously in the Morrisons supermarket car park. The week before it had been the annual club weekend at the Grasmere Gallop where James Mulvany finished 2nd and 1st M40 in the 10k race in 39:09. Jason Barlow finished 16th and 5th M50 in 44:47; Ryan Azzopardi 49th in 53:32, and Alan Taylor 266th in 20:32. In the 17km trail race with 1000ft elevation Paul Gregory was top with 5th place and 2nd M40 with 1:15:04; Steve Myerscough finished 38th and 14th M40 in 1:26:39; Helen Lawrenson was 5th woman and 1st W40 in 1:28:48. John Collier won the M60 age category in 50th place with 1:30:24; Jen Salt finished 25th woman and 109th overall, 8th W40 in 1:47:15; Finlay McCalman 111th with 1:47:46, and Paul Carter 163rd in 1:58:33. Chris Moss had a go in the Nordic Walking event and he came in 82nd in 2:04:31 over the 10km route. Rob Danson was a clear winner in the second race in the Kendal AC Series, this time the Levens 10k on Wednesday evening. He clocked 32:30 on the half flat, half hilly course to win by 2 and a half minutes. Chris was 15th in 39:38 with Lee Barlow 23rd with 42:39. Helen Lawrenson finished 4th woman and 2nd W40 in 45:14, 37th overall. Jen Salt was 15th woman and 6th W40 in 51:41, 59th overall. Maureen and James Danson came in 68th and 69th with 55:37. Steve Littler finished 2nd in the Wharfedale Trail Half Marathon in Yorkshire, clocking 1:28:04 over the moors with 2000ft of climb. Dan Shaw finished 51st in 1:48:21 with Chas Colby 176th in 2:11:44. Angela Colby finished 77th woman and 280th overall in 2:27:42, 12th W45. Chas and Angela went on to run another event on the fells on Sunday finishing in Kirkby Stephen having come over the Nine Standards. Peter Cruse ran the Morecambe 10k race and he finished 25th in 42:34, placing 2nd M55.

Six years ago in 2014 Wesham had completed the Welsh Castles Relay for their 11th year; 20 stages over a weekend and 207 miles from Caernarfon Castle to Cardiff Castles passing many of Wales’ most impressive fortifications (Criccieth, Harlech, Brecon, Cyfarthfa, Caerphilly) as well as dozens of hidden mottes, baileys and ruins. Starting and finishing with thunderous rain the club finished 37th and 5th Veterans teams with a cumulative time of 25:38:19. The team produced 3 top 10 finishes with Jason Barlow 7th on Stage 6 with 1:04:53 for 10.7 miles (Barmouth to Dolgelly), Alex Rowe 6th on Stage 8 in 1:06:12 over 10.2 miles (Dinas Mawddwy to Foel) and Lee Barlow 4th on Stage 18 in 54:54 for 9.1 miles (Myrthyr to Abercynon), with. Rowe and Lee Barlow receiving yellow Veteran Stage Winners jerseys. The six mountain stages were tackled by Sarah Sherratt on Stage 2 (12.3 miles, 500ft), 50th in 1:30:23; John Collier on Stage 7 (9.7 miles, 1170ft), 33rd in 1:08:27; Troy Watson on stage 10 (13.1 miles, 850ft), 26th in 1;30:15; John Bertenshaw on Stage 11 (12.8 miles, 800ft), 46th in 1:32:58); Gary Moore on Stage 14 (10.8 miles, 1220ft), 59th in 1:32:41; Jen Salt on Stage 18 (8.8 miles, 1000ft), 61st in 1:18:04, giving the team 6th place on the Mountain Monarchs Leaderboard with a cumulative time of 8:32:48. Paul Carter got the team off on Saturday morning over Stage 1 with 1:24:40 for 9.1 miles (58th); Tracey Hulme on Stage 2 with 1:24:15 for 10.7 miles to Criccieth (59th); Mark Midgley Stage 4 with 1:09:48 for 9.5 miles to Harlech (29th); John Sharples Stage 5 for 9.6 miles to Barmouth in 1:16:06 (36th); Sharon Cooper Stage 9 in 1:04:55 for 8.5 miles to Castle Caereinion (40th); Phil Leaver 1:18:35 on Stage 12 11.2 miles (36th); Helen Lawrenson 1:14:28 on Stage 13 for 10.6 miles to Builth Wells (28th); Sue Coulthurst 1:30:31 on Stage 15 12.8 miles to Brecon (34th); Chris Moss 1:09:40 on Stage 17 9.2 miles (45th); Lisa Minns on Stage 19 1:05:42 for 7.7 miles (48th); and Alan Taylor brought the team in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon over Stage 20 in 1:20:52 for 10.7 miles (59th). There was a record turnout of 242 runners at the opening Cuerden Valley Badger Run. Wesham did well with 7 Ladies and 7 Men; Carmel Sullivan finished 3rd woman and 1st W45 in 42:55 for the undulating multi terrain 10km, 22nd overall. Sarah Sherratt was 12th woman and 3rd W40 in 47:44, 76th overall; Nicola Unsworth 13th and 78th in 47:55, 4th W40; Michaela Dempsey 22nd and 101st in 50:02, 5th W45; Sara Ward 36th and 136th in 53:22; Laura Wilsdon was 88th and 222nd in 66:24. Paul Gregory finished 8th in 40:16, with Garry Barnett 18th with 42:24, 1st M45; George Kennedy 6th M55 77th in 47:54; Chris Moss 98th in 49:40; Brian Jones 100th in 49:51; Peter Bartlett 1st M65 and 110th with 51:21; Paul Carter 189th 58:42. Nigel Shepherd ran the Morecambe 10k on a fine Sunday morning; he finished 51st in 42:48, 3rd M55; John Howorth 179th  in 56:06, 8th M60.

In 2005 fifteen years ago this week the club had also run the Welsh Castles. The best performances from the Wesham team came from Alex Rowe (4th on the 13.3-mile Mountain Stage 10 in 1:17:02), Julian Mawson (5th on Mountain Stage 3, 1:08:38 for 12.1 miles), Ian Sharples (6th for Stage 2 in 1:02:37, 10.7 miles), Alan Hudson (6th on Stage 4 with 57:55 over 9.4 miles), and Charlie Pass (7th on Mountain Stage 14, running 1:06:07 for 11 miles). George Kennedy ran 1:08:51 over 10.7 miles on Stage 6 to finish 10th, and Karl Lee was also 10th on Stage 13 with 1:05:06 for 10.6 miles. On the other stages: Stage 1 Phil Leaver – 1:05:53 (9.1, 21st); Stage 5 Reg Chapman – 1:09:37 (9.6, 22nd); Stage 7 Andy Yelland – 1:08:33 (9.75, 26th); Stage 8 Mark Midgley – 1:17:54 (11.2, 30th); Stage 9 Ian Cosh – 1:01:20 (8.6, 24th); Stage 11 Alan Taylor – 1:32:41 (12.3, 42nd); Stage 12 Dave Young – 1:32:52 (11.2, 51st); Stage 15 Graham Vickers – 1:29:36 (12.4, 39th); Stage 16 Bernadette Dickinson – 1:10:36 (9.0, 41st); Stage 17 Paul Carter – 1:03:37 (9.2, 26th); Stage 18 Peter Cooke – 1:14:06 (9.1, 45th); Stage 19 Paul Dunkerley – 1:11:02 (10.4, 17th); Martin Bates brought the team home over the 10.4 miles of Stage 20 into Cardiff in 18th position in overall in 1:09:51 giving a cumulative time of 23hrs 53mins and 54secs in 26th place. In the Haigh Hall 5 on Thursday, Steve Myerscough came 51st in 31:59 over the hilly course. Later in the week he came 8th in the 12th Annual Railsport Games on a 10k course in Blackpool’s Stanley Park, recording 40:08. On Wednesday, Lionel Gowland ran 42:45 in the Roberttown 7 in Yorkshire, finishing 9th and 1st Over-50. On Saturday, Dave Waywell just pipped Peter Cruse in the Bendrigg Lodge 10km in Cumbria as the pair finished 7th and 8th in 37:26 and 37:34. Dave was 1st Over-60 and Peter 1st Over-40. Kath Hoyer ran 46:07 to finish 2nd woman and 1st Over-45. Barry Edwards was 53rd in 47:26 and John Butler 76th with 52:26. Peter Cruse went on to finish 15th the next day in the wonderfully scenic Grasmere Gallop 7-mile multi-terrain race, while Dave Waywell found it tough going in the West Yorkshire Fire 5-mile race. Peter ran 48:19, to claim the Over-40 spot again, while Dave was 17th behind some of his rivals although still 1st Over-60 in 30:28. Joining Peter in Grasmere, Derek Goodenough was 2nd Over-60 in 136th position with 1:01:12, while John Howorth (M50) was 120th in 1:00:01; Peter Bartlett (M55) 133rd with 1:00:57; Mike Owen (M55) 189th in 1:05:43; John Whiteman (M60) 254th with 1:11:48. Kath Hoyer ran the Fire 5 in 37:26, 4th woman, 4th Veteran, but 1st Fire Service lady.