Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Great picture from 2018 but no idea where it was or what the occasion was! Haigh Hall?

Last week’s Wesham Virtual Challenge was a 5-mile run at a steady pace, irrespective of overall speed (i.e. could be run at top speed or slow speed). M70 ace Dave Young topped the table with a metronomic pace of 9:11 per mile, just let down by speeding up by 2 seconds approaching home, giving him a finish time of 45:49.  Stuart Topping was next most consistent with a 5-second differential starting and finishing with 7:44 pace for 38:41, and Mark Renshall also 5 seconds from 8:18 with a total time of 41:36. Rob Wallace had 8 seconds together with Tom Crabtree, the pair totting 43:11 and 36:08 from 8:37 and 7:14 mile pace. Sharlan Butcher recorded an 11 second difference with 49:54; long-term member John Burns 13 seconds from 7:58 to 7:54 with 39:15; Dawn Biggs also 13 seconds from a start pace 9:38 to 10:01 (48:16 total); Andrew Moore 15 seconds wit 45:04 (9:00 starting pace); Tanya Shaw 18 seconds from 8:51 (44:08 total); and on 20 seconds Julie Rooney (10:34 pace to 10:29 and 10:39 with 53:01 overall); and Emma Louise (9:53 to 9:29 and 9:47 with 48:23 overall).  Martin Allison had a difference of 25 seconds with a total time of 46:17 varying from an initial 9:17 down to 9:24 and up to 9:04; Lee Lawrenson 25 seconds (41:56 from 8:28 to 8:12); Garry Barnett 34 seconds (34:49 from 7:04 to 6:48); Sally Deacon 36 seconds (53:25 from 10:44 to 10:31); Stephen Twist 47 seconds (9:58 to 9:41); Kerry Eccles 64 seconds (49:19 from 9:54 to 9:27); Lee Barlow 64 seconds (36:56 from 7:23 to 7:13); and Alek Walker 66 seconds (35:53 speeding up from 7:25 to 7:02).

In last week’s Strava leader-board for Wesham Mark Holton achieved the highest mileage with 75.7 miles clocking an ultra-distance run of 29.9 miles, clocking 11:11:43 with a staggering average pace of 8:51. Rob Danson was second at 68.2 miles at a nifty 6:31 average pace giving him time on his feet of 7:25:16, perhaps in haste to return to his new-born. Simon Denye was also heavily into training with 54.8 miles in 6:39:08 at an average 7:17. Also in the high-mileage category Steven Gore recorded 51.5 miles in 5:54:29, average 6:53 per mile; David Taylor with 49.9 miles in  5:45:58 at 6:56 mile speed; and Daniel Shaw at 46.5 miles in 6:41:27 (average pace 8:38 per mile). Top of the women’s leader-board Helen Lawrenson once again with 33.8 miles, 5:10:58 at 9:12 pace; Kerry Eccles 29.5 miles in 5:02:52 (10:16 pace) and Sue Coulthurst 26.7 miles at 7:55 pace giving a total running time of 3:31:23. Liz Sharrocks clocked up 26 miles in 4:13:04 at 9:44 and Tanya Shaw 25.3 miles at 8:49 giving a total of 3:43:04. King of the Mountains last week was Daniel Shaw with 5515ft of uphill over just 5 runs with Steve Swarbrick 2nd with 3947ft over 4 runs of 34.6 miles in 4:31:19.  Helen Lawrenson was 3rd overall and Queen of the Mountains with 3022ft in her 6 runs, and 3rd male was Rob Danson with his 2380ft running 7 times. Liz Sharrocks was 2nd woman with 1009ft across 7 runs, and 3rd placed was Kerry Eccles with 703ft climb in 5 runs. A lot can be achieved with just a few runs over a short distance as demonstrated by Tony Leach who ascended 1188ft in 3 runs totalling 15.1 miles (2:09:37); and Neil Whipp who in 2 runs totalling 10.7 miles climbed 1335ft in 1:46:17. Sally Deacon ran 15.2 miles over 3 runs (2:28:38 and 324ft); Tom Farquhar 13.8 miles in 1:43:44 in 2 runs; Alice Deacon 13.6 miles over 2 runs in 2:04:54 (371ft); Sean Murray 13 miles in 1:54:11 (3 runs, 310ft); Vron Walker 12.5 miles on 3 runs in 1:51:15 and 447ft of climb; Rich Burnett 12.2 miles (1:38:37, 3 runs, 536ft); Jim Solan 11.7 miles (1:30:17, 2 runs, 464ft); Jayne Tomlinson 11.5 miles (1:59:24; 2 runs; 664ft); and James Birchall 11.2 miles (2:02:16; 3 runs; 674ft).

Great Britain Masters athletes won the Open European Masters Virtual 5k Challenge last week which was nominally based in Lausanne. Northern Masters members in the winning team included Sara Avery, Dot Kesterton, Steve Smith (Preston), Anthony Whitehouse and Steve Watmough (Warrington).

England Athletics have announced this week that their previously advised date of 31st May for end of suspension of athletic activity has been extended indefinitely with restricted return to training. At present the separate suspension of competitive activity until 30th June still stands and will be reviewed again in the coming weeks. some training is now possible at outdoor tracks, but this is managed locally according to the nature of the facility, and indoor centres all remain closed. Athletes should read all the guidance on the England Athletics website and ensure they follow all the guidelines.

This week two years ago (2018) David Taylor ran in the first Horwich Jubilee 5 race of this year’s series, finishing 8th in 29:40 for the undulating 5-mile lap. Andrew Harling was 20th in 32:52. Helen Lawrenson was 1st W45 and 3rd woman in 34:41, finishing 28th overall. Rob Wallace was 47th in 37:25, just ahead of Martin Bates who finished 4th M60 and 48th overall in 37:30. Kay Twist came in 5th W45 and 19th woman with a time of 40:58, 64th overall. Vicky Gore finished 3rd W40 and 21st woman in 43:03 for 69th place with Steven Gore the same time in 70th. Kerry Eccles was 4th W55 and 28th woman in 45:35. The Wesham men’s and women’s teams both placed 3rd in a good evening out for the club. The European Masters Non-Stadia championships took place in Alicante Spain over the weekend (road walks and road running) and there were three Wesham members present with two other Fylde competitors. Alex Rowe and Alan Glasgow were there supporting the GB Masters team and Phil Leaver was competing with former Wesham member Trevor Rayner and Poulton ace Phil Leybourne. In the 10km on Friday Phil Leaver finished 33rd M60 in 50:11 in humid conditions; Leybourne was 6th M50 in 34:48 clinching GBR bronze medals, and Rayner also bronze team medals in 39:56. In the cross country relays on Saturday Leybourne was in the GB team placing 4th but Rayner earned another team bronze in the M55 team. Finally Sunday saw the half marathon, where Phil Leaver ran the undulating course in warm conditions again to come in 37th M60 in 1:52:50, with Leybourne 4th M50 (1:17:30) and Rayner 26th M55 in 1:33:35, a creditable run while suffering with a troublesome hamstring. Kath Hoyer ran in the Worden Park 10k on Sunday, finishing 7th woman and 1st W55 in 50:43, 68th overall. Dave Waywell was 144th and 3rd M70 in 58:55. Paul Carter ran the Windermere Marathon finishing 531st in 5:33:02 over the undulating course from Brathay Hall right round the Lake. Three Wesham members ran the Great Manchester run behind Mo Farah on Sunday; Ben Wrigley finished 1343rd in 48:24; Sharon Cooper 1568th in 49:15, 141st woman and 16th W40; and Rob Wallace clocked 50:06 for 1842nd place.

In 2012 eight years ago Wesham had a good showing in the Windermere Marathon and John Bertenshaw ran an excellent 3:17:39 to finish 32nd and 1st M55 just missing a 3:15 qualifying time for the London Marathon. Charles Colby made a good effort and he finished 98th in 3:36:35. Troy Watson ran his second marathon in a month with 3:36:36 in 99th right behind Charles. James Hewell made a solid statement with 3:46:43 for 161st place and Jenny Salt excelled to finish 27th woman in 3:54:00. Nigel Shepherd completed his 5th Windermere with a personal best of 2 minutes finishing 200th in 3:52:13 and 13th M50. Angela Colby was 38th woman and 11th W40 in 3:58:12 in 254th place overall with John Howorth 13th M55 and 494th with 4:31:11. Rob Danson clocked up another second place in the Worden Park 10k in Leyland on Sunday running the second half with a migraine headache dropping a minute behind the winner and clocking a fine 35:32 but still half a minute clear of his chasers. Simon Eaton was the first Wesham finisher of nine in the Fishwick 5 Mile road race on Sunday, clocking 35:12 for 10th place having originally intended to run the Windermere Marathon. He was 3rd M40. Alan Taylor was 12th and 4th  M40 in 38:18, with Kath Hoyer 2nd woman 2nd W50 and 14th overall in 40:21. John Sharples was 1st M55 and 14th overall in 41:14. Jenn Thompson was 5th woman and 21st overall in 43:04 with Michaela Dempsey a minute behind in 6th place and 22nd with a time of 44:05, 1st W45. Peter Cooke was 24th and 1st M50 in 44:36; Paul Carter 26th with 45:09; George Flanagan 27th and 4th M60 in 45:11. Lee Barlow was 22nd and 4th M40 in the first Horwich Jubilee series race over the 5 mile distance clocking 32:17. Joanna Goorney continued her fine form finishing 1st W40 and 2nd woman in 46th place overall with 34:25 on the undulating two-lap route. George Kennedy was 78th and 12th M50 in 36:08. Emma Lund was 8th woman in 85th place in 36:31; Helen Lawrenson dropped behind to finish 11th woman and 3rd W40 in 36:57; Sarah Sherratt was 13th woman and 4th W40 in 107th place with 38:06; Sharon Cooper was 31st, 10th W35 and 167th in 44:04; Peter Cooke 181st with 45:34. The ladies won the women’s team, a fine performance just holding off Burnden by 4 points but the men failed to complete a full team.

Fourteen years ago, in 2006, attention turned to track and field with a Three Clubs meeting on Wednesday evening at the Stanley Park Track in Blackpool, staged between Wesham, North Fylde and Lytham. Hosted by North Fylde Wesham were emphatic winners, with outright wins for Graham Ingham (200m), Trevor Rayner and Jo Frodsham (800m), Lee Barlow and Yvonne Russell (Mile), Karl Lee (3000m), Peter Gleaves and Stef McPheely (Shot Putt), and Graham Vickers (Javelin). The 4×400 Men’s Relay team of Steve Myerscough, George Kennedy, Trevor Rayner and Alex Rowe were also victorious.

Full results: 100m Steve Myerscough 3rd 13.3; Peter Gleaves 6th 15.1; Katy Ingham 2nd 15.2; Becky Ingham 6th 19.2; 200m Graham Ingham 1st 26.4; Les Cornwall 2nd 26.8; Stef McPheely 4th 35.7; Celia Gregory 6th 41.4 400m Alex Rowe 3rd 65.3; Jack Ingham 5th 81.7; Sue Coulthurst 2nd 81.5; Mandy Ingham 4th 90.0 800m Trevor Rayner 1st 2:28.9; Des Cleary 5th 2:46.3; Jo Frodsham 1st 2:51.4; Kath Hoyer 2nd 3:01.8 Mile Lee Barlow 1st 4:59.7; Steve Myerscough 2nd 5:08.8; Yvonne Russell 1st 6:17.2; Andrea Rayner 5th 7:50.3 3000m Karl Lee 1st 10:14.0; Martin Bates 6th 11:28.3; Julie Murphy 4th 13:52.0 4x400m Men Wesham 1st; Women Wesham 3rd.

Long Jump Graham Vickers 2nd 4.60; Dave Waywell 6th 2.00; Katy Ingham 2nd 3.45; Becky Ingham 6th 2.15 Shot Putt Peter Gleaves 1st 11.10; Mike Owen 4th 10.91; Stef McPheely 1st 6.95; Jo Frodsham 2nd 6.90 Javelin Graham Vickers 1st 28.30; Reg Chapman 6th 11.01; Jo Frodsham 2nd 13.25; Stef McPheely 3rd 9.40.

In the second Mid Lancs Track & Field meeting at Blackburn Alex Rowe and Karl Lee ran both the 800m and 1500m, finishing 9th and 12th in the 800m (2:18.2 and 2:20.5) and 6th and 7th in the 1500m (4:38.5 and 4:50.3). Alex went on to finish 3rd in the 3000m (9:50.0) with Alan Hudson 10th in 10:53.3. Karl Lee was saving himself for the 3000m at Stretford on Tuesday evening, where he ran a fine 10:05.85.Steve Littler was the first Wesham finisher in the Chorley 10 in and out of Leyland’s Worden Park, finishing the 2-lapper in 8th position with 54:48 in cool and windy conditions. Barry Peatfield had a stormer, running under the hour for 59:26 and 31st place, wining the M55 category. Russell Mabbett and Peter Cruse completedt he men’s team in 4th place with 1:00:41 (44th) and 1:01:14 (51st) respectively, also helping the veteran team to an overall win. Dave Waywell won the M60 category in 1:03:41 (65th overall), and Tony Robbins was 3rd M65 (235th overall in 1:18:15). Yvonne Russell was the leading Wesham lady (28th in 1:18:25, 231st overall). Kath Hoyer was 3rd W45 (187th overall with 1:13:43.

Other Chorley 10 results: Men 61.Lee Barlow 1:03:30; 63.John Bertenshaw M50 1:03:34; 67.Andy Yelland 1:03:55; 75.Keith Wilding M45 1:04:31; 97.Peter Waywell 1:05:53; 134.Garry DeBanke M45 1:08:35; 147.Christopher Wilding 1:10:43; 161.Alan Taylor 1:12:25; 189.Paul Gardner M40 1:13:50; 190.Graham Vickers M45 1:13:54; 197.Peter Cooke M45 1:14:47; 199.Brian Porter M40 1:14:58; 211.Reg Chapman M55 1:16:09; 245.Stephen Wilkinson M50 1:19:51; 256.Finlay McCalman M40 1:21:48; 267.Bernie Krawcyk M50 1:23:02; 273.George Flanagan M55 1:23:50; 292.David Young M55 1:26:46 Women 280.Julie Murphy W40 1:24:58; 283.Pauline Weller W45 1:25:37; 306.Mandy Ingham W35 1:28:43; 345.Jenny Gomery W35 1:45:27