Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Carmel, Kerry and Nicola in the sun at the Inter-Club

Wesham hosted their second 4.9-mile Virtual Handicap in place of the physical monthly run over the Summer course around Treales. Runners are asked to devise a 4.9-mile course of their own in the current social distancing guidelines and to stick to this course for each submission to the monthly Virtual handicap. Running scratch Julie Rooney headed round a course using some of the Freckleton Half Marathon clocking 51:47. Emma Brook ran 47:08 also on scratch, and Kerry Eccles clocked 46:43. Dawn Biggs ran 46:18 and Liz Sharrocks 45:47. David Taylor clocked the fasts time of 29:09 with the biggest handicap, on the actual Summer course round Treales. Les Cornwall was 2nd fastest in 30:13, and Alek Walker third in 30:37, also using the Treales club route. Jason Parkinson was 4th with 34:03 running around Westby and Wrea Green from the west end of Kirkham. Nigel Shepherd was 5th in 37:05, and Suzanne Leonard the first woman in 37:41. Stuart Topping ranked 7th with 38:17; Tara Fisher 2nd woman in 38:23; and Peter Rooney 9th in 38:48. Alan Hudson ran 38:52; John Burns 40:35; Vron Walker 40:52; Andrew Moore 41:13; Tanya Shaw 42:27; Robert Danson (senior) 42:56; Dave Young 43:46; Jo McCaffery 45:00; Louise Lord 45:35; Steven Twist 45:40; and Kay Twist 45:44.

Steven Gore headed the Wesham Strava leader-board last week with 70.2 miles completed in 8:56:40 as he got himself our and about with a total of 16 runs with his longest run at 11.1 miles and an average speed of 7:38 per mile. Simon Denye was second with 63.9 miles in 7:52:52, also 16 runs and an average pace of 7:24 per mile. Mark Holton was 3rd in 9:34:44 with 63 miles; 7 runs only with his longest at 28 miles and an average speed of 9:07. Suzanne Leonard was again the farthest travelled Wesham woman with 43.9 miles in 5:54:52, 7 runs at 8:05 pace. Sue Coulthurst was 2nd woman with 5 runs totalling 33.6 miles run in 4:26:34, with Helen Lawrenson 33 miles in 4:59:12, 5 runs again at 9:04 average. Mid table Paul Eccles clocked 25.3 miles in 3:27:02; Tara Fisher 24.9 in 3:17:57; Tanya Shaw 24.2 in 3:26:30; Steve Waterhouse 24.1 miles in 3:09:11 (8 runs at 7:51 pace); Elizabeth Johnson 24 miles in 3:59:36; Jason Parkinson 23.9 in 3:00:27; Liz Sharrocks 23.4 miles in 3:47:22; Nigel Shepherd 22.9 miles in 3:34:53. King of the Mountains was Neil Gregson with 3442ft, covering 50.1 miles over 7 runs in 6:32:27, longest run 15.2 miles. Dan Shaw was 2nd with 3353ft, 30.6 miles in 4:13:59, and 3rd was Andrew Harling with 2162ft over 49.7 miles in a time of 6:20:12. Queen of the Mountain was Helen Lawrenson with 2142ft; 2nd being Suzanne Leonard (1494ft); and 3rd was Liz Sharrocks with 902ft. Nigel Shepherd had 1753ft of climb over the week.

This week’s challenge to Wesham members is a 5-mile run at a steady pace regardless of the speed. The results will be in next week’s report. The club are also preparing for the Mizuno Endure24 NHS 24 Hour Challenge, a virtual 24-hour event with team members running an hour slot each on 13th and 14th June, and the British Masters Virtual Road Relays from 14th to 20th June, with over 25 members committed to both events.

 21 years ago in 1999 it had been a busy week for Wesham, just a week after four teams had run the 10-stage Manchester to Blackpool Relay. This week there were mid-week events with the Haigh Hall 5, Lancaster Supper Run, Chorley On the Park, Chester Half Marathon, Chorley 10, Northern Veterans Track and Field Championships, and a Wesham Predictor race. In the Lancaster Supper Run on Thursday evening Alex Rowe came in 1st in 20:36 for the four-mile course. Positions not recorded, but Peter Aldersley ran 23:59; John Bertenshaw 25:07; Peter Cooke 27:46; Derek Goodenough 29:20; Greig Evans 29:25; Sue Godfrey 30:21; Janet Niemiec 21:35; and Wendy Smith 33:17. Derek Goodenough had run the Haigh Hall 5 the previous evening clocking 37:09 for the hilly 2-lapper in the country park. Trevor Rayner ran a personal best in the Chester Half Marathon, finishing 102nd in 1:22:27. Sue Godfrey ran her debut at the distance coming in 1272nd in 1:58:18, and Janet Niemiec 1418th in 2:07:26.  Both ladies were new to running and had benefited from running cross country for Wesham though the winter. In the Chorley 10-Mile race Peter Aldersley finished 25th in 59:31 with John Bertenshaw 68th in 66:23. Ian Cosh was 78th with 67:44, John Howorth 111th in 1:12:45 and Brian Wilkinson 156th in 1:21:00. Alex Rowe had run the Northern Veterans Track & Field Championships in Warrington, running 4:19.9 for 1500m, 15:28.7 for 5000m and 2:14.2 for the 800m. John Whiteman (M55) won the Wesham Predictor race with a difference of just 1 second over 38:39 running time. Peter Bartlett (M50) was second with 3 seconds difference (36:57) and Andy Yelland 3rd with 5 seconds (29:25). Gary Pennington was 5 seconds out with 40:25; Wendy Smith 10 seconds with 44:05; and George Flanagan also 10 seconds with 44:20.

Thirteen years ago in 2007 Wesham had taken three teams to the British Masters Road Relays in Sutton Park on Saturday. The M40 team of John Bertenshaw (17:55), Peter Cruse (17:24), Trevor Rayner (18:14), Russell Mabbett (18:22), Graham Vickers (19:06), Phil Leaver (20:19), Chris Whitlock (18:01) and Ian Sharples (18:43) finished 30th in the 8-stage race with a total time of 2:48:04, and the W35 team of Michaela Dempsey (19:39), Sarah Sherratt (20:33), Julie Cruse (20:33) and Carmel Sullivan (20:12) were 9th in the 4-stage (1:20:57). The M50 team (Alan Hudson 18:04, Alex Rowe 16:08, Derek Buckley 18:06, John Collier 17:26, Martin Bates 17:49 and Gary Pendlebury 16:48) were 7th in the 6-stage in 1:44:21 but the bronze medal team were just 50 seconds ahead. Brian Porter ran the 3000m Steeplechase in the Lancashire Track & Field Championships in Blackpool’s Stanley Park, winning a bronze county medal, and Karl Lee was 3rd and bronze medallist in the 3000m in 17:23.70. Jonathan Prowse had won the Preston Inter-Club race on Thursday evening in 24:45 for the 4.9 mile course along the banks of the Ribble with Steve Littler 2nd in 25:28. Charlie Pass was 6th in 26:07; Les Cornwall 15th in 27:28; Lee Barlow 18th (27:58); Steve Myerscough 24th (28:36); Martin Bates (M50) 29th (28:56); Richard Davies (M45) 32nd (29:17); Joe Hodkinson 34th (29:21); Russ Mabbett (M40) 38th (29:41); Derek Buckley (M50) 39th (29:42: John Bertenshaw (M50) 40th (29:44). For the women, Joanna Goorney (W35) was 73rd in 31:58; Michaela Dempsey (W40) 78th in 32:16; Carmel Sullivan (W40) 100th with 33:54; Julie Cruse (W45) 103rd in 34:17; Kath Hoyer (W45) 107th with 34:49; and Tracey Hulme (W40) 146th in 39:01. Graham Vickers also ran the Golden Ball 5k on Sunday finishing 21st in 20:25 and Pauline Weller was 50th in 25:40.

Three years in 2017 there had been another Inter Club this time at Lytham as the dates had been re-arranged. Rob Danson was midway through his current winning streak, pulling away from the start with Preston’s Dave Rigby and new Wesham recruit Joe Monk. Rob won by 5 seconds in 25:23 from Monk who dropped back to 3rd place with 26:43. James Mulvany was powering behind and finished 8th in 28:20 with David Taylor 11th in 29:04. Garry Barnett came through for 20th in 30:04, 2nd M50, with Jason Barlow just overhauling his tiring sibling Lee in 25th and 26th with 30:12 to 32:15, the pair 8th and 9th M45s.  Steve Myerscough was 35th in 30:45; Paul Gregory 42nd with 31:17; Arran Galvin 53rd in 32:03; Les Cornwall 57th in 32:08; Peter Cruse 62nd in 32:20, 8th M50; Simon Denye 65th with 32:30; Carl Groome 69th in 32:38; Steven Gore 79th in 33:16; Jason Blagden 91st in 33:43; and Stuart Topping 92nd with 33:44 despite taking a fall in congestion at the start. Carmel Sullivan was Wesham’s first woman finisher in 8th with 34:01, 4th Over-40. Nicola Unsworth 12th in 34:31; Helen Lawrenson 13th in 34:33; Sue Coulthurst 16th 35:10; Sarah Sherratt 20th 36:01; Jenny Salt 39th 38:58; Kerry Eccles 63rd 41:29; Vicky Gore 65th 41:51; Diane Blagden 68th 42:22. The womens’ W40 team won with their open team 3rd; the men’s team, M40 and M50 veterans were 2nd. David Taylor was 5th in the Worden Park 10k on Sunday morning in 36:44, a good time for the undulating lap course. Peter Cruse was 31st and 5th M50 in 40:50; Alan Taylor finished 167th in 51:58 and Stephen Wilkinson 204th in 54:54; Debbie Myerscough was 57th woman and 5th W50, 220th overall in 56:42. This was a popular race with 370 runners in good conditions. Jessica Coulthurst ran the Wavertree Mystery 5k on Wednesday evening in Liverpool finishing 138th in 23:47, 12th woman and 1st U23.