Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Tom Crabtree, Andrew Harling and Chris Hastwell in good position in the Mid Lancs at Burnley

It was the first busy week for athletics with a Mid Lancs cross country fixture on Saturday and the Garstang 10k on Sunday, both very popular events and a great start to the new year.

The Mid Lancs was the fourth fixture out of the six in the 2019/20 year played in Townley Park in Burnley, and Wesham carried on the good support with 16 men and 8 women.  In the Senior Women’s race over a short, medium and large lap of 5.8km Wesham’s leading lady was Helen Lawrenson with a strong run to finish 5th W45 and 36th in 24:44. Kay Twist came through well to place 17th W45 and 78th in 27:15. Anne Mayers-Smith finished strongly as 31st W35 and 85th with 27:34. Kath Hoyer was 5th W55 and 94th in 28:02. Maureen Danson was 32nd W45 and 133rd with 30:48; Clare Belfield 56th W35 and 150th in 32:45; Sally Deacon 40th W45 and 153rd in 33:01; and Tanya Barlow 48th W45 and 173rd in 36:43. The Senior Women’s team were 18th and a ‘B’ team 36th; the W35 team were 8th with the best result a 3rd place for the W45 team. In the accompanying M70 race Dave Young finished 6th in 31:53 with Peter Bartlett battling off a hamstring pull to come in 7th with 32:15. The M70 team were 3rd this time after a win at both two previous fixtures in Liverpool and Hyndburn. They have all to play for to stay on top for the rest of the season.

In the Senior Men’s 3-lap 9.8km race Steve Swarbrick was again first home for Wesham, finishing 24th and 3rd M40 in a top-quality field. David Taylor ran well, slipping ahead of Swarbrick at one point but finishing 32nd in 37:42. Tom Crabtree had a good result placing 49th in 38:31, with Steve Abbott making an excellent late bid for 55th place and 13th M40. Andrew Harling was just behind in 57th place with 38:59 and Chris Hastwell 66th in 39:20. Lee Barlow was 21st M40 and 76th in 40:02; Phil Quibell 4th M60 and 169th with 44:17; Gary Pendlebury finished 5th M60 and 172nd in Steve Myerscough 175th and 44:35. Nigel Shepherd was 6th M60 in 45:16, and John Collier 8th and 198th with 46:01. Martin Bates was 10th M60 and 224th with 48:30, and Ben Wrigley finished 262nd in 55:36. The Wesham men finished 5th team, and excellent result, with the ‘B’ team 22nd. The M40 team were 4th, another good result, with the M50s 6th and the M60 were top again with very possibility now of winning the season for a second year.

In the Garstang 10k the following day Wesham again had a good turnout of 30 runners in this very popular and sold out race, the first fixture of the year in the Wesham road running championship. Neil Harrison was Wesham’s first finisher in in a good 14th place amongst stiff competition, recording 37:17 for 4th M35. Garry Barnett won the M50 category in 38:39 for 22nd place overall. Neil Gregson was 38th in 40:46 for 6th M35. Chris Haines came in 49th in 41:56 and Ian Garrod was 54th and 3rd M55 in 42:26. Sue Coulthurst was 9th woman and 2nd W50 in 43:47, 79th overall, with Helen Lawrenson 12th and 3rd W50 after the previous day’s cross country in 45:19 (96th). Stuart Clayton finished 100th in 45:55 and Alan Hudson 1st M70 in 46:20, 110th overall, a great run on the undulating course. Mick Edge finished 118th in 46:50; Martin Allison and Sharon Cooper finished together in 49:45 in 163rd and 164th places; Peter Rooney was 180th in 50:49; Tanya Shaw and James Danson 190th and 191st in 51:06 and 51:00, with Stuart Topping 193rd in 51:08 (sorry, these are chip time placings with gun finishing times). Kay Twist was 205th in 51:42 having run the Mid Lancs cross country the previous day; Stephen Twist 221st in 52:50; Finlay McCalman 227th in 53:37; Maureen Danson 235th with 53:43; Ben Wrigley (who had also run the cross country) 259th in 54:37; Louise Lord 262nd in 54:53; Dave Young (another cross country veteran) 282nd in 56:23; Sharlan Butcher 286th with 56:25; Dawn Biggs 293rd in 56:50; Emma Davies 301st in 57:28; James Birchall 308th with 58:04; Phil Leaver a great recovery to run 58:34 for 313th place; Jo Macaffery 330th in 58:58; Kerry Eccles 340th with 60:15; and Julie Rooney 401st in 68:21.

There were again many Wesham members out running Parkruns on Saturday morning at 9am. In Lytham Hall Carl Groome clocked the 6th fastest time of the day with 20:24 for an M50 age graded performance of 72.88%. Darragh Twist returned an SM20 grade of 60.29% with a new personal best time of 21:37. Lisa Minns ran 25:33 for a new best time and a W55 grade of 69.93%, with Sharon Cooper recording 26:44 for W45 59.98%. Ryan Azzopardi clocked 26:44 for M35 50.69% with Stephen Twist running 26:49 for M50 56.73%. Keith Wilding made a return with 28:30 for M60 57.25% and Sue Rigby ran 35:28 for W45 45.21%. In the South Manchester run Tracey Hulme scored 25:22 for W55 72.34%, and in Preston’s Avenham Park Michelle Tickle ran 23:58 for W45 66.27%. Stuart Clayton warmed up for the next day’s 10k with 26:29 for M50 56.14% and Robert Brown recorded 27:16 for M60 59.84%. Linda Cartwright ran 32:46 with a W45 50.56%, and Lynn Brown 33:54 for W55 55.65%. In Greenock Park in Glasgow travelling Graham Cunliffe clocked 32:53 for M60 50.08%.  In Stanley Park in Blackpool James Mulvany returned the fastest time of the day with 18:03 for M40 76.18%, this week’s high score for a Wesham member, with Dave Marsland recording 23:30 for M60 70.71%. Rob Wallace ran 23:41 for SM25 54.47% and George Kennedy clocked 25:09 for M60 64.88% with Suzanne Leonard 25:16 for W45 65.57%. Andrew Moore ran 25:50 with M55 61.03% and Finlay McCalman a weekend 5k / 10k double with 27:20 and M55 56.22%. Away in Tampere in Finland Mark Holton scored an excellent 19:46 for M40 69.56% and Antionette Holton 25:49 for W35 57.91%. Down to earth in Fleetwood along the Promenade Kim McGuire ran 33:03 for a new personal best with W60 58.70%, and in Southport’s Kew Woods Vicky and Steven Gore ran 27:21 for W40 57.53% and M35 49.18%.