Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Silver medallist Gary Pendlebury floats over the mud in the Lancashire Championships

The Lancashire Cross Country Championships were held again in Witton Park in Blackburn on Saturday in warm conditions with a spell of drizzle that cleared up later on. Wesham kick started the new year with a reasonable team and individual performance. In the women’s 6.8km 3-lap race Kath Hoyer was 63rd overall and 3rd W60 in 34:14 earning her a Lancashire bronze medal. Anne Mayers-Smith was 56th and 14th W40 in 35:01 and Lucy Neighbour finished 77th and 21st W40 in 39:48. The three Wesham women placed 8th team. Steve Swarbrick was 40th in the Senior Men’s 4-lap 9.8km race and 6th M40 in 38:04 although he is listed under his first claim club Bowland Fell Runners. David Taylor placed 44th with a great run in 38:37 and Mark Holton was 8th M40 and 54th in 39:41. Tom Crabtree and Chris Hastwell had a great battle to finish 61st and 62nd in 40:00 and 40:08, with Andrew Harling just 3 seconds behind in 40:11 in 64th place. Garry Barnett had a good run in his first cross country for a few years coming in 100th with 43:47 for 7th M50. Steve Myerscough then finished 112th in 45:03, 13th M45. Then came two more Lancashire medals, with Gary Pendlebury gaining an M60 silver is second place with 46:32, 121st overall, and John Collier secured the M65 bronze medal with 47:58 (128th overall). Stuart Clayton finished 134th in 50:10, 13th M50, and Martin Bates was close behind in 136th for 7th M60 in 51:41. The Wesham men’s team finished 10th, and the masters’ team were 7th (Holton, Barnett, Myerscough and Pendlebury).

Kath Hoyer ran the New Year’s Day Awakener at Whitworth north of Rochdale. She finished 1st W60, 9th woman and 36th in 27:27 for the multi-terrain 5km.

Alek Walker ran the so-called Central Lancashire Half Marathon from Salwick in Lea Town on Sunday morning, and finished 21st in 1:27:51 in his debut at the distance and setting a good standard.

There was a big turnout of 32 Wesham members at the Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday morning as the event was selected as the first fixture in the club’s trail championships for the coming year. Steve Myerscough took the opportunity of a day off from working night shifts in the Midlands to lead the way clocking 20:14 for the 5km and an M45 age grading of 70.59%. Carl Groome was right on his heels with 20:26 for an M50 72.76%. Nigel Shepherd was similarly in good shape with 20:43 and an M60 grade of 78.12%, the highest rating for a Wesham member for a while. Ian Garrod recorded 20:53 and M55 74.86%. Helen Lawrenson was 3rd fastest woman of the day with 21:45 for a W50 77.09%. Darragh Twist ran 22:01 for a new personal best and an M20 grade of 59.20% with Jonathan Lawson 22:12 with M50 67.49%. Ian Nicholls Hogg timed in at 22:28 with M25 57.42% and John Burns 22:29 for M60 73.91%. Michelle Tickle ran 23:08 with W45 68.66% Sharon Cooper 23:52 and W45 67.18%; Kay Twist 24:13 for W50 69.24% with Stuart Topping 24:15 and M45 60.34%; Ryan Azzopardi 24:16 for M35 55.84%; Stephen Twist 24:23 for M50 62.00%; James Danson 24:53 with M55 61.75%; Ben Wrigley 25:00 and M35 54.20%; Andrew Moore a new best time of 25:18 for M55 62.32%; Maureen Danson 25:43 with W50 67.73%; Dave Young 26:24 and M70 68.50%; Alice Deacon 26:32 with W20 55.78%; Lucy neighbour who went on to run the Lancashire cross country a new best of 26:49 for W40 57.05%; Anne Berry 27:30 with W55 67.64%; Pauline Eccleston 27:31 with W45 60.21%; Peter Bartlett 29:07 for M70 63.49%; Clare and Mark Belfield both 28:25 for W35 53.26% and M35 46.98%; Sally Deacon 29:20 with W50 59.38%; Kerry Eccles 30:42 for W55 59.77%; Jack Rayson 30:57 with M25 41.68%; Susan Hopcroft 31:01 with W50 56.15%; and Sue Rigby 37:07 for W45 43.20%. In the Preston parkrun Steve Abbott ran the 5th fastest time of the day in a good 18:44 for M40 73.93%; Robert Brown ran 27:51 for an M60 58.59%; Lynn Brown 33:15 for W55 56.74%; and Linda Cartwright ran 33:18 for W45 49.75%. Emma Brook was out at the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street and ran 27:47 for W35 54.17%. The parkrun Tourist Gores were in Tewksbury where Steven ran the 2nd fastest time of 20:25 for M35 65.88% and Vicky scored W40 50.05% with her time of 31:12. At Sherwood Pines in Mansfield Ann Knowles clocked 57:47 for W45 28.67% opting to accompany the tail walkers. Emma Lund ran the fastest women’s time at Lancaster with 23:15 for W35 64.52%. in Stanley Park Blackpool Stephen Browne ran 23:05 with an M50 grade of 65.99% and Rob Wallace 23:38 for M25 54.58%. Dave Marsland clocked 23:42 for M60 70.11%, with Suzanne Leonard running 24:48 for W45 66.805 with George Kennedy on the same time for M60 65.79%. Dawn Biggs ran 28:50 for W50 59.60%. On Fleetwood Promenade Graham Cunliffe clocked 34:02 for M60 48.38% and Kim Mcguire 34:09 with W60 56.81%.