Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Fun in the sun; Wesham trophy winners in Benidorm

The third fixture of the Mid Lancs Cross Country League saw a great turnout by Wesham on a damp but favourable afternoon in Liverpool’s Sefton Park as guests of the UK Cross Challenge and the European Cross selection race. Rubbing shoulders with the best of the British Helen Lawrenson finished 37th in the incorporated Mid Lancs meeting over 3 laps of 8.1km and she was 7th W45 in 39:13. Kay Twist was 71st and 14th W45 in 42:09, and Kath Hoyer 84th and 7th W55 in 43:06. Anne Mayers-Smith turned in 93rd and 31st W35 in 43:34, and Louisa Denye ran well for 115th and 35th W35 with 46:07. Antionette Holton was 139th and 43rd W35 in 48:47; Lucy Neighbour 147th and 45th W35 in 49:24; Clare Belfield 161st with 51:36; Sally Deacon 166th in 53:04; Tanya Barlow was 167th with 53:25; and Kerry Eccles 176th and 25th W55 in 56:08. The Wesham women were 20th team overall; and 34th “B” team; 10th W35s (Lawrenson; Twist and Hoyer), and the W45s 3rd team.

Over the same course Peter Bartlett finished 2nd M70 in 47:57 and Dave Young was 4th with 49:32 to win the M70 team and place top of the Division.

In the men’s 9.8km race of 3 large laps Rob Danson had an excellent run finishing 90th in the cross Challenge overall and 5th in the Mid Lancs League with his time of 34:42. David Taylor ran well again to come in 43rde and 190th in the Challenge with 39:22. Mark Holton in only his second cross country came on leaps and bound from the last fixture two weeks ago in Hyndburn placing 65th in 40:54, 13th M40. Chris Hastwell was 68th with 41:00; Simon Denye was 84th and 20th M40 in 41:35;  and with great team work Mark Belfield was 99th in 42:21; Andrew Harling 100th also 42:21 and Steve Abbott 101st and 25th M40 in 42:24. Lee Barlow finished 135th and 39th M40 with 43:44 and Phil Quibell drew up 2nd M60 and 169th in 45:39. Steve Myerscough was 178th and 53rd M40 in 46:04; Mark Renshall 192nd with 46:50; Gary Pendlebury was 4th M60 and 197th in 47:07; Stuart Clayton 206th and 34th M50 with 47:46. John Collier finished 5th M60 and 224th in 48:45; James Danson was 290th in 55:25; and Ben Wrigley 302nd with 57:56. The Wesham men were 9th team, an excellent result and confirming their position top of Division 2 at the halfway point of this season, and the “B” team placed 19th. The M40 team (Holton; Denye; Abbott; Barlow) were 5th, another good result, with the M50s (Quibell; Pendlebury; Clayton) 7th; and the M60 team 1st place again and top of the Division.

Wesham sunseekers travelled out to Benidorm for the 10k and by all accounts had a fruitful weekend. Steve Littler finished 8th overall and 1st M45 in 34:22, a great performance. Nigel Shepherd, recovered from long term injury following a bike crash placed 100th and 5th M60 in 44:17. Carmel Sullivan was 1st W50 and 111th in 45:09 with Mick Edge 136th in 46:02 with a good run also following recovery from injury. Suzanne Leonard finished 223rd and 3rd W45 in 49:47. Alan Taylor was 368th and 31st M50 in 55:06.

Paul Carter ran the best 5k in Preston’s Moor Park finishing 67th in 27:02. Paul Lancashire finished 458th in the hugely popular Wilmslow 10k, recording a time of 43:21 for 79th M35. Leon Flesher took the second fastest time in the Peak District South and North Ultra, recording 5:28:42 for the first day on the White Peak Trails 50k and 5:18:21 on the second day over the Dark Peak Challenge of 43km giving a total time of 10:47:03 for the 93km. There was a good turnout at the Saturday morning parkrun, with Wesham taking their latest Couch to 5k group to Lytham Hall for their target event. Club members turned out to help, and Jason Parkinson ran his debut parkrun in a handy 20:18 for an M50 age graded performance of 72.66%, just ahead of Chris Haines who clocked 20:19 with an M30 64.56%. Jonathan Lawson ran 21:50 for M50 68.16% and Darragh Twist bagged a new personal best with his 4th run in 22:05. Richard Davies ran 22:46 for M60 71.08% with John Burns knocked up a good 22:47 for an M60 72.93% as he gets back to running and Paul Eccles had 22:50 for a new best time with M35 59.34%. Sharon Cooper ran 24:02 for W45 66.71% and Andrew Moore clocked 25:53 for M55 60.40% with Stephen Twist and Phil Leaver running 28:57 and 28:58 with M50 52.22% and M65 58.46% respectively. Ryan Azzopardi returned 29:36 and M35 45.78%, with Suzanne Normanton running her debut 35:49 with Stuart Topping for W50 46.81% and M45 40.53%. Kerry Eccles providing support with 37:35 and Emma Davies 43:56. Paul Carter ran the Preston run in 30:56 for an M50 grade of 47.68% and Emma Wright was at the Worsley Woods run in north West Manchester where she returned 29:36 for a First Timer run with a W40 grade of 52.36%. Emma Brook ran the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street in 27:59 with W35 53.60%. In the Blackpool run Dave Marsland clocked 23:26 for M60 70.41% with Robert brown running 26:13 for M60 62.24%. Finlay McCalman recoded 27:36 with M55 56.68% and Lynn Brown ran 32:35 for W55 57.90%. Along the promenade at Fleetwood Steve Waterhouse had the second fastest time of the day with a good 19:47 for M50 75.15% with Peter Cruse 9th fastest with 22:57 and M55 68.12%. And on Morecambe Promenade Elliot Costello ran 22:47 for M25 56.62% for a First Timer run, Vicky Gore 26:49 with a W40 grade of 58.23 with Steven Gore also on 26:49 in support.