Alex’s Newspaper Report.

David Taylor pushes on the pace

Wesham took four teams to the Northern Athletics 4- and 6-Stage Road Relays on Sunday, staged at Manchester’s former SportsCity now the Regional Arena. The women were in the 4-Stage relay over a 5.4km loop around the campus. Anne Mayers Smith was first off, placing 68th in 29:35. Sally Deacon took the team to 72nd with 34:58 and Louisa Denye on Stage 3 with 31:35. Sue Coulthurst brought the team home in 65th place with a fine run of 26:14 to give the team a cumulative time of 2:02:22. The Wesham Men’s “A” team finished 53rd in a total time of 2:21:07 over the 6 stages of 6.8km, with Neil Harrison 87th on the first stage in 24:43, followed by Simon Denye (77th in 24:05); Rob Danson (54th in 20:26); Chris Hastwell (57th with 24:44); Tom Crabtree (53rd in 24:01); and David Taylor 53rd with 23:08. Rob Danson’s run gave him 25th place in the overall fastest stages of the day. The “B” team placed 99th in 2:49:47, with Ugis Datavs 75th in 23:43; Neil Gregson 90th in 26:24; Tony Leach 98th with 28:16; Stephen Twist 106th in 33:30; Mark Renshall 104th in 27:52; and Jonathan Sanders 100th in 29:52. The “C” team finished 106th in 3:16:56 with Ryan Azzopardi 115th in 31:34; Ben Wrigley 114th in 32:25; Alan Taylor 115th in 35:02; Peter Bartlett 113th with 36:37; James Danson 112th in 28:36; and Elliot Costello 107th in 32:42.

In the Yarrow River Splash 10km Trail Run on Sunday along the river valley through the woods Jason Parkinson finished 13th in 49:10.  The race lives up to its name with various crossings of the river along the route. Elliot Costello was 47th in 56:40 with Kay Twist 15th woman, 1st W50 and 83rd overall in 1:02:26. Lucy Neighbour was 6th W35 and 35th woman in 1:10:55, 126th overall. Dave Young finished 5th M70 recovering from a spell of injury coming in 142nd overall in 1:12:26. There were 245 runners in the event.

Lee Barlow ran the Power of 5k on Friday evening in Lancaster and he finished 4th in 18:07, a good performance. Finlay McCalman ran the Fairhaven Flyer 10k and finished 133rd in 53:57. Wesham had a fair showing at Saturday morning’s parkruns even though the Lytham Hall event was cancelled due to another event. Tracey Hulme was back at the South Manchester run which she completed in 27:18 for a W55 age graded performance of 66.30%. There were four members present at the Preston run, led by Steve Myerscough nearly back to his former fitness with 20:17 for an M45 grade of 69.93%. Stuart Clayton ran 23:31 on the 3-lap course for an M50 grade of 63.22%. Linda Cartwright ran a new personal best time in 31:50 for W45 52.04% and Robert Brown clocked 38:05 for M60 42.84%. In Southport’s Hesketh Park Elliot Costello warmed up for the weekend with a time of 20:52 and an age grade of 61.82% with Steven Gore running 20:53 for M35 64.41%. Vicky Gore clocked 25:56 for W40 60.22%. There was a good turnout at the Blackpool run in Stanley Park with Jonathan Lawson on form with 22:06 for an M50 age grade of 67.27%. Rob Wallace recorded 22:52 for 56.41% and Ian Nichols Hogg a personal best with 23:15 with 55.48%. Antionette Holton ran 26:14 for W35 56.99% for another best performance and Finlay McCalman 26:44 and an M55 grade 57.48%. Emma Davies also clocked a personal best with 29:04 for an age graded 50.92%. Phil Leaver ran 29:06 for an M65 grade of 58.19%; and Peter Bartlett ran 29:25 with an M70 60.68%. Ben Wrigley was on pace-making duties and ran 29:26 for M35 46:04. Dawn Biggs returned 29:50 for W50 57.60%. At the Whitney run in Oxfordshire Martyn Taylor ran 28:57 for an M60 57.40%. On Fleetwood Promenade Graham Cunliffe clocked 28:16 for M60 58.25%, and at Kew Woods in Southport Wesham Tourists Sharon Cooper ran 24:49 on the 3-lap trail course for W45 64.61%; Peter Rooney 25:19 for M60 63.33%; and Julie Rooney 32:19 with W45 49.15%.