Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Rob Danson flying the flag for Wesham

The final race of the Inter Club series between the Blackpool, Chorley, Lytham, Preston, Red Rose, Thornton and Wesham clubs was a pitched battle right to the finish line in Worden Park in Leyland, with the Open category tied between Wesham and Preston before this seventh event. Rob Danson laid the challenge right from the start and stormed away over the 3-lap 4-mile course to complete an unparalleled winning streak, clocking 20:44 to win by 38 seconds from Preston’s Dave Rigby.

Wesham gave it their best shot, with Steve Littler just slipping back to 5th at the finish 22:29; David Taylor 10th in 23:05; Simon Denye 15th with 23:46; Tom Crabtree 18th in 24:03; Mark Belfield 23rd in 24:20; ultra-running supremo Ugis Datavs 26th with 24:30; Chris Hastwell 29th in 24:37; and Andrew Harling 30th in 24:49. Lee Barlow closed in the team with 24:52. Despite this effort the team were 36 places behind Preston.  The Wesham women were below par and finished 6th, with Carmel Sullivan leading the way in 11th place with 28:47. Kay Twist finished 29th in 32:56; Maureen Danson 51st in 35:18; Kerry Eccles 68th in 37:33 and Emma Wright 70th with 37:42. The same team made up the women’s masters also in 6th place, but the Open Masters won by 58 points (Littler 1st; Denye 3rd; Datavs 9th; Barlow 11th, and Paul Gregory 12th (34th in 25:11) and Steve Abbott 13th (36th in 25:16). The M50s were 4th team, with Steve Waterhouse 4th (39th in 25:25); John Collier 18th (95th in 28:19); Tony Leach 20th (99th with 28:28); and Gary Pendlebury 22nd (102nd in 28:44). The M60s won clearing a clean sweep for the season, with Collier 2nd; Pendlebury 3rd and Richard Davies 5th (126th in 30:00). Providing valuable backup for the women Dawn Biggs was 72nd in 37:53 (248th overall); Sharlan Butcher 80th (260th in 38:48); Sally Deacon 84th (265th in 38:59); Clare Belfield 87th (270th in 39:43); Julie Rooney 89th (272nd, 41:02) and Tanya Barlow 92nd (275th, 41:18). In the men’s team Steve Myerscough finished 46th in 25:54; Paul Hetherington 53rd in 26:11; Lee Nixon 56th in 26:17; Neil Gregson 57th in 26:19; Chris Haines 83rd (27:47); Arron Galvin 85th (27:51); Ian Nichols Hogg 118th (29:43); Alan Hudson 145th (30:44); Martin Allison 149th (30:56); Martin Bates 152nd (31:08); Ryan Azzopardi 159th (31:27); Nigel Shepherd 163rd (31:43); Rob Wallace 167th (32:01); James Danson 178th (32:54); Lee Austin 181st (33:02); Jonathon Sanderson 189th (33:18); Peter Rooney 193rd (33:22); Finlay McCalman 199th (33:59); Stephen Twist 204th (34:32); Paul Carter 230th (36:24); Jack Rayson 235th (36:44); Michael Barnes 251st (38:01); and James Birchall 262nd (38:51).

Steve Littler had a good go at the immensely popular and scenic Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon on Sunday, where he finished 2nd M45 and 18th overall in a speedy 1:12:20. The course runs around the reservoir for 11 miles but features a drop from the dam to the start/finish area in the village. There were 1286 runners.

Five Wesham members headed to Newcastle for the Great North Run on Sunday amongst 55,000 other runners and under the scrutiny of worldwide television. Paul Lancashire finished 1635th in 1:35:53, a good result om the undulating course. Stuart Clayton was 2776th in 1:40:41 and Jonathon Sanderson 6275th in 1:51:06. Antionette Holton ran her debut at the distance and she was 15554th overall in 2:08:30. Vicky Gore finished 17988th in 2:12:57.

Helen Lawrenson ran the Brathay Ambleside 60 at the weekend and she finished 89th in 9:58:26, her first attempt at an ultra-distance race. Mark Renshall was 120th in 11:00:15.

Daniel Shaw ran the Sandbach 10k at the weekend and he finished 19th in 40:27 with 430 runners in the race. Elizabeth Johnson ran the Derwentwater Trail Challenge 15k from Keswick and she finished 196th in 1:48:32. Wesham members had a busy Saturday morning at parkrun and many successes. On home ground Lee Nixon ran a new personal best in the Lytham Hall event clocking the 6th fastest time of the day with 19:44 for an M35 age graded performance of 68.67%. Jonathan Lawson was timed in at 21:32 for an M50 grade of 69.04%. James Danson produced a new personal best with 23:48 for M50 64.01%, and Kay Twist also a best with 23:57 and W50 70.01%. Stephen Twist ran 24:41 and M50 60.70%, with Colin Smy coming in with 26:34 for an M40 grade of 51.38%. Martin Allison clocked 27:17 for M35 48.63%; Dave Marland ran 28:28 with M60 57.85% and Peter Rooney 29:29 and M60 54.38%. David Taylor ran the second fastest time in Preston’s Avenham Park with a new personal best of 17:47 for 73.10%. Steve Myerscough has made a great recovery from injury and ran 19:58 for M45 71.04%. Nigel Shepherd similarly overcoming injury ran 22:18 with M60 72.57%. Ian Nichols Hogg clocked 23:28 with an age grade 54.97% and Robert Brown 27:45 for an M60 58.80%. Paul Carter ran 30:07 for M45 48.59%; Jennifer Thompson 30:17 with W40 50/80%; and Linda Cartwright scored a new personal best with 32:45 and a W45 grade of 50.59%. Martin Bates returned to the Bolton run in Leverhulme Park and he clocked 24:42 for M60 66.06%. At the Riverside parkrun in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook had a new best time with 28:13 for W35 53.16% and Lee Austin was a First Timer at the tough Cuerden Valley run where he produced 25:55 and 50.16% on the undulating two laps. Chris Hastwell was at the Penrith run where he clocked a good 18:34 for the 5th fastest time of the day. Simon Denye ran the fastest time along the Fleetwood Promenade with a good 17:45 for M45 79.91% although he has run faster there. Suzanne Leonard clocked 23:31 for W45 70.45%. Graham Cunliffe ran a good 28:45 for an M60 grade 57.28%. In the Blyth Links run in the North East Steven Gore and party warmed up for the Great North Run and had the 9th fastest time of the day in a high-quality event with 19:03 for M35 70.60%. Elliot Costello ran 22:02 for 58.55% and Vicky Gore returned 26:57 for W40 57.95%.