Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Rob Danson unprecedented running streak in the Inter Club Grand Prix

Wesham were narrowly defeated by Preston in the final round of the Inter Club Grand Prix in Worden Park Leyland on Wednesday, hosted by Red Rose having been equal placed over the previous six races. Rob Danson was once again a clear winner from the start line, roaring away from Preston’s Dave Rigby having now had a clean sweep of virtually all the events in this series for well over 5 years, an unmatched achievement in the 25-year history. Full results and report next week.

Paul Hetherington completed the Wigan 10k this year, a popular race, finishing 56th and 4th M45 in 39:55, coming in 9 mins 10 secs behind the speedy winner in this good quality race. His age graded performance was 72.27%. There were 2458 runners in this event.

It was the final race of the Harrock Hill series on Wednesday evening and Carmel Sullivan finished 12th woman and 2nd W50 47:34 for the 6 miles and 900ft of climb. Mark Belfield was 115th in 49:37 and Mick Edge 123rd in 50:10, 123rd M55.

The tough annual Garstang Half Marathon took place on Sunday and Wesham had five men’s out running over the 13-mile hilly course taking in the foothills of the Bowland fells. Tom Crabtree finished an excellent 4th with a time of 1:26:10. Paul Lancashire was 23rd in 1:38:38 for 6th M35. Martyn Allison placed 44th in 1:49:19; Mark Dobson was 58th with 1:58:49, 5th M55; and Paul Carter finished 89th in 2:14:33.

Colin Smy ran the Golden Ball 10-mile race in Lancaster finishing 72nd in 1:33:44 and placing 7th M40. No Wesham members attempted the accompanying 20-mile race over 2 laps of the course.

Wesham members were busy on Saturday morning in various parkruns at 9am around the county. In Prestin in Avenham Park Arran Galvin clocked 20:37 and procured an M35 age graded performance of 65.24%. Nigel Shepherd continues to battle against his groin strain, and he ran 23:5 for an M60 age grade of 67.71%. Stuart Clayton ran 25:29 with an M50 grade of 58.34%, with Robert Brown recording 27:37 for M60 59.08%. Linda Cartwright ran 34:05 for W45 48.61%. At the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook timed in at 34:05 for W35 51.49%. At home in Lytham Hall Jonathan Lawson was the fastest Wesham pair of legs with 21:56 for M50 67.78% and Paul Boustead clocked 22:35 with M35 60.00%. Ian Nichols Hogg clocked 23:34 with 54.74% and Kay Twist had 24:15 for W50 69.14% in her new age category. Stephen Twist returned M50 59.69% with his time of 25:06 and Elizabeth Johnson ran 25:18 for W40 60.47%. Phil Leaver picked up the pace for 28:29 and M65 59.45% running with James Danson who made M50 53.48%. Fran Hodskinson clocked 28:31 with W50 59.50%; Julie Rooney ran 31:24 for W45 50.58%; Julie Topping and Kerry Eccles timed 34:45 and 34:46 with W45 46.34% and W55 51.30%. Emma Wright ran 38:24 for W40 40.06%. In the Blackpool run Dan Shaw ran 19:52 for his age graded performance 65.27%.  Suzanne Leonard ran 23:55 for W45 69.27% with Finlay McCalman running 26:22 with M55 58.28%. Stephen Browne clocked 26:23 and an M50 grade 57.30% with Dave Marsland 29:58 for M60 54.95%.  Along the Fleetwood Promenade Martin Bates ran 22:55 for M60 71.20% and Graham Cunliffe returned 32:41 with M60 50.38%. In the Tawd Valley Park in Skelmersdale David Taylor ran the fastest time of the day with 18:11 for a 71.49% age grade. Megan Gore had a JW11 41.75% with her time 39:00, with Vicky and Steven Gore all running together.