Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Stephen Browne and Alan Hudson in a photo finish

The sixth round of the Inter Club series took place on Wednesday evening this week in Astley Park in Chorley between torrential rain storms and Rob Danson took the reins from the start and quickly saw off the chaser through the wood on the first small lap to build an unassailable lead from Luke Minns and Dave Rigby. Steve Litter worked through the field to come in 4th place. The full results and report next week.

David Taylor ran the Sale Sizzler on Thursday evening and he finished 60th in a high-quality race of 574 runners with his time of 17:18.

There was a good Wesham contingent in the third and final Catforth Canter 5km on Saturday evening, with Sinmon Denye leading the way with 17:55 for 8th place and 1st M45. Andrew harling was 10th with 18:04; Paul Gregory 11th and 2nd M40 in 18:09 and Chris Hastwell 12th in 18:12. Lee Barlow came in 16th in 19:05 and Lee Nixon with another personal best taking some 30 seconds off his previous best with 19:35 for 18th place. Martin Bates ran 22:59 for 44th place and 3rd M60. Kath Hoyer was 1st W55, 10th woman and 51st overall and in 23:31, with James Birchall 66th in 27:19.

Rob Danson clocked a rounded 25:00 for the Preston 5-Mile road race on Sunday from Walmer Bridge, finishing 4th in a swift race won in 23:43. Stuart Clayton ran the 10-Mile race and he finished in 59th place with a time of 1:17:12.

Wesham members main focus was the parkrun this weekend with a strong club presence at the Blackpool event in Stanley Park. Stephen Browne lead the way with a time of 22:55 for an M50 age graded performance of 65.96%. Dave Marsland ran 23:30 for an M60 grade of 70.07%. George Kennedy and Suzanne Leonard ran 24:17 together for an M60 66.64% and W45 68.22%. Kay Twist clocked 25:13 for W45 65.70% and Stephen Twist 26:08 for M50 57.33%. Robert Brown recorded 26:16 with M60 62.12% and Sharon Cooper a W45 grade of 60.92% with her time of 26:19. Antionette Holton ran 28:06 for an age grade of 53.02% and Dave Young 29:02 for M70 61.48%. Phil Leaver ran 30:15 for M65 55.98% and Emma Davies 30:17 for 48.87%. Susan Hopcroft clocked 33:47 for W50 51.55%; Kerry Eccles 33:48 with W55 54.29% and Dave Jones 40:38 with M70 43.93%. At the Lytham Hall run Jonathan Lawson recorded 22:18 for an M50 age grade 66.67%. Lee Austin ran 24:19 for 53.46% and Sharlan Butcher 28:48 and a W45 grade 55.67%. Nicola Carter ran 33:54 for W35 44.40%. On the Promenades Martin Bates clocked 24:08 for an M60 grade of 67.61% at Fleetwood with Brian Jones running 30:53 for M55 51.05%, and at Morecambe Emma Lund ran 22:16 with a W35 grade 67.37%. At the South Manchester run in Platts Field the Wesham Tourists were there with David Taylor running the second fastest time of the day with 17:49 for an age grade of 72.97% with Vicky Gore scoring 26:19 for a W40 59.34% with Steven clocking 26:20. Nearby in Woodbank Park in Stockport Tracey Hulme ran 27:57 for W55 64.76%. In the Crawl Park run in Alness north of Inverness James Mulvany ran 18:28 with the 4th fastest time of the day and an M40 age grade of 74.46%.