Alex’s Newspaper Report.

The Wesham Whippets with team glory at the Endure 24

It was a very busy week for Wesham with the fourth round of the Inter-Club Grand Prix on Tuesday evening, Witton Park Trail Relays on Thursday evening and then the weekend Endure24 event where the club had 4 large teams and one solo member taking part.

In the Inter Club Wesham won the Open team, Masters and the M60 teams, with the women third and second Masters, led as is now familiar by Rob Danson, who on this occasion left no doubt by racing away from the field in the first half mile to win by a 1min 18sec lead in a fantastic time of 25:09 for the undulating 5-mile loop through Ginn Square and Anchorsholme on the North Shore cliffs. Steve Littler was on fire finishing 5th in 27:24 with Gareth Booth scoring this month with 28:11 for 7th place. Also Top 10, Steve Swarbrick finished 8th also 28:11 with Simon Denye capping the front runners with 28:26 for 10th place. David Taylor was 17th in 29:14 and Paul Gregory 24th with 29:49. Neil Harrison placed 25th in 29:51 and Steve Abbott was 28th with 30:08. Chris Hastwell was 31st in 30:12; Mark Belfield 34th in 30:34 and Andrew Harling 35th with 30:37. For the Wesham women, Carmell Sullivan was the first in with 34:27 for 7th place (96th overall); Helen Lawrenson was 10th in 34:57 (104th overall); Emma Lund 16th with 37:05 (138th); Leanne Nield 18th (143rd) in 37:21; and Suzanne Leonard 23rd (154th) in 38:04, placing the Ladies Team 3rd with Lytham 1st and Blackpool 2nd. The Women Masters of Sullivan 4th; Lawrenson 5th; Leonard 12th; Sara Ward 13th (29th and 174th overall in 39:16) and Kath Hoyer 14th (30th and 177th in 39:30) were 2nd behind Lytham by just 1 point. The Open Team won by 178 points head of Preston with the Masters Team also winning with Littler 2nd; Booth 4th; Swarbrick 5th; Denye 6th; Gregory 13th and Abbott 14th. The Masters 50 team were 3rd with Garry Barnett 3rd and 39th overall in 30:54; Phil Quibell 7th (47th) with 31:28; Jason Barlow 11th (60th) in 32:37; Gary Pendlebury 13th (74th) in 33:23; and Peter Cruse 20th (74th) with 34:02. Finally, the Masters 60 were also winners by 6 points over Red Rose, with Quibell 1st; Pendlebury 3rd; and George Kennedy 8th (153rd in 38:03). Kay Twist was 40th woman and 204th overall in 41:14; Elizabeth Johnson 46th (217th 42:22); Fran Hodskinson 48th (219th 42:37); Bernadette Dickinson 53rd (232nd 43:16); Maureen Danson 56th (239th 43:34); Louisa Denye 57th (240th 43:36); Tanya Shaw 61st (246th 44:30); Jo McCaffery 62nd (247th 44:31); Sharlan Butcher 82nd (280th 47:22); Emma Wright 83rd (281st 47:24); Anne Berry 103rd (305th 50:26); Julie Rooney 104th (306th 50:31). Further Men’s positions were Thomas Crabtree 36th in 30:40; Arron Galvin 53rd in 32:14; Lee Nixon 72nd 33:11; Jason Parkinson 76th 33:26; Chris Haines 97th 34:30; Chas Colby 118th 35:45; Mick Edge 121st 36:02; Stuart Topping 122nd 36:05; Elliot Costello 156th 38:13; Ben Wrigley 157th 38:14; Stuart Clayton 167th 38:44; Paul Eccles 168th 38:45; Dave Marsland 170th 38:56; Ian Nichols Hogg 181st 39:36; Peter Rooney 185th 39:47; James Danson 191st 40:10; Finlay McCalman 193rd 40:23; Ugis Datavs saving himself for the weekend with 40:27 for 194th; Keith Wilding 195th 40:28; Dave Young 213rd 41:46; Ryan Azzopardi 224th 42:55; Andy Moore 225th 43:01; Alex Beaumont 228th 43:06; Robert Brown 229th 43:06; Paul Carter 244th 44:13; Michael Barnes 268th 46:46; and Dave Waywell 314th 53:03.

Thursday night saw the Witton Park Trail Relays over a hill course of 3.6km and Wesham had several teams entered and had a great evening out. Team 1 was Paul Gregory (17:45); Garry Barnett (17:58) and Steve Gore (18:20); total time 54:03 (28th). Team 6 were Carmel Sullivan (21:09); Sharon Cooper (24:05); and Leanne Nield (21:51); time 1:07:05 (98th). Team 4 finished 100th in 1:07:40 with Martin Allison (23:46); Mick Edge 21:12; and Ben Wrigley 22:42. Team 2 Elliot Costello 22:02; Jason Parkinson 20:11; and Alan Taylor 30:23 were 109th (1:12:36). Team 3 Male Vets were George Kennedy 25:12; James Danson 23:33; and Graham Brook 26:14; 116th in 1:14:59. Team 5 of Ryan Azzopardi 23:42; Dave Young 24:52; and Paul Carter 27:21 were 118th in 1:15:55. Team Wesham 7 (Women) made up of Suzanne Leonard 25:13; Susan Hopcroft 32:29; and Kirsty Holland 27:25 were 127th in 1:25:07.

The major event of the week for the club was the Endure24 Relay held in Braham Hall park over 3 days and with 4 Wesham teams running 8km loops from midday Saturday to midday Sunday, and over 50 members and family camped up for the weekend. Ugis Datavs set the event alight with a thrilling solo run to finish 2nd with 27 laps (135 miles) in 24:04:36, same distance but just 29 minutes behind the winner with his fastest lap being 40:18 and slowest only 53:31. In the Wesham teams fastest laps were run by Simon Denye (29:36); David Taylor (29:53); Neil Harrison 31:36; Thomas Crabtree (31:55); and Garry Barnett (32:28); fastest women were Helen Lawrenson (37:09); Sue Coulthurst (38:05); Kay Twist (42:37) and Angela Colby (43:18). Three teams were in the 5 to 8 runner category, with the Whippets running 43 laps (344km) in 24:23:47 to finish 2nd. The Wildcats ran 36 laps (288 km) in 24:27:52 in 10th place. The Wolverines finished 20th in 24:22:51 with 32 laps (256km), and the Wasps were 2nd XXL team (9 runners) with 27 laps for 216 kms. Individually Simon Denye also ran 31:02; 31:19: 31:21; 31:31 and 32:08; David Taylor 30:44; 31:03; 32:04; 32:16; 32:24; Neil Harrison 31:54; 32:13; 33:53; 34:04; Tom Crabtree 32:39; 33:26; 34:31; 36:02; Garry Barnett 32:52; 33:18: 35:06; 35:29; Lee Barlow 33:50; 33:51; 35:13; 36:43; 37:37; Neil Gregson 34:48 (twice); 36:36; 37:42: 39:10; and Helen Lawrenson 37:18; 37:27: 37:34; 38:30; 38:44. In the Wildcats Paul Hetherington clocked 33:43; 35:01; 35:16; 35:46; 36:40; Steve Myerscough 35:23; 36:24; 36:52; 37:54; 38:02; 39:33; Paul Lancashire 36:41; 37:28; 40:18; 40:53; 42:45; Graham Webster 37:47; 38:47; 41:45; 42:54; Elliot Costello 38:00; 40:15 (twice); 46:30; Sue Coulthurst 38:26; 39:10; 39:33; Angela Colby 43:39; 44:53; 48:24; Pauline Eccleston 50:17; 52:11; 52:27; 52:37. In the Wolverines Chas Colby ran 39:12; 39:18; 39:35; 39:41; Martyn Allison 39:34; 40:20; 40:37; 41:18; Stuart Clayton 39:51; 40:31; 41:07; 41:37; Ryan Azzopardi 40:55; 41;10; 41:30; 43:17; Tanya Shaw 46:52; 47:24; 52:23; 53:25; Jo McCaffery 47:40; 48:29; 48:56; 49:41; Antionette Holton 48:15; 49:05; 50:37; 53:22; Anne Berry 52:44; 53:20; 54:47; 56:18. The Wasps team were Stuart Topping who stood in at a moment’s notice for the ailing John Collier and ran 39:57 and 40:18; Kay Twist 43:17; 43:46; 44:14; Louisa Denye 45:42; 45:48; 47:06; Alex Rowe 52:03; 1:20:25; Emma Davies 53:09; 59:13; 1:03:25; James Birchall 53:21; 1:03:16; 1:07:19; Joy Hetherington 55:17; 56:03; 57:57; Debbie Myerscough who heroically started a final lap at 11:59:46 just 14 seconds before the cut-off 59:24; 1:00:33: 1:02:11; 1:03:27; and Sue Rigby 1:01:58; 1:03:38; 1:17:49.  Kirsty Holland and Laura Lawler completed 20 laps as a female pair as Thelma and Louise, clocking 23:43:06 for 60 miles each.

With all this relay running going on there were precious few Wesham members left to run anywhere else, but Peter Cruse was at the Preesall Firefighters 10k run from Poulton, and he finished 11th in 44:04, 1st M55. Emma Wright ran the Southport Half Marathon finishing 1054th in 2:14:18. Finlay McCalman ran the Ultimate Lakeland Trails Ultra 23k race at Ambleside on Saturday, clocking 3:49:21 for 206th place. The event included distances from 14k up to 100k.

Steven Gore finished 55th in the Trawden 7-mile Multi-Terrain Race on Sunday on a circular course across the fields up and down dale and on to the edge of the fell through the Forest of Trawden, clocking 50:05 for the undulating route. Paul Gregory was 41st and 8th M40 in 48:45. Kath Hoyer was 35th woman and 3rd W55 running in bib number 1 in 61:47 placing 200th overall with Vicky Gore 85th and 312th in 1:11:01.

There were still quite a number of Wesham runners at parkruns on Saturday morning despite those away at the Endure24. On home soil at Lytham Hall Chris Hastwell ran the 4th fastest time of the day with a swift 18:20 to record an M35 age graded performance of 72;36%. Ian Garrod ran an excellent 20:55 for M55 74.74% and Andrew Moore 25:20 with M55 61.71%. Colin Smy ran 26:17 for M35 51.55% and Paul Eccles 26:43 with an M35 50.72%. Susan Hopcroft timed 32:39 for W50 53.34%. Tracey Hulme ran a debut as a First Timer at the Heaton run in Manchester with 26:00 on the undulating course for W55 69.62%. In Preston’s Avenham Park Steve Abbott ran 29:09 with an M40 72.32% with Robert Brown running 26:54 for M60 60.16% and Linda Cartwright 34:29 for W45 47.46%. At the Riverside run in Chester-le-Street Emma Brook clocked 28:51 for W35 51.99%. In Blackpool’s Stanley Park Dave Marsland clocked 23:32 for M60 69.97%; Stephen Browne 23:46 for M50 63.60%; George Kennedy and Suzanne Leonard 24:56 with M60 64.91% and W45 66.44%. Dawn Biggs ran 31:51 for W50 53.95%. On Fleetwood Promenade Keith Wilding scored 23:09 with a good run as a First Timer to record an M60 grade of 70.48% with Martin Bates running 24:13 for M60 67.38% and Brian Jones 31:12 with an M55 50.53%.  Finally the parkrun Tourists were in Anglesey at the Nant y Pandy Nature Reserve in Llangefni where Steven Gore ran 19:57 for the second fastest time of the day with M35 67.42%, and Vicky Gore 26:28 for W40 59.01%.