Alex’s Newspaper Report.

Rob Danson wins the Freckleton Half Marathon

Wednesday evening saw the third round of this year’s Inter Club Grand Prix hosted by Preston from Avenham Park in the centre of Preston across the river with a revised two-lap course around the old East Lancs railway line and the Old Canal Tramway. Wesham’s Rob Danson assumed the lead from the start, running the first lap with Blackpool’s Luke Minns before easing away on the second lap to win by 36 seconds in 19:27 for the 3.9 miles. Gareth Booth finished 3rd in 20:29 but as a guest without a bib number. David Taylor was 10th in 21:24 with a great run and Neil Harrison 25th with 22:27. Paul Gregory was 28th and 7th M40 in 22:29 and Thomas Crabtree 32nd with 22:40. With great packing Andrew Harling and finished Chris Hastwell 34th and 35th in 22:49; and Steve Abbott was 39th in 23:11. Steve Myerscough came in 62nd in 24:37 and Jason Parkinson 66th with 24:56.

The Wesham team finished 2nd behind Lytham with several members having not turned out. Carmel Sullivan was Wesham’s first woman finisher in 12th place (105th overall) in 26:33. Leanne Nield was 25th (164th) with 29:05 and Suzanne Leonard 34th (192nd) in 30:07. Kay Twist finished 43rd (214th) in 31:17 with Alice Deacon 50th (227th) timed at 32:03. Antionette Holton came in 55th (234th) in 32:38 and Maureen Danson 61st (247th) with 33:14. The Wesham women were 5th team with Chorley the winners. The Wesham W40 team were 4th with Sullivan 4th; Leonard 15th; Twist 22nd; Danson 27th and Sharlan Butcher 44th (84th woman and 280th overall) in 35:26. The Masters Over-40 team were 6th, with Gregory 7th; Abbott 11th; Myerscough 25th; Parkinson 27th; Carmel Sullivan 46th; and John Collier 52nd (114th in 26:49). The Over-50 team were 4th, with Carmel Sullivan leading the way in 19th; Collier 23rd; Peter Cruse 26th (117th in 26:58); and Mick Edge 28th (124th in 27:25). The Over-60s (Collier 5th; Richard Davies 8th and 147th in 28:07; and Alan Hudson 9th and 152nd in 28:18) were 2nd team behind Red Rose by just 2 points. Other positions: for the women Lucy Neighbour was 74th woman and 268th overall in 34:48; Keira Twist 108th and 311th in 38:40; Emma Davies 109th and 312th in 38:42; and Julie Rooney 110th and 313th with 38:50. Lee Nixon finished 68th in 25:01; Arron Galvin 77th in 25:16; Luke Robinson 87th with 25:34; Chris Haines 102nd (26:21); Ben Wrigley 146th (28:03); Ryan Azzopardi 165th (29:08); Jonathan Sanderson 173rd (29:28); Ian Nichols Hogg 174th (29:30); Dave Marsland 182nd (29:47); George Kennedy 191st (30:07); Peter Rooney 208th (30:58); Finlay McCalman 212th (31:07); James Danson 216th (31:32); Stephen Twist 230th (32:14); Andy Moore 235th (32:30); Dave Young 239th (32:37); Paul Carter 259th (34:05); Peter Bartlett 267th (34:45); and James Birchall 310th (38:32), all in all a good turnout from the club.

Wesham had a great result at the Freckleton Half Marathon on Sunday with Rob Danson claiming his first win and the club also taking 3rd, 10th and 17th to win the Men’s team. After many years finishing 2nd Rob Danson won the Freckleton Half Marathon having seen it run past his house many times in his childhood and dreaming of one day running it. His winning time of 1:10:26 was not record breaking but was respectable and 1 minute 23 seconds ahead of second placed Rob Affleck of Preston. Simon Denye was 3rd in 1:19:27 with a great run, placing 2nd M45, and Paul Gregory was 10th in 1:24:40, 2nd M40. Neil Harrison finished 16th in 1:25:58, and Steve Abbott right behind in 17th with 1:26:11, placing 5th M40, with Andrew Harling 41st in 1:29:56, 8th M35. Ian Garrod made a great comeback with 1:36:35 to take 5th M55 and 84th overall and John Collier took the M65 gold medal with 1:38:57 in 101st place. Dave Young was 2nd M70 and 321st overall with 2:02:56. There were 4 Wesham women running, with Jen Salt 47th woman and 270th overall in 1:56:59, placing 5th W40. Elizabeth Johnson was 55th woman and 295th in 1:59:26, 6th W35. Julie Rooney ran 2:27:33 coming in 115th woman and 434th overall, and Emma Jones was 143rd and 475th overall in 2:51:17. Thomas Crabtree was 53rd in 1:31:55; Jason Parkinson 78th in 1:35:54; Lee Nixon placed 99th in 1:38:46, Martin Allison finished 217th in 1:51:23; James Danson 234th with 1:53:15; Peter Rooney was 266th in 1:56:42; Ben Wrigley 268th in 1:56:59; Paul Carter 310th in 2:01:44; Michael Hall 348th in 2:08:03; Ian Nichols Hogg 355th in 2:08:24; Peter Bartlett 361st and wrongly classified as an M35 in 2:09:30; and Keith Wilding 385th with 2:13:29 running with his daughter Heather who was 88th woman.

Anne Mayers-Smith was the only Wesham runner in the British Masters 5km Road Championships in Horwich on Sunday morning. Running 23:07 over the undulating 3-lap town centre circuit she finished 30th woman and 9th W40, placing 109th overall.

Alan Hudson was 23rd and 1st M65 in the Pilling 10k of Saturday morning recording 46:02. Kath Hoyer finished 6th woman and 2nd W55 in 49:02. Dave Waywell was 2nd M75 and 60th in 66:19.

Paul Lancashire finished 63rd overall in the  in the Tour of Tameside with a accumulative time of 4:08:42. The 4-event Tour started off with the X-Trail 10k where he finished 77th in 44:32. The next evening featured the Hell on the Fell 6-mile hill race from Stalybridge where he came in 117th in 51:24. With no rest the third race was the Hero Half Marathon on Saturday morning where he finished 95th in 1:42:21, and the final day featured the historic Hyde 7 mile road race where he clocked 50:25 to finish 76th for the hilly route. Back in the 1990s the 6-stage 52-mile Tour was considered the toughest athletics challenge in the UK and many Wesham members ran it. The revised Tour remains true to the original concept of including the classic running surfaces of road, country, fell and trail and even a little on the track.

In the Lytham Hall parkrun on Saturday morning Jonathan Lawson was Wesham’s fastest runner of the day clocking 21:51 for an M50 age graded performance of 68.04%. Lee Austin ran 25:16 with an age grade of 51.32% and Keira and Kay Twist recorded 30:05 for JW15 51.52% and W45 55.07%. Rhianne Austin ran 36:09 for an age graded performance 40.95%. In Blackpool’s Stanley Park Steve Waterhouse had the 4th fastest time of the morning with 19:02 for an M50 grade of 77.50%. Dave Marsland ran 23:59 for M60 68.66% while Andrew Moore clocked 26:29 for M55 59.03%. Finlay McCalman ran 26:47 for M55 57.37%. Two runners at the Preston parkrun, with Steve Myerscough recording 20:53 for M45 67.92% and Paul Carter 30:13 for M45 48.43%. Along the Fleetwood Promenade Peter Cruse nipped along to 21:13 for an M55 grade 73.06% with Ryan Azzopardi running a First Timer 23:09 for M35 58.53%. George Kennedy and Suzanne Leonard both clocked 23:48 for M60 68.00% and W45 69.61%. Further afield Tracey Hulme ran the South Manchester parkrun in Platts Field in 23:58 for a W55 age grade of 75.52%. A group of Wesham Tourists went to Croxteth Park in Liverpool, where Steven Gore ran a rounded 20:00 for an M35 age grade 67.25%, and Elliot Costello 21:44 for 59.36%. Megan Gore recorded a JW11 43.91% with a time of 37:05 with Vicky Gore 37:06 for W40 42.09%.